Hans Yog Prakash

Excerpts from Hans Yog Prakash, the master work of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj.

People cannot even imagine the Supreme Soul, so they have to make do with statues. Each person approaches God according to his personal taste. In the same way, I will utilize this creation to sing the Glory of my Satguru.

O my Satguru, all praise to you, all glory to you! 0 Lord of the Universe, source of all creation, supreme personality, bestower of salvation, friend of the humble and the poor, only by your blessing can this powerful illusion be dispelled, as the sun's rays dispel darkness.

The sun removes darkness, but at night the darkness comes again. Our Guru Maharaj Ji is not like that. He destroys forever the cycle of births and deaths, and uproots the darkness of ignorance for ever and ever.

A piece of gold can never be an iron piece. In the same way, a true devotee can never become a victim of doubt. When any river merges in the river Ganges, it takes the name Ganges. It becomes the Ganges and it can never be separated from it again. The same with a disciple. He becomes one with his Master.

I cannot compare Guru Maharaj Ji with Atlas, for Atlas carries the burden of the world on his shoulders, while Guru Maharaj Ji is burdenless.

What is there to compare with him? Everything in this world is mortal. Guru Maharaj Ji is beyond the limits of creation, and it is impossible to describe him.

My way to describe the glory of Satguru is to say the glory of Satguru can never be described. Only a person with internal experience can understand this problem.

Guru Maharaj Ji, the Giver of Knowledge, is the greatest of all. Parents give birth to the body, but when Satguru gives new birth into the Spiritual kingdom, that birth is divine, deathless and eternal. Knowledge is always new and alive.

The Perfect Master is he who fills the ears of his eager disciple with Truth and Knowledge; He allows him to enjoy the supreme eternal joy; He gives him Knowledge of salvation. He alone is the real mother and father.

We have two fathers. One gives us physical birth, and the other gives us Knowledge of the Truth. That Father who gives us Knowledge is far superior, for only God lasts forever.

All the wealth of this world is nothing, compared to the gift of Satguru's Word. How can we repay him?


Father and Dunce