And It Is Divine, Volume 2, Issue 8, March 1975

And It Is Divine magazine


Dear premies, By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji we have realized a very important thing. All of us. And after realizing it, I hope most of us have gone on that path and tried to meditate, and tried to experience the love, the harmony from it.

The mind is unique. It's faster than everything. You can't compare it to anything. And because it's unique, the unique Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji tries to control it. Tries. Because if we do enough meditation, it will stop it. But if somebody doesn't do enough meditation, his mind goes very much against Knowledge. If you don't try.

If you try to meditate enough, your mind won't go against you. Your mind will go where you want it to go. And mind is the most difficult thing to control. You are sitting here, you think of something else. You think of 200 things at the same time. It's really difficult to control.

But by means of the Knowledge, you can just take it, just give the order, "Okay, you go here," and it will have to go there. Because that's what the Knowledge does, it brings your mind under you. You lead the mind; mind doesn't lead you. Once you have the Knowledge, which most of us have, our purpose is to try to meditate enough so mind comes under us. We control the mind; mind doesn't control us.

Once we reach that stage, we are at a stage where we are ready to learn; we are ready to accept something: If you go to a teacher and you start arguing with him because of no reason, he'll just say, "Keep quiet!" So you have to bring your mind to a certain level where you are like a small child. If a small child goes to school, the teacher tells him, "This word is 'a', and this word is 'b', one is one, zero is zero." The student won't ask him, "Why is one one, and why is not one zero, and why not zero one?" 'Why is 'a' not 'b'; why is 'b' not 'a'; why is 'a"a?" Because that's the way it is.

You have to be like that, have a heart like a small child. And what does the heart of a small child have? Love. You see a small child - like Sabrina came here one moment ago, and she did pranam. If somebody else does it, the same thing is not there. She did it, and everybody was pleased. But there is something more than peace to it. There is some love to it. And everybody experienced it, and everyone was happy. That's the love everybody has to experience from us. A small child makes everybody so happy by just a small thing. We have the Knowledge. Just imagine what we can do. If you meditate enough.

But then comes Mister Mind. "Why should we meditate? Keep the Knowledge in your safe, look in at it once in a while, okay, happy." Meditation is in you, but you have to dig it so much; just become a part of it, and live with it. Show people that this is a thing you can live; you can do it day to day.

It's not like you take Knowledge and start laying some trip or other. With Knowledge you can just live, but in a better way. The whole world becomes a game for you, once you have Knowledge. Because you see everything so clearly, where everybody is at. You can just look at them, if somebody is talking to you, look at them, and you know what they are trying to tell you.

That's what the Knowledge does. It just has something to it, once you are one with it. And you have to be one with it, by meditating on it. I don't think meditation is sitting in a room the whole day, taking a blanket over you, all windows closed, the shutters closed, and meditating. That's meditating, but then you can't live with the Word. You are sitting in a room, just the same as if you are sitting in a cave, or some place like that, sitting on top of a mountain with a doti or something, a blanket, and just meditating. That's no good. You have to live with the Knowledge. Go to the office, like always, but it is your daily duty that at the same time you show there is something special about you. You are not a common person, because you have that Knowledge.

Everybody has that Knowledge. When a child takes birth he has the Knowledge, too. But we go away from it. I don't blame anybody for it, but that's the way it has to happen, that he goes away from it. And funny enough, if he just has the right thing happen, he gets back again to it and gets Knowledge again. Then it's upon himself how much he wants to get into it and how much he wants to dig it.

Once he becomes one with it, he is where he came from. His mind is very constant; he is Mr. Cool. He doesn't worry, just takes everything easy.