Satsang of Durga Ji on July 7, 1974, in Amherst, Massachusetts

Dear premies, like Maharaj Ji says, there comes a time when there's absolutely no words to say. Because it's all within us. I think we all realize this.

But there is one thing. I would like to make one request while I have the opportunity. Since I've been with Maharaj Ji, I've had the grace to read a lot of the letters that come in to Maharaj Ji. These letters are so beautiful, I could never tell you how beautiful they really are. At this time when premies are writing letters to Maharaj Ji, they're pure love letters. It's a time when premies are the closest to Maharaj Ji; they're really, really connected to Maharaj Ji. And what is coming forth is really Guru Maharaj Ji on that paper. These letters are so, so pure.

But the problem is that our family is really, really growing now. It's so huge. And what's happening is that thousands of letters are coming to Maharaj Ji, and because of the busy schedule that Maharaj Ji has and that I am having with him, it's becoming impossible to read all these letters. Yet they are so precious.

When you feel to write to Maharaj Ji, you should. It should be done, because this is such a beautiful time, Every premie, when he feels that need to write to his Guru Maharaj Ji, he should go ahead and do it. But the request that I would make is that, when you write these letters, save them. Put them away, put them in a drawer, put them in a file, and keep them yourself. Because they are satsang, pure satsang. And at one time you may really, really need this letter just to uplift you. When you read it again, say a week later, or a month later, or a year later, you'll realize how Maharaj Ji's really taking you so close to him.

"Try to do as much propagation as possible. Because now we have to tell this world; we have to make this world understand that what we have received is beautiful."
Another reason for this is that some problems that premies have concern something that they cannot make a decision about themself, something that only Guru Maharaj Ji can decide. And when volumes and volumes of love letters come to Maharaj Ji, a lot of these other letters are set aside until maybe too late to do something about it. So, premies who really have a problem, who really need Maharaj Ji's decision on something, should write "urgent." And letters in which premies just want to thank Guru Maharaj Ji for what he's done, and tell him how much they love hirn, should be kept. Maybe bring them to satsang and read them, because they are very pure, they are very beautiful letters.

Also, when premies want Maharaj Ji to come to an ashram or a community, something like this, maybe the whole community can write one letter to Maharaj Ji, and have everyone sign it. Or send a telegram. Because the volumes of letters just can't be opened on time, at this time. There are just thousands of them now.

When you are at this state, you're really reflecting Maharaj Ji's love. It's like you're all mirrors; you're just reflecting that love.

We all know that our Guru Maharaj Ji has given us something so precious. It's like we're all in the desert, and we're all so thirsty, we're all dying of thirst. Maharaj Ji has come to us and not only just handed us a glass of water, of cool refreshing water, but has shown us a well within ourself. He says, "Anytime that you are thirsty, you always have this."

I know some of you here in Amherst have been so hot. You know what it's like when you're just so thirsty that all you can think about is getting a drink of water. That's all you want. You feel like you could drink an ocean of water. You're just so thirsty. And then when you take that water and you drink it, there is nothing like it. It's so, so fulfilling.

"I want you to know that every day, when I am with Maharaj Ji and I do pranam, it's for all of you. It's for every one of you. Because you and I are one."


Amherst Guru Puja

Maharaji Amherst Guru Puja That's what Maharaj Ji's done.

We're so thirsty for love, we're so thirsty for fulfillment. And now, he is really, really giving us that fulfillment. He's given it to us. And the thirstier we get, the more we drink. But the more we drink, the thirstier we get. And this goes on and on. But it's so beautiful to be thirsty and then have that thirst quenched.

So premies, when you all go back to your communities and ashrams, the one thing that Maharaj Ji requests at every satsang, his primary agya, is to do meditation. If you do meditation, the service and the satsang will come naturally. The meditation brings this. When you meditate, you really start to know Guru Maharaj Ji. The more you know him, the more you love him. And the more you love him, the more you want to serve him. And the more you serve him, the more you know him. This goes on, continuously, forever.

Premies, today in the darshan line it was just so, so beautiful to see all of you having the holy darshan of our Lord. And I want you to know that every day, when I am with Maharaj Ji and I do pranam, it's for all of you. It's for every one of you. Because you and I are one. Thank you.


Mahatmas Dance Before Maharaji