Hi, our landlord here in Tehran is Zoroastian, and we knew very little about what that was until we read the article in AIID. Now we have another opportunity to talk with him about the relationship of people to prophets! Write us when you can.

Mark & Soodi Kick
Tehran, Iran

Dear Editor, How could you!?! How could you do such a thing!? My favorite parts in AIID have seemingly been eliminated! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Actually, how come they haven't had Letters to the Editor and the Recipes anymore! I really miss those two parts of AIID. Why, they were always the first things I'd read and an inspiration to read on! Now, AIID seems incomplete without them. Can't you please put them back in?

Dottie Ramos
Colorado Springs, Colo.

A brother in Denver sent me the Sept. issue of And it is Divine and it flashed to me it's been so long since I've read some good satsang or even heard or seen any news of DLM or Shri Maharaj Ji.

When I looked through and began reading the issue of love, my heart melted and I felt so good, as if I was home again.

Please send the magazine of Love, so as to warm this Cajun's heart as a reminder that our place is only meditation, satsang, and service.

Mike Jordan,

Greetings! I have been on this glorious path since 1927; many leaders and teachers have transmitted the Knowledge or Truth in greater depth on each spiral along the path. Each came for a Divine purpose to fulfill, and I am so thrilled that Guru Maharaj Ji is touching the young people who have been seeking in varied ways the last few years. Though I am not young in years, I am young in Life and Being, which knows not of time.

I share the book, And It is Divine, with others. At the present time, the appearance of the world drama is making it hard for many to meet their daily needs etc., including me for I have no income but Social Security. So I have AIID for my luxury rather than many other things, it is so inspiring and so beautifully displayed. I am enclosing a renewal, a $5 check for the next 6 issues, second class, and wish in my heart that the many who have the means, will bless you all with abundance for every need. We know and witness that the source (Essence) will flow through many channels – for the Divine Light of God never fails.

Love and Peace to Everybody,
Glory Samuels
Panorama City, Calif.

Dear Editor, Your magazine has all but blown away the clouds of concepts I had been adhering to. It's so, so very beautiful, And It Is Divine. The seeds of doubt however are deeply rooted and I find myself clinging still to all the false values and finite things of this world. I'm constantly rereading the satsang in your magazine in an attempt to rise above this. I love you all.

Truly Yours in Love,
James F. Meyer
Mt. Pleasent, S.C.

Dear Editor; We would like to compliment you on a very beautiful magazine, and to inform you that we love it. We are a prison community within a federal Penitentiary here in Canada with 15 premies who all received Knowledge while in prison. This, we are happy to say, is partially due to your magazine along with some outside premies who came and gave us satsang.

We have found from past experience that And It Is Divine is a very good vehicle with which to reach many prisoners and inform that there is a Knowledge that can save them from them "selves".

The only problem that we have encountered is that there are not enough copies to go around, as all we have are some old issues that some of the outside premies leave with us. They, needless to say, become very worn after being passed around through some 50 or 60 people.

If And It Is Divine has some old copies that they can send us we would greatly appreciate it. Also, is there any chance that we can manage to receive a few copies a month? We don't have any money so although we would like to be able to buy them, we can't. Can something be done to help us out in this matter?

Keep up the good work on your magazine. It's the best we've ever read.

With our Love to all your Staff,
Al Fulsebakke
#6927 Matsqui Institution
Abbotsford, B.C., Canada

Dear Follower of the Light, I have just had the thrilling experience of reading the book 'Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?' It spoke to me in a way that fulfilled all my hopes. I am anxious to meet the Guru or one of his Mahatmas as soon as possible.

I would myself be very interested in starting a group of followers in Finland if nobody else has, but of course I should first have to have personal contact with the movement.

God bless you in your work.
David Makins, M.D.
Helsinki, Finland