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Guru Maharaj Ji returned to the United States on June 16, 1973, accompanied by Shri Mata Ji, his mother and his older brother, Shri Raja Ji. His American disciples had not seen him for nearly a year and every heart was awaiting this event. About 1,000 people came to greet him at Los Angeles International airport. The following night a public program was held at which his mother gave satsang, followed by Guru Maharaj Ji himself. Shri Mata Ji's discourse is given below

Dear Premies:

You are looking very happy today. I have just been traveling through so many countries and everywhere I have seen the summer season. Everything is very, very green and all the flowers and all the trees are blossoming; this is the gift of summer. The mystery of summer is also in you; it is the reason you are so happy. Because when the perfect Lord comes, he reveals the supreme Knowledge inside of you. All who receive his Knowledge blossom; they become full of light.

Without summer, all the trees are bare. And human beings are like dry trees, absolutely barren. But when Guru Maharaj Ji comes, then the connection is made to the Lord inside, and people begin to shine.

In Rome I was talking to some very rich people, and I told them, "Yes, you are all very rich. You have seen many wars, you have seen many religions and you have read many books. You have experienced so many ups and downs, and now your body has changed, you have become old. But have you grown inside? Have you known that true meditation of the soul?

"When a man is thirsty, he drinks water, and his thirst is quenched. In the same way this whole universe is thirsty for truth. So Guru Maharaj Ji comes to give the Knowledge of truth, and the whole creation is satisfied; the whole creation is changed into bliss.

"Perhaps you feel that this Knowledge is not for you. But see the joy of those who have received it. Thousands and thousands, millions and millions of people are changing because they are realizing this Knowledge and they are submitting to this internal reality. Now you must remember the wars you have seen and all the problems. Look at these changes in Guru Maharaj Ji's disciples." Many of these people realized that something was wrong in their lives and they received Knowledge. Afterward they went out and told people that a very great thing was happening.

"If there is peace to be experienced, then why shouldn't we experience it? Why shouldn't we all receive this Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji is giving? There is no reason why we should not have peace in our lives!"

When I was in France there was a Black Muslim who had received Knowledge and he told me, "I traveled around the world, almost the entire earth. I saw so many religions and I went to this path, and I went to that path, and to that path, and to so many paths, and I knocked on all their doors. Everyone could talk about the Lord, but they couldn't show me peace. And now I have received what I was looking for."

Man's heart is burning like a barren land and Guru Maharaj Ji is changing hearts, making them blossom by this Knowledge. Those people who 'were so completely frustrated, who had actually become very destructive, have now become mediums of change for the world.

If there is some so-called power and a real power comes before him, the unreal power starts shaking. Guru Maharaj Ji has come and many forces are trying to disrupt his mission. But really, the more and more they try to disrupt, the more Guru Maharaj Ji shines. There is darkness, but only to show people that the sun is shining. And ultimately, when the sun shines forth, there can't be darkness. No darkness can stand before the sun. No obstructions can stand before Guru Maharaj Ji.

Now, however, many people and many newspapers around the world are trying to criticize Guru Maharaj Ji. Because when that great power comes in this universe, the people who are dark and who like to remain in darkness, don't recognize him. You see, if you like to wear dirty clothes, you will remain dirty; it is not the fault of water or soap. If you like to remain in darkness, and don't want to go to the perfect Lord who can save us from our ignorance, then it is your fault. Since the beginning of time, all who have asked have received Knowledge, and for time infinity he will be saving us by his Knowledge, by his mercy.

Guru Maharaj Ji is distributing this Knowledge to the whole world, but who will really recognize him? Only the devotee. Only the devotee can understand who he is. By devotion alone may Guru Maharaj Ji's grace be recognized.

And only a devotee can propagate this Knowledge. A paid servant could never do it. If I paid a servant three thousand dollars per month, he could not propagate. Only a devotee who has received the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji can speak of it and sing the glory of the Lord.

And this is rare to hear. The world, today is clearly seeing the possibility of its own destruction. But this direction can be changed. When the Lord comes, he comes to give us the seed of holy life, to teach us how to make ourselves pure and to uplift all of humanity. Because when a man becomes good, he doesn't become good only for himself, or only for his family; he becomes good for the whole universe.

In World War II so many people died, so many millions, yet you can see that summer is here and everything is blossoming. This is because the seed of creation is everlasting and cannot be destroyed. The time has come to change the whole society, all of humanity. And that change is based upon the Knowledge of the Perfect Master. It is the only way to reform a human being. America is a rich country, and you may think that where the riches are, there is happiness. But I see that America is perhaps the most unhappy country in the world. If you put your mind into riches, many unhealthy things will grow in your heart. There is no peace in these riches. The only peace is found in the Name of the Lord. All saints throughout time have proclaimed this to people: "Receive the


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Knowledge of God's Name, be happy and be at rest."

This Knowledge is given to the man whose heart is open like an ocean, whose heart knows reverence and humility and is crying to love. The Knowledge is sown in that heart, not in the heart that is hard and stony. If you were going to sow some seed, you would not do it on stony ground; you would sow on fertile land.

There is one lady, 82 years old, who received Knowledge in London. She began to cry, "Oh my Lord, you saved me, now my life has become successful. I have been searching for this since I was 14 years old and now my life is complete."

When this Knowledge was first brought to the West mostly young people received it. But as their lives changed, they spoke to their parents and to their societies, and now many older people are also receiving Knowledge. Guru Maharaj Ji does not come to change your religion, or to take you away from your family. Whenever the Perfect Master comes, he comes to give the seed of eternity, the seed that will save your soul. (At this point Shri Mata Ji received a message that Guru Maharaj Ji would be coming to the hall within ten minutes. Everyone is jubilant, and after a short while Mata Ji continues.)

Everywhere thirsty souls are crying to be with the Lord. When I was going to India, the devotees there were crying, "Dear Mother, you are the only power that can bring Guru Maharaj Ji to us. Please bring him!" Now I have brought him here. You see, when you cry from your heart, Guru Maharaj Ji is pulled by that love, the cry of the soul. When he was in London, all the American devotees were crying for him and Maharaj Ji said, "Let me go there and quench their thirst." But now he has to go all over the world to quench thirsty souls.

When Guru Maharaj Ji landed at Heathrow airport in London he was received by thousands of his devotees, with rose petals and garlands, and musical instruments; the whole airport was filled with so much bliss. Guru Maharaj Ji went to his residence in London where Bhole Ji and his band had arranged a marvelous reception. The musicians began to sing to Guru Maharaj Ji. The park near the house was filled with people, and at that time while the band was playing, even a person with great troubles would not have felt them.

The car that drove Guru Maharaj Ji was completely covered with flowers; there was not a single place where there wasn't a flower. Guru Maharaj Ji did not tell anyone to arrange the car like that, or to praise him with music. It was the urge of the devotees. It was the connection between the soul and the Lord.

There is not much time to experience the presence of Guru Maharaj Ji because letters and prayers are coming from all over the world saying, "My Lord, please come." So now is the time to be aware.

Inside this body we have a country, another world, but what arrangements have we made to enter that land? You know that you cannot go from one country to another without a passport, for people will trouble you and fine you and send you to jail. Now how can you go from this universe to that other universe? How can you enter there without this passport of the Holy Name? The person who has this passport, yet doesn't meditate, will face much trouble. If you have this passport, preserve it nicely and meditate upon it. Cultivate it. Depend on it. Be into it. If you have any confusion you should contact a mahatma of Guru Maharaj Ji and he will help to clear your mind. On the path of truth there should be no confusion in the heart. The time has come to blossom.