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The Beautiful Soul

When Guru Maharaj Ji was very small, when he was only seven and a half years old, he started giving satsang programs all over India, and hundreds of thousands of people would come to every program to hear him speak.

Many of them simply couldn't believe that Guru Maharaj Ji was able to talk about the Knowledge of God, and other lofty subjects, while he was still so young. They used to say, 'There must be a tape recorder behind him, and it's the tape recorder which is giving satsang, not Guru Maharaj Ji.' Some of them said, 'His mother is sitting next to him and she's the one who is telling him what to say.' And they had various other ideas too. But none of them found out who Guru Maharaj Ji actually was, and none of them realized who the great Power is who has come to save this planet. People always try to judge the Supreme One with their intellect. It's nothing new.

In the Bhagavad Gita you can read about the battle of Kurushetra, in which Krishna was the charioteer of his disciple Arjuna. On the second and third of June this year Kurushetra field was the site of a great program in honor of Guru Maharaj Ji. Between two and three hundred thousand people attended the program. And before the program, some misguided people put up a great many posters, in an attempt to defame Guru Maharaj Ji. The posters suggested that Guru Maharaj Ji's age was actually forty or fifty, and the idea behind the posters was to influence people against coming to satsang. But the two or three hundred thousand people who came for the festival scolded these people. "It's terrible how misguided you are, trying to criticize someone as wonderful as Guru Maharaj Ji like that. He is our Father. He is so full of the light of God that we cannot even look at his face. "There's no way we can comprehend how wonderful, how mighty the Lord is." The crowd took down all the posters and threw them away, because everyone realized how wrong these people were. And thousands and thousands of devotees received Knowledge.

So you see, the intellect produces different types of thoughts. It isn't even capable of understanding one family. We can't fit the whole of one family into our intellect – so how can we comprehend this whole vast creation? And how can we judge the Creator, the supreme Lord of this creation? It is quite beyond our capacity.

You know the story of Lord Krishna. When He was a child His mother told Him, "My Lord, when you play, don't go very far away, because I've heard there are evil people sent by the king who want to kill you." And Krishna replied, "Mother, who can' betray me? Who can kill me? I have yet to see the person who can touch me."

You see, whenever the Almighty comes, people make no effort to recognize Him. Rather they try to criticize Him in His own time, to cause Him trouble. Now, only a living king can rule a kingdom. Only a living doctor can cure, a patient. And only a living Perfect Master can save you. If you want to receive Knowledge, if you want to be saved, you have to go to the shelter of the Perfect Master of your own time. While He is the living embodiment of truth, you can make your request to Him. But those great souls who have left their bodies, you can have pictures of them, but it's no use asking them for Knowledge. You cannot ask them. You cannot worship them. While they were alive people asked them for Knowledge; but now they have left their bodies. So when we need that Knowledge, we have to take the shelter of the Perfect Master of our own time.

Nowadays, millions of people have received this Knowledge. But history shows us that from time immemorial, most people have criticized the Perfect Master of their own time, and have put obstacles in the path of devotion. They have made no effort to receive Knowledge. And history shows us that we shouldn't make the same mistake. In every age people have criticized the Perfect Lord. We shouldn't make the same mistake today.

Every religion was started by one of the great mystics, one of that great line of mystics, that mountain of mystics. If you go to India and examine the Hindu religion, you'll find the people perform plays in honour of Lord Krishna. They sing and dance, and say "Oh my Lord Krishna, come and join our group, join in our dancing and singing. We'd like to sing and dance with you; and bring Radha with you also, Radha with whom you danced in the fields of Vrindaban so long ago. That will be so nice." But when Lord Krishna came in person, on this earth, they all fought with him. While the Lord is alive they will not learn from Him, and when He leaves his body they all want to worship Him.

There is a special eye, an eye designed to see the Lord's beauty in everything. A 'God' who can he found in a church, but not in a mosque, cannot be God. A prophet or a savior who is confined to churches or temples or mosques is no true savior. Truly, the Almighty Father is present everywhere. But how can we recognize Him?

It is in order to allow us to recognize Him, that He comes into this universe and gives us Knowledge. There is a purpose to everything that man has built. For example, I came from London to America recently, but there has to be something, a vehicle, to bring me. In the same way there is a vehicle, there is a path which allows us to know God, to enter into God. And our Father comes, our real Lord comes to show us that path, to teach us that Knowledge.

And when He comes you crucify Him. You see, the Lord is not attached to His body, because the soul never dies and is never born. And the Lord is the Father of the soul. He's the Lord of the eternal soul. I low can you hope to understand Him without receiving His Knowledge?

All the scriptures tell us that the body comes and the body goes, but why is there a soul in this human body? The soul, the beautiful soul is there so that we can realize the Almighty. By means of the soul, we can realize God.

When we're dead and buried, we won't be able to do anything. So now is the time to know the soul, and use it to realize the Lord. And if you don't realize the Lord while you are in this human body, you are just like an animal, except that your tail and horns are missing. This human life cannot be given to us again.