realize realize

Shri Raja Ji gave this satsang at the Hans Jayanti festival in Toronto, Canada, on November 9, 1974.

What we have to realize, is that Knowledge is something you have to experience. It's a thing you have to reach for. It's an experience, and you have to have it. Once you have it, you realize what Guru Maharaj Ji really is. You realize what his power is, why hundreds and millions of people love him so much. Why do they give him so much? People, use yourselves. Give him the whole world if you are able to. People give him his dreams because he is beautiful. Peoplegive him his love because he deserves it.

Newspapers, I couldn't care less. Write what you want to write. Premies are the ones. Because they are beautiful. They are the ones who propagate; nobody else. They are the ones who have already been propagating.

Once, in Denver, Maharaj Ji said in a program, "Can you imagine when there was one premie, a single premie, and now there are eight million?" Premies did it always, and they will always do it. Because they always meditate, and they have the love.

To share the love,we haveto go to the Lord. To learn something, we have to go to our father and to our mother first. In the same way,to experience this love we have to go to our Father and Mother. They'll give us love, because they have it. Dig it or not, they have it.

That's the whole problem, you know. People see Maharaj Ji as an Indian. Okay, so he is dark in complexion. So you say, "He doesn't have it." No. Dig it or not, he has it. You know? That's the whole thing. He has the fantastic Knowledge. He has it in his pocket. And you'll need it. And you are going to get it, sooner or later. It's something you can't run away from.

People go to their offices, they come out,they sit in their cars,switch on the air conditioning or the heating. They are very happy because they have some peace. But this kind of peace in small pieces they get all the time. Still they come home, they are tired of everything, they switch on the television, the same old adverts, they put it off. Their mind is computerized. Their body is computerized. They need something more than that. They need love. They need peace. Maharaj Ji has it. Go to him, he'll give itto you. But be like a child. Go to him likea small baby, and you'll have it. If Mr. Mind takes over Mr. Body,then we blow the whole thing up. So all we have to do is go with a simple heart to him who has the secret, to him who can reveal the Light to us, to him who is the source of all energies. Because he is.

He can reveal to us all the secrets, but we have to go to him. Like, to drink water, if you are thirsty, you have to go to a frig where you have kept your spring water. Or you have to go to a tap, to drink water where the water connection is. In the same way, you have to go to the source of it. And the source is Maharaj Ji. He has it. And you have to go to him. You have to walk on your feet. Go to him and drink it and quench your thirst.

Claudia Rawat nee Littman Their mind is computerized. Their body is computerized. They need something more than that. They need love. They need peace. Maharaj Ji has it.

Because every human being in the world needs this Knowledge, he needs the love which Maharaji is offering. It's so beautiful that he is saying,"Give me your worries, and I will give you peace." What else do you want? The whole world is full of worries. Give him your oil crisis, and he will give you peace; give him all your worries about being a consumer or being a distributor. Give him all those worries, and he will give you peace. Because he has it. He has bundles of it. He has big packages of it. He is the wholesale dealer of it. He'll give it to you. But you have to go to him with the proper heart. Give him your worries; surrender to him. And he'll give you peace.

We talk about living in this world. It's such craziness. Sooner or later the world will destroy itself, and the only thing which can save the world from this craziness is Maharaj Ji. Because he has something which makes human beings see.

Some people in England will say, "Canadians, and Australians and Americans are barbarians." They don't have that human being relationship. Why? Because they don't experience the same thing in everyone. But Maharaj Ji has the answer for that. Once people experience that they are human beings, they have the same light, they have the same source, the same energy, then the whole world is based on love. Just change your consciousness. Instead of basing the world on north poles, on the tips of axes, base it on love. And it is going to be fantastic.

All I'm asking, all I am requesting, is come to him and he'll reveal whatever you need. If you need peace, he'll give you peace. If you need light, he'll give you light. Whatever you need. If you need anything, come to him and he'll give it to you. Because he is the source.

As long as it's from your heart, it's something you really need, Maharaj Ji will give it to you. Not something like,"Maharaj Ji, I need a Rolls Royce." He won't give you a Rolls Royce. But maybe he'll give you something even better than a Rolls Royce which lifts you up inside. A Rolls Royce is happiness for today, but not tomorrow. Maharaj Ji will give you a constant happiness, a constant peace, peace which exists today, tomorrow, and will exist, is always constant, is always there. Not comes today and goes tomorrow. So go to him with a heart like a child; beg him. You'll get it. And that's all there is to it.

Give him your worries. Go with a child's heart. Because worries are bad for you. You have to get rid of them. You don't have any choice. And the only way you can get rid of them is to give him your worries. He will take care of the rest. He'll make you the source of love so that you can give love to other people and tell them what Maharaj Ji is really giving to all the people, that what he wants really to do is to make this whole world into one big family, with one Father and Mother, and all the children.