The editors of this magazine wish to correct any misapprehension that readers may have concerning an ad which ran in the May 1973 issue on page 13.

Neither Ralph Nader, nor the Center for Study of Responsive Law, were in any way involved in the creation or publication of that ad. Mr. Nader and the Center had no prior knowledge of the plans of this magazine to run the ad, and they are not connected with Shri fans Productions or with Guru Maharaj Ji or his movement.

Dear Editor,

As a mother of four, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your magazine's articles on children. I don't think that an adult human being has any better example of what life is than the simple joys of childhood. I know that there is sometimes a tendency to idealize kids, but that's a lot better than idealizing "high society," money or most of the other things that adults worship.

I especially liked the article on Dr. Spock. In raising my four boys, I think I've tried every theory that comes out. Still I always come back to Dr. Spock's simple truth, You can't manufacture love." If you feel it, you can give it. If not, your kids are in for a hell of a time no matter whose book you try.

I guess the thing I enjoy most about your magazine is the nice way it has of combining a real down to earth subject with a higher spirit of what is right and good in this world. To me, that's exactly what being a child is all about – t hey've got their hands in mud and their hearts in God.

Thank you so much.
Mrs. Newell Jacobs
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Editor,

On page 80 of the September issue of And It Is Divine is a short article entitled "There is a Knowledge". It all sounds almost too good to be true – please tell me what one has to do to be shown this Knowledge. I would especially like to know if there are any obligations required to experience this thing.

The short personal sketches are very inspiring. I would like to read more of them in your next knowledge article:

Very truly yours,
Nancy Stilwater
Cleveland, Ohio

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am a fourteen year old boy and have received by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji the light of his knowledge.

It seemed funny to me that Guru Maharaj Ji is the same age as I am. I realize now that Guru Maharaj Ji may be the same age as I am physically but spiritually he is advanced beyond me. Ile shall lift each and every person who comes to realize this knowledge to a place where all persons of every race, sex, creed and age, will be immersed in love.

I say to every person who reads this to realize this knowledge and utilize it to its fullest extent and help to make the world a better place.

Northridge, Calif.

Dear Editor,

I look forward to the gentle "kick in the consciousness" that your magazine delivers me with each new issue. In a very subtle, artistic way you stir up the questions that have been lying dormant in the back of my mind; questions that I was beginning to think that everyone else in the world had given up trying to answer.

Articles like "How Civilized Are We?" get us back to the main point again. To me, it seems like it's been a long time since I and my friends have actually taken the time to seriously question the impact of our actions in the world the way we used to.

In America, particularly, in the last two decades, I have witnessed (and participated in) the pouring of our conscious energy into different types of revolutions … revolutions which served to prod and raise the consciousness of thinking Americans. We've had student revolts, women's rights movements, anti-war demonstrations and ecology campaigns. People got stirred up for a while and felt inspired to stop buying a certain kind of grapes or lettuce or detergent. For a while, people (myself included) cared about what they were doing. But all this energy seems to have faded. Where is everyone now? I have not heard anything new … except for the soft cry of And It Is Divine.

For myself, I am just coming to the consideration that a spiritual leader may provide some answers … your magazine amazes me because it evidently has some kind of sustaining power which enables you to continue to probe these questions about the problems facing the world today, questions which many of us have either given up on or pushed aside for lack of strength or conviction.

And It Is Divine appears to have an underlying aim, a self-imposed mission to re-awaken this energy that we just started to tap a few years ago. This magazine is making a respectable effort to get the energy flowing again and to guide it toward a constructive goal … namely, making this earth a happy place to be by working on ourselves and making ourselves happier and more helpful to society. I am open to hearing more about this experience you call the Knowledge, because I feel that this is somehow directly connected with the consciousness that is manifesting in the form of this new magazine. Please inform me.

Diana Ashley
Bloomington, Indiana

Dear Editor,

Last week I had the opportunity of hearing Guru Maharaj Ji speak for the first time in New York. It is my hope to receive the Knowledge as soon as he returns. In the program I was mostly struck by how much more there was to the Knowledge than I had previously thought.

For the most part, the only contact I'd had with Guru Maharaj Ji was through And It Is Divine. I started out by reading it nearly a year ago simply because it was so different. Before long I became involved in a series of coincidences where I couldn't seem to get away from it. Everywhere I went I saw something about the magazine or about Guru Maharaj Ji! By the time I was seeing the posters announcing his program last Saturday, I was determined to go and see him and find out what it was all about. I dug out all the old copies I could find and reread the discourses by Guru Maharaj Ji and the other members of his family. Even though I have been reading your magazine regularly for several months now, only now have I begun to read it. with an eye for the main message.

I am at the point now where I have decided to receive the knowledge - needless to say, I would like to hear more about it but I think others would like to as well. I'm glad to see in this month's issue that you've included an introductory page about the Knowledge, yet I still feel as though there could be much more in coming issues about the Knowledge and even about Guru Maharaj Ji.

I'm looking forward to your next issue.

Steve Ritter
New York City

Dear Editor,

I am a student of theology, so when I saw And It Is Divine I was naturally interested.

I'm not sure what is divine in this world so I wanted the magazine to see what you think.

Words like these from your Supreme Editor-in-Chief caught me (he's only 15!): "This is the condition of the world. People go and look for peace here and there; they don't find it. They think it's hopeless to try. They think, 'We can't find peace.' Talking to many people I have been able to see that when I say to them, 'peace,' they say, 'No, come on, don't be ridiculous, somebody was just mistaken about that word.' " There is obviously more than thought behind it.

When I read this I knew he was talking to me. I don't think peace in the absolute sense of the word is possible. I always felt it was reserved for God. And yet here is someone saying it is.

The rest of the magazine was good. I was impressed with the article entitled "How Civilized Are We?", because if there's one thing we ain't, it's civilized. And the article made that point clearly.

Thank you, I wait for the next issue impatiently. If there is such a thing as peace, I want some.

Howard Heath
Naragansett, R.I.


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