Trust is such a basic thing. First Maharaj Ji says, "Okay, receive this Knowledge, practice this Knowledge, realize what it's all about. Don't try to realize me. Try to realize Knowledge." Then we have that experience, and we keep on having thatexperience, and we learn to have trust. Because we know that Maharaj Ji wasn't just telling us something, that Maharaj Ji was actually giving us the experience. We can see it, we can hear it, we can touch it, we can experience it. All the time. So we know it's real. We know that this is not just somebody who lays a rap on other people. We know that Maharaj Ji is for real and that this Knowledge is for real.

Then comes trust. Because then we understand that this is really happening to us; that this is really real, and this is really love we are experiencing. But we have to keep on doing it. If that trust isthere,then we have to hang on to it.

Sometimes things are difficult. Our mind comes in, and we start thinking, we start trying to figure things out. Then it becomes wobbly. But real lythere is no reason that we have to have any confusions. If you are meditating, if you are doing service and satsang, you know that Maharaj Ji is real. You know that this Knowledge is real.

Say you want to learn karate. In the beginning, it's a very difficult thing because you have to repeat things over and over again. It takes a long time; it takes a lot of sincerity and a lot of concentration. But if you really want to learn it, if you really want to understand it, and if you have a really good teacher, if you trust this teacher, if you know that he is really the best for you to teach you karate, then you keep on doing it. You don't just try it for three lessons and say, "Ah, forget it. I'm never gonna make it." '

And with Knowledge, it's so much more unique, so much more important. Because it's like life itself. It's like realizing the purpose of our life. What could be more important? What else are we here for? So, we have to stick to it. We have to really make an effort on our own.

Maharaj Ji is the most patient teacher there could ever be. We are so crazy and so hopeless at times. But Maharaj Ji has love. That's all he has. And he wantsto bring us to that place where we can be completely one with him, where there is complete unity and harmony. We can follow him, but we have to get up on our own and we have to walk ourself. Maharaj Ji can't do that for us. I know that this is what Maharaj Ji wants. And if this is what Maharaj Ji really wants, and we just do a little effort, then it will be so easy.

At that Guru Puja festival in '72, it was so beautiful. It was outside, and it was in the mountains, and there was so much love there. MaharajJi was staying in a trailer, and I heard later that one day he came out of the trailer, and he was looking out over the campsite and the stage and everything, he was just looking around and he was saying, "You know, Bob, it's so beautiful here, really. I wish I could just stay here, and we could all just stay here, and start building a city and just start living together."

You know, we weren't really ready then. It wasn't really time yet. But I'm sure that if we make the effort, and if we put all our love and energy intoit,then one day it will be possible. One day we will be in a place where we will be able to be with MaharajJi all the time.

It's just up to us now to do our part of the job; to be really a good pupil, to show that we have the understanding, that we have the realization. Beca use this is what we are here for, to make that effort and to understand who we are and to understand that we have to play our part, whatever it is, whatever MaharajJi gives us. It doesn't matter, really. As long as he allows us to do service, this is really all we can ever wish for, to do that little part, to be that little drop in the ocean, which adds to the ocean, which makes the ocean. Every little drop for Maharaj Ji is equally important.

Maharaj Ji doesn't go by worldly standards. Maharaj Ji doesn't go by the position people are in, or the money people have, or what color they have, or what religion they have, or how intelligent they are. These are things which don't matterto Maharaj Ji. All that matters is that you have love and sincerity, and that you want to reach that goal; that you want to climb up that mountain. Then he is going to help you, no matter where you are, if you sit in Alaska or the North Pole or the South Pole. Even if you are never able to see Maharaj Ji in person, it doesn't matter. Because Maharaj Ji is with you all the time.

Claudia, wife of Raja Ji