Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji With His Wife Durga Ji At His Feet 1974
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji With His Wife Durga Ji At His Feet 1974

Guru Maharaj Ji at Guru Puja '74

Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji, July 7 1974, Amherst, Mass.

Dear premies, they were just playing a song, "I can see clearly now." To the world, it's an ordinary song, and the theme is nice and many top artists play it, and it's a pretty popular song. But to us, it's a real song. Because really we have received that sunshine that we always wanted. All those clouds. all that darkness that had come before us. that had put us into the complete illusion of this world, has been now taken away. What has been given instead is a beautiful, bright, sunshiny day that's always going to be there with us, because something that we have realized is like that.

If you wear red goggles, red glasses, everything is going to look red to you. The thing is, in this world, we go to different, different places, and we say, "Well, we want some glasses," and they give us some glasses. They are blue, and green, and red, and yellow - I don't know how many colors there are that they make glasses of. I mean, a bunch of different colors they make. But you are looking for a certain type of glass, certain type of color, and you don't get it.

It is the same way with this Knowledge. It's something which is within inside of you. And the world is going to different, different shops, it's going to different, different places, and trying to look for that beautiful perfect glass. They go, and they get an orange one, and they say, "Wow. Maybe this is it." They try it on, and the whole world starts looking orange. Then they go, they try Polaroid on, and it looks the same, sun comes up and it gets a little dark, and they leave it because that's what they don't want.

And it's like, they're going and going and going and going, and they finally cannot find this glass, this mirror, this beautiful thing which they are looking for, and they give it up.

But always, that is the reason why Perfect Master comes into this world. That is his purpose, and sole purpose. That's the only purpose why he comes into this world. Because he is the only manufacturer, owner, and the agent, and the seller, of that glass. He is the only person. When we go to him, he gives us these glasses, and it's like, when the child is born, and he's really young, and he laughs, and he smiles, that smile is completely different than a grown-up's smile. That grown-up is supposed to be much more intellectual and supposedly he knows much more about this world. But he can never smile that smile which a baby smiles.

Why not? I mean, it's a fact. All the people know - it's so cute, that smile, so beautiful, that when that baby smiles that smile, it makes those people also smile.

But when that grown-up smiles, he makes nobody smile. Why? What is the reason? I mean, if there was a little, bitty baby who came up here and gave you a real big smile, everybody would start laughing. But if a grown-up walked up here, looked around and grinned, it would make nobody smile.

There is something behind that baby's smile which is so beautiful, which is so ignorant. That child is at a place


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Dressed Up And Crowned As the Supreme Lord Krishna 1974
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Dressed Up And Crowned As the Supreme Lord Krishna 1974

"Try to do as much propagation as possible. Because now we have to tell this world; we have to make this world understand that what we have received is beautiful."
where his mind is not freaking out. But that grown-up, so-called intellectual, so-called intelligent … It's like, this is the problem with the world, you see. They're intelligent, and they're intellectual, and of course they are. But the thing is, they are intellectual in the wrong way. They should be intelligent in that Knowledge which is the most perfect one; which doesn't have a beginning, and doesn't have an end.

Because, see, we go to school, we graduate ourselves, and that's really good for this world. We go, and we get degrees after degrees. But the main thing is, that once we graduate, and we've got all this lifetime ahead of us, then we need another graduation. Yet we never do that graduation. We keep on practicing our a, b, c, d, a, b, c, d, a, b, c. d, - that's okay. You came into this world, you wanted to live in this world, so you learned how to speak different languages, you graduated yourself, and everything. But what about your next life?

What about it? I mean, where is the graduation for our next life? How are we going to be able to speak? And that's the whole thing.

When a man comes here, he learns, and he gets all graduated. and then he goes to God, he knocks on the gates, and a secretary comes out and speaks this strange language. You say, "Well, we want to enter heaven," or say it in a much more developed way or something. And he says, "What? What are you talking about? I don't understand," and he shuts the door on you.

But premies, that internal Knowledge that was given to us, that was there before we were born,that was there before even this human race was created, it was there before this whole world was made, what is that Knowledge, what is that graduation?

This is what we have to understand. This is what we have to realize in this lifetime. If we can realize that, then that difference in the child is not lost. Because there is a. beautiful connection.

And so premies, we have been given this body, we have been given this life. And we know that there is a certain purpose behind it. It's such a beautiful body that has been given to us, such a beautiful world, it's such a beautiful gift that has been given to us.

Have you ever sat and imagined how beautiful this world is naturally? So many beautiful mountains, so many beautiful waterfalls, so many beautiful rivers, such beautiful oceans. I mean, so beautiful. Beautiful sunsets, beautiful sunrises, beautiful nature. And a beautiful vibration all around it. It's all just what we wanted, just what we needed.

We have been given that, but are we taking full use of it? We have been given this body, this big, beautiful gift, but what is the purpose of it? Just to let it rust? No!

Now we have to understand. It's getting late, late, late, late each second. And really we do not know when we are going to leave this body. It's so strange. People go for fun rides in an airplane, and they are flying, and suddenly, boom! And down they come. I mean, they don't know!

So it's like, here we are - here's this beautiful gift, and here is this Knowledge, here is our aim. We know it; we understand it. And this is what we should do: try to realize this Knowledge.

Sometimes people are very scared of Knowledge, but it's really nothing like that. It's just so beautiful. It's that bliss, that love, that flows from each premie to each premie. When people see that, they say, "Wow, it's beautiful. It's lovely. But … I don't know what it is."

But it's understandable, because it's something that we can really feel. We can really understand. It's like, everything is there. I mean everything. All we have to do is just step ahead.

The ocean is glassy, completely beautiful, and the boat is there, the


stairs are there, the boat is already fueled, and the engine is running and all ready to go. All we have to do is step a step, be in the boat, take her away. That's all that is needed.

And that's on our part. I mean, the boat is not going to suck us in. The steering wheel is not going to come flying out, and wrap us around, and take us into the boat. We have to step that step.

What has not been given to us? What? Everything. But if we don't take one step, it's like, you can take a hundred zeros, and if you don't put a 'one' in it, it doesn't mean anything. But take 'one' and just put 'one' in there, and I tell you, it means a lot. It means a hell of a lot.

And so, premies, that one step has to be taken. It's like, in the camera, the reel is all wound up, and everything, it's all focused, flash is ready, the guy whose picture has to be taken is there, you are there, everything is perfect. Everything is all set up. The lab is there, the film is there, but one thing we will have to do ourselves. And that's to press the shutter.

As soon as we press that shutter, it's all done. I mean, before you know it, before you can say 'cheese', it's all done. That's how it is. Exactly that's how it is with Knowledge. Just click a button, and that picture is taken.

Now premies will be going back. They should try to do as much propagation as possible. Because now we have to tell this world; we have to make this world understand that what we have received is beautiful. If we are not going to tell them that, then they will never know. So at least go ahead and tell them.

"This is how it has to be. Just let ourselves relax into that most holy, most fantastic experience that we have always wanted. Let that experience make us vibrate and vibrate and vibrate."
It's like, we will be justified on our part. If we go to the great judge, the Lord, God, and we are there, and God says, "Were you never told about Knowledge?" And the guy says, "I don't think I can remember," well, at least you can say, "Well, I told him. If he forgot, it's his fault. I told him." You are justified on your part.

So premies, now you are going to go away, and there are communities, and we have other plans. And it's like there has been so much confusion lately. Especially in Canada and I guess some parts of America. I was in Europe, and now in Europe everything is so beautiful. It's really beautiful. People have just understood so much that they have understood that we let the confusion in ourselves. Confusion knocks, and we say, "Who is it?" and it says, "Confusion," and we open the door.

It's like, we hear a knock on the door, and we say, "Who is it?" "It's the robber," and you open the door. Then we try to close the door. We say, "Okay, listen. Wait a minute. Do it again, will you? I didn't hear what you said, who you were." And he says, "Forget it. Here I am now." We let the confusion in by ourself.

Sometimes premies really get confused. Don't bother. Really take it easy. Because, you know, Knowledge is working. It's just throwing all of that crap out of you - completely. It's throwing the complete mind out of you. And it's going to be beautiful; it's going to be clear.

I mean, if it rains, that means it's going to be clear. Because when all the rain rains, there is nothing more. The clouds just sweep away, and everything is beautiful.

This Knowledge has been given to you; you have been told to do meditation. And will you meditate, for heaven's sake? For your sake at least? If you don't care about heaven or anybody else, at least you care about yourself. Will you do meditation for yourself? Forget about all the rest of the things that make you confused. I mean there is no point in that. If you get confused, I tell you, you destroy yourself. For the people who are going to meditate, they'll just go completely across the


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Dressed Up As the Supreme Lord Krishna With His Wife At His Feet 1974)
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Dressed Up As the Supreme Lord Krishna With His Wife At His Feet 1974


"A grown-up can never smile that smile which a baby smiles. Why? Because that child is at a place where his mind is not freaking out.
ocean. But those people who don't will stay on only one shore. And they'll say, "What happened? What happened?"

You were given a boat, and you were given everything, and there was the right wind. And in that right wind, everybody went up except you. Because you just didn't take one step and meditate.

This Knowledge has been given to us, and until we meditate, how are we going to ever understand this Knowledge? We couldn't understand it before. Knowledge was already within inside of us, but we could never understand from the day we were born. We were feeling so many things, and we couldn't understand. Now, it has been revealed to us, but we have to meditate, and then we will be able to understand.

Listen. We were riding around in the jeep today giving darshan to all the premies, okay? And we have no idea at all what's going to happen after a little time. Because there are going to be more premies, more premies, more premies, and we might have to invent a quiet chopper, and just fly over all the premies, and give darshan like that.

The thing is, it's going to grow. It's going to be so beautiful, you know, and we have to understand that we are all a big family now. Like, if somebody asks, "Well, why are you doing that?" All you can say to them is, "Listen. This is a big family. And if a family does something, you mind your own business." We are a big family.

It's like, we are a big garland. And we have been sewn together by this thread of love which everybody dreams of. This is what we have to understand, and really go ahead, and really try to meditate, and really try to do satsang. Because satsang is like a dose. We take it, and we feel beautiful. We take it more, and we feel more beautiful. Same thing with service, same thing with meditation.

People say, "I had an incredible experience that day," and they say, "wow, that was fantastic." I tell you, that incredible experience of yours should be there all the time. So just relax and meditate.

Don't say, "Oh! I am not having that incredible experience." You are sitting in meditation, and you are saying, "Okay, incredible experience, come now." I mean, it's never going to come like that. You sit, meditate, and try to understand, and it flows into you. It's like standing in a swimming pool and suddenly somebody jumps in it, and there's a whole wave kind of thrown into the swimming pool. And you go with the wave, and it's so beautiful. Your body is going like that because the water is going like that. And it's so beautiful. You are just completely flowing, floating on the water.

This is how it has to be. Just let ourselves relax into that most holy, fantastic experience that we always wanted. Let that experience just make us vibrate and vibrate and vibrate. Because that's what it does.

And so premies, it's such an incredible experience. If you want that same experience, I mean, this is why I am screaming. Otherwise I would have used books and things like that. But this is why I am screaming, because I want you also to have that experience. It is possible for you also to have that experience. You can also have that experience, in other words. And, have it. It's every premie's dream. And that dream can come true.

Just try to understand more of this Knowledge, and it's just going to be all beautiful. If it is night now, it is going to be day tomorrow. So just don't bother, just let it flow. It'll be there.

Blessings to all the premies, and try to do as much prachar as you can. Because it's so beautiful. And this is what we want to tell to the other people. Thank you very much. I love you.