And It Is Divine magazine Editorial

In many countries a kind of investigation has begun, both through the media and by word of mouth, with the purpose of finding out who Guru Maharaj Ji really is. The difficulty is that the most important question is not being asked.

No one knows who Guru Maharaj Ji is. A better direction for this informal investigation might be to ask, "What is his Knowledge?" Everyone would be able to answer that question by their own experience as Knowledge is free of cost and available to anyone who wants it.

The practical effects of Knowledge, while often gradual; are astounding. People leave drugs and other dependencies, find themselves able to work in a concentrated way and, most importantly, experience a deep and constant peace.

Practicing this Knowledge is a natural process and once you know it, once you really know how to experience it, you can enjoy it forever.

People come to Guru Maharaj Ji to get their bearings. They discover the art of being in the right place all the time. They are able to balance their lives, taking events as they come, because they know the meaning of their life.

There is a power keeping all of us alive and it will continue to do so whether we recognize its importance or ignore it. Our very breath is generated by this energy and so we are alive. Guru Maharaj Ji reveals what this power is and knowing this secret brings serenity and joy, the knowledge of one's self.

There is no reason for anyone not to take Knowledge. This is not joining a religion, it's receiving peace. The only real requirement is to know, really know, that you want peace, and to ask for it.

Neither of the questions, "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" or "What is his Knowledge?" are easy to answer. The second one can really be answered only by practical experience. The essential message of And It Is Divine is - receive Knowledge. Know for yourself what Truth is and see what Guru Maharaj Ji is doing.

As much as Guru Maharaj Ji can change one person, that much he can change the world. He said more than a year ago, "If people change themselves, automatically the world will be changed. Because the world is nothing else. It is composed of human forms and human forms change themselves."

We can all become strong within ourselves and learn to love one another. If we work together, guided by this perfect Knowledge, then peace will come into this


- Paul Meadows


And It Is Divine magazine