The Game Of Living The Game Of Living

"Everybody is playing games with each other. The government plays a game with the rich man; the rich man plays a game of tax evasion. So everybody is playing a game, and you can play a game with them and try to get them into Knowledge."
- Shri Raja Ji

Dear premies, to enjoy everything but not to be attached to it is impossible unless you see everything as a game, a game to which you are not attached. As soon as you are attached to a game, nothing works. You get uptight. Suppose for a moment you are racing and somebody overtakes you. If you think it is a game, O.K., you let him pass. But as soon as you take it seriously, seriously enough, then you get mad at him. "You overtook me!" You downshift your car, you upshift your car, you try to overtake him, something happens; you might be in an accident. As soon as you start getting uptight, things start getting wrong. Uptightness starts the fall, from beginning to end.

If you're giving people satsang, think it is a game - that you are a puppet and your duty is to convince this man. Or think like this: that you are an actor and he is an actor, too. There is a camera hidden somewhere, you don't know about, and your duty is to convince him of a certain thing which is existing. Or you are a n insurance man and you have to sell him insurance. Just convince him of that, thinking there is a camera hidden somewhere, and the director will say, "O.K." to the act you perform when he is convinced. If he is not convinced, so what? It's O.K.; it's just somebody's film you are getting in on. It's not your film; it's his film being wasted. Just think of everything as a game and everything will go fine. But as soon as you get uptight about it… if you goto somebody and he doesn't assent, you get uptight about it, he'll get uptight, you'll get uptight, the act will get uptight - everything will go wrong. So, if you think of everything as a game, everything will flow.

This meditation isnthere to cool your brain. The mind sees something, snap! There it goes. But then there is a meditation jam which is like anti- skidding brakes. Bang, bang, bang … the brakes don't get burned, but at the same time it's stopped. And that's what Knowledge does. It doesn't take your mind somewhere so it goes and never comes back. It just keeps it under control.

So, all you have to do is meditate and havethe experience. And try to live the same experience again and again. And tell people about the Knowledge. We have to live with Knowledge; we know that. By having the Knowledge and leaving afterwards, nothing will happen. You have to propagate the Knowledge in as many ways as you can, by different ways. I don't know what everybody does, but in their own fields they can propagate Knowledge because they have the experience. They can if they try hard enough - not getting uptight, just playing. I mean, the whole world is a picture. There is a picture inside a picture inside a picture. And a game inside a game inside a game.

Everybody is playing games with each other. The rich one is playing a game with the poor man, taking money from him. The poor man is playing a game some other time with the rich man. The government plays a game with the rich man; the rich man plays a game of tax evasion. Everybody is playing a game.

So everybody is playing a game, and you can play a game with them and try to get them into Knowledge. Once they get into the Knowledge, they realize what the right thing is, and everything is fine. There is no more game; everybody knows what is the Truth. This American man wrote a book, Games People Play, a really funny book. It says: "Not knowing what they are doing, in their subconscious people are playing games with each other." That's what happens in the world. Take anything people are doing, anything. Like, "Be nice to me, I'm not feeling well." Things like that. In their subconscious they are playing games.

Once you have this Knowledge you can see who is playing games or not. Then you stop playing games and become serious. But once you have realized the Knowledge, very good, strong enough, then start playing games like horseplay, for the heck of it. You have the meditation there; you have the Knowledge there. You try to do service in the way you can. Then we have a whole life, a future full of prosperity for us, no problems at all.


Raja Rawat