When Golden Plovers, birds of the Arctic, migrate south for the winter, they leave their new-born young behind. Miraculously, weeks later, having grown enough feathers to fly, the infant birds make the 6000 mile journey themselves, unguided, and end up in the same spot as their parents.

There's obviously a pretty powerful force inside those birds directing them perfectly to where they want to go …

"A film dropped from my eyes, from my hearing, from all my senses. The smell of the sea and the grass, of leather and perspiration filled the air. I could hear a cry of delight in the distance, then tiny cheers. Something had broken loose inside me, something large and free."

We didn't telepathically tape the thoughts of a young Plover making his way to sunny South America. That's Michael Murphy describing what it felt like the first time that natural force took over inside him. He continues …

"I played the remaining holes (of golf) in this state of grace. Specters of former attitudes passed through me, familiar curses and excuses, memories of old shots, all the flotsam and jetsom of my golfing unconscious – but a quiet field of energy held me and wished them away. I can think of no better way to say it – those final holes played me." (from Golf and the Kingdom)

It's the common experience of everyone who's felt that force inside himself, that it produces a state of simultaneous ecstasy and peace, that it heightens sensory awareness, and that in order to sustain it, you have to step aside. It's also an extremely standard reaction that once you've had it, you want more. It's almost as if, somehow, you've been let in on the Secret …

That strange "inner force" is being explored at break-neck speed now as people everywhere try to find the means to experience it completely. We read about people who've "made it". We experiment with our minds and our bodies. Institutes are set up to research it, journals are published, and breakthroughs made. Some Kirlian photographers think they've captured the light that emanates from it. Science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury create worlds populated by beings who've realized that force and become it. And even if your next door neighbor isn't spending his Sunday afternoons bedecked in saffron and chanting the praises of Krishna on some street corner, he may very well be chanting some private mantra before his morning cup of coffee. Why? Because by concentrating the mind's energy – on anything – that inner force becomes active, bringing with it a sense of well-being (or even a cosmic flash).

Prem Rawat: And It Is Divine magazine But it becomes impossible to merely experience this inner force sporadically, write about it, or experiment with its effects and rest content for long. As individuals, perhaps, but not as a race. What is that force? Where will it take our awareness? Why does it make us feel so good? How can we experience it consistently? We are going through a colossal rash of searching, but still, the understanding of what is actually being experienced remains minimal. Even if we manage to get high because we were able to step outside our mind for a while, do we know what we're doing?

To experience that inner life-force not in flashes, not in heightened moments of awareness, but consciously and continuously is what the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji is all about. It is a process of opening up to that force, pure consciousness, in such a way that the experience becomes a natural, ongoing part of your life. It is also the means to go deeply into that force so that its experience is complete. Meditation on the Knowledge enables a person to perceive inside himself the subtlest forms of energy that pure consciousness takes inside every living thing. In this way, that life-force is not only tapped into, it is directly known and understood.

– Paul Starr