Knowledge is a practical experience. It is a way of life. It's not just something you see or you hear and you try to talk other people into. You can tell other people about this experience and you trytogetthem to a point where they have this experience themselves, but it's nothing you can really explain. It's something everybody has to have for himself. And so it's very important that we actually live the Knowledge, that in every action, in everything we say, in everything we do, we actually showthisconnection inside. We have to show that we really experience love and that we really are capable of giving love.

This is really the most important thing, because everybody in this world says, "I can give you peace, can give you this, I can give you that." But practically, nobody is capable of it. If we are just another group of people talking aboutpeace and love, we are not worth anything. But if we are reallyabletoshow people that this is something we actually experience, this is something actuallyanybodycan experience, then people will realize how great Maharaj Ji's power is, how beautiful Maharaj Ji is. So this is really what we have to do.

My mother doesn't have Knowledge, and she understands very little about what this is all about. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, shewas able to come to Copenhagen to watch Guru Puja. Then Shri Raja Ji said that she should come and have her birthday in Italy. And so she came for a couple of days and she was just completely blown away. It wasn't so much that people would all get on her and say, "This is Maharaj Ji and this is Knowledge," and give her lots of satsang. It was just that there was so much love and she just couldn't close herself off from that love. She had to experience it. It was so much that she said, "Wow, these people are so beautiful, these people are just so beautiful. I've never seen anything in my life like that. There must be really something to it, because all these people have so much love. There is no greed, and there is no jealousy, and there is no competition. These people don't get any money."

The first time, when she saw Copenhagen and she saw the festival, it was all very beautiful and very impressive. But in Italy she had actual contact with premies, and she could see the way they live, the way they do things, the way they say things, the way they relate to other people. It made such an impression that she said to me, "I'm going to go back to Germany and I'm going to see Mahatma Ji and I want to receive Knowledge."

It was so far out because I've never tried to push her. I've always felt that she has to come when she gets a real inner understanding, when she really gets the feeling of what this Knowledge is all about. Because really, to express it in words is so hard-to say what this love is all about, why it's such a fantastic experience, why it is something we want everybody to experience, we want the whole world to have. And so it was really, really far out.

So it's not just a question of the mahatmas going around and giving satsang and seeing people. Each one of us has a duty to really show what we experience, to reallygive other people the possibilityto come to Guru Maharaj Ji and to have a proper understanding of what this is all about. It's not just a matter, like Raja Ji says, to go in the street and just go to people and say, "Hey, this is this" and give them a leaflet and flop something there and say, "O.K., take it or leave it." It's really a matter of how we approach people. We have to be very sensitive about it, because it's something very delicate; its something so subtle. That's very hard. Words can distort it; words can change it. So it's so important that we really live what we are talking about, that we really show that this experience we have we can actually apply to our life.

It doesn't really matter in which way we do it. It's not a question that an ashram premie is doing more than a householder - somebody who has a family, who has children and who has Knowledge. It doesn't matter because Guru Maharaj Ji is everywhere. Guru Maharaj Ji is inside. He doesn't just sit in the ashram. I mean, that's a crazy idea that religions have, that God sits in the church. God is everywhere. God is omnipresent. And therefore this Knowledge you can take everywhere with you, because its with you all the time. It doesn't matter where you are, you can practice it. Everybody in his place, where he is standing, can do his best to serve Guru Maharaj Ji and to serve mankind. But it's so important that we are really sincere. If we are married and have children, we must do our part to raise children in the proper consciousness so that they have an understanding that they are going to be raised in that love, and are going to understand what this Knowledge is all about. In the same way, everybody, in whatever place he is standing in life, has the opportunity to give everything to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Claudia, wife of Raja Ji