And It Is Divine magazine Soul Rush is a bandwagon to the Golden Age. The international gathering, Millennium '73, is set for the Houston Astrodome on November 8, 9 and 10. There Guru Maharaj Ji will unfold his plan to bring peace to this earth. Soul Rush is America's special invitation to attend the most amazing event ever to take place in its history.

A caravan of five hundred people will travel all the way from Boston to Houston, stopping in cities along the way, holding parades, giving special public: programs, speaking to civic groups and churches, and going door to door with their invitation of peace, the brightest message that one person has ever given another.

Bhole Ji, one of Guru Maharaj Ji's older brothers, and Blue Aquarius, his fifty-piece band, will highlight the tour. Their joyous music: will pull at the soul of every listener; few can resist the energy and happiness they have. Bhole Ji's participation caused one person to call Soul Rush "a divine intervention in American history."

Soul Rush begins with a parade through Old Boston on United Nations Day, October 24. The caravan will go from there to Plymouth Rock where the band of pilgrims will renew a forgotten covenant with God.


The City of Brotherly Love is the next stop for Soul Rush. The early spirit of America that inspired such a beautiful name has long been missing. In Philadelphia the First Continental Congress met and tried to instill the ideals of peace, justice and purity into the framework of a new country. After 200 years Soul Rush is reminding America of this vision and pointing the way to its fulfillment.


On Sunday evening, the White House will be encircled by a candlelight procession. The Soul Rushers will sing an ancient "Song of Light." As national media focus upon the caravan on the eve of its departure westward, an invitation will be extended to President Nixon to come to the feet of the Perfect Master so all the world can know that at last, peace is here. "And a young child shall lead them."


Pioneers headed west 'in search of land where a man could live in peace. The Pioneers of Soul Rush already have that peace. Now, in every city on their route west, they will conduct a door-to-door campaign to tell their fellow Americans that the promise of our country is about to be fulfilled. As Guru Maharaj Ji has said, peace for all mankind is very, very possible. As a matter of fact, it is going to happen.


The crossroads of America will never be brighter than when Soul Rush comes to Main Street with balloons, banners and a parade of Pioneers. When the procession is over, disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji will tell those who have gathered around that if they follow Soul Rush to the Houston Astrodome, they will sec how all people, regardless of age, nationality, sex or religion can know their common bond.


Under the silver Gateway to the West, Bhole Ji's Big Band will play, "When the Saints Go Marching In." That may not mean much to people raised in the Show-Me State. But if they want proof, they've come to the right place. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "There is a test for the Perfect Master. What is the test? This Knowledge. If this Knowledge can give you peace, he is the Perfect Master. If it cannot, he is not the Perfect Master."


The last full stop before Houston. Kansas means Inner Breath, and it is the life-energy within each person's breath that Guru Maharaj Ji is revealing. After giving this message to the people of Kansas City, the caravan will move full speed ahead to Millennium.


On the eighth day of the eleventh month of 1973, all those who truly seek peace and brotherhood for mankind will gather in Houston, drawn by the most irresistible magnet in the universe, the love of Guru Maharaj Ji. It is to this one love that all souls are rushing.

The Soul Rushers are out to fulfill our dreams, America. We've been told, ever since we sat on our mother's knee, that in this land a human being can learn to breathe free. This land was going to bring Peace, Justice and Freedom to every man, woman and child in the world. And it was going to do it under a banner that read, "In God We Trust." We told each other that it was possible. Now our duty is to believe in our own American Dream – and to make it real.


And It Is Divine magazine