And It Is Divine magazine
And It Is Divine magazine
How could time be other than Now? Even a clock, which is manmade, doesn't register future or past. No matter where the hands are pointing, they show the natural time of Now. What man created to help him mark the passage of time, helps instead to point out that Time doesn't pass at all.

And It Is Divine magazine

"I was walking on the beach and I stepped into the water. I walked out a ways and saw that, in the matter of the universe, my footstep and all the footsteps that had walked on the beach were really nothing. It's like they say, you're just a pebble on the beach. But does it really matter? There's really no difference between your pebble and every other pebble, you're all just grains of sand."

Look at an hourglass and watch the grains of sand fall through the pinhole into the bottom half, and become the past. No matter how long and how hard you stare, like the watched pot that won't boil, the sand in the top half never seems to change. Look away, do something, then look back and all the sand has fallen into the bottom half of the glass. Funny thing about time, it slips by when you're not looking.

Conversation too often deals with remember-whens and "Imagine what it will be like!" "We are conscious of an apparently irreversible flow of events divisible into what is occurring now, what has occurred, and what will occur in the future. This set of subjective impressions, which is common to the entire human race, has led to the quantification of time in effect, the invention of time." - Albert Einstein

Scientists know that when they measure time, they create an illusion. Einstein discovered that a second could almost be made to last forever. If you propel whatever is experiencing time through space at close to the speed of light, time slows down. This means that the tools by which man defines his reality are subjective. They apply only to one's limited vantage point in time and space and not to any absolute reality. The rate at which time passes is determined solely by the perceiver.

When he realized that measured time is only a thought in the mind of man, Einstein remarked that time is nothing more than what you read on a clock. In an absolute sense, units of time don't exist at all; time flows. If we want to chop time into understandable pieces, well, that's up to us. It doesn't make any difference to Mr. Time.

Mankind loves to invent concepts and then to measure them. It gives the mind something to do. For a baby, life is. As we grow older, however, our minds become more complicated; we need more ideas to fill them up. A man with a wristwatch is not only trying to concentrate on past, present and future, but on hours, minutes and seconds, too.

The grids we place on time are little more than prisons for our minds. Remove the grids, fragments of past and future disappear. The underlying vastness of reality is experienced in the here and now. By concentrating our minds on measuring time and space, the experience of time/space itself. is lost to us. In order to reexperience reality, we will have to clear our mind of pieces of time and parts of space. Unity then becomes real. There is no distinction between the time, the space and the perceiver of reality. There is only experience itself.

Father Time, looking wise, said, "You and your like created me, and you and your like must unravel me. I can be your servant. Indeed, I can even be your slave. It is you who needs the key, and you who must find it."

Hooray, hooray! There is a key! And all these years I have been in your control. I get up in the morning and fall into your rushing river. I am carried to work but then everything begins to s-l-o-wd-o-w-n. All day long it's back and forth, fast and slow, until finally sleep comes to give me relief. Unless you invade that, too. But now you tell me there is a way! A key to escape the limits of time. 0 Father, can you give me the key?

The old man looked into the wind holding his scythe abreast and letting his beard and robes flow. "Nay," he said, "not I. Tis my job to do what I am told, to do what I must. The giving of the key belongs to its owner."