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Neighboring both the shores of Southern Europe and the coast of Turkey, the ancient birthplace of such mythological gods and goddesses as Zeus and Athena has also bequeathed many of the most distinct and delicious dishes in the world of cuisine. To a Greek cook, whose recipes have withstood the taste test in centuries and have been passed down instinctively from mother to daughter, the delicate flavor of fresh olive oil, fruits and vegetables, and wild herbs is traditional.

But a stranger sampling Greek food for the first time will be deliciously introduced to a new way of cooking that compliments the most savory recipes of Mediterran, European with a touch of exotic middle Easter flavor. This combination imparts a unique distinction from both cultures, as demonstrated in the following recipes.


Baklava la the most popular Greek sweet among noms. and although it in an nuricate design. it is easy to make and vo, easy to enjoy.

pound strudel leaves la pounds minced walnuts 14 pounds sliered. diced almonds 2 cups melted butter 2.3 cup sugar tablespoon cinnamon …spoon salt k teaspoon nutmeg melted boon I cup hone,

11 model lemes are holm allow to thaw at least2 hours. Mix together thenuts. sugar and spices. Butter the bottom ore l9. Pp. and careful10.1.cro..s… leaves, brushing with hotter each rine thoroughly and keeping remag leaves covered at all times with a damp towel. Spread a lam nl the nut Mt. evenly across the buttered sheets and then unt il the leua vleasy due studel leavesspri n kl Mtnunom dlot axnde mixtuankofthe butter axe completely used u. Cut the Baklam into diamond shapes wiM a sharp knife. Pour remaining butter over the top and then hake at SSO degrees lot SO tn.., on the middle rack of the oven.until the top crust is golden brown. During the last 10 min., toil the water and her and pour hover the Baklava immediately upon removing the sweet from the oven. Yield – 50-60 small diamond-shaped squares.


This simple recipe makes a Mee side dish. 1 large omens. sliced thin), lb cups toasted bread mon. cup diced onion 1 tablespoons butter 9 tablespoons olive oil salt fresh dried on-gam, garlie Pow.r Saute onions in butter. Add bread aura.. then spiees to taste. Mix with carrots into a greased camerde dish. Sprinkle olive oil over entire mixture and hake at 'SOM.,. for3OminutevGamish with fresh parsley.


3 medium eggplants I medium onion, diced green FePPer. choPPed I tomato. quartemd and sliced thinly cups rice. cooked until barely tender 2/3 cup DOM. paste