Bal Bhagwan Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother

The Answer to the BIG Problem

Bal Bhagwan Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, gave this satsang in Los Angeles, April 27, 1973, about six weeks before Guru Maharaj Ji's arrival in the United States.

I shall first of all tell you a small anecdote so that you can understand better the situation of the world: what actually is happening in the world, what we have achieved, what we have acquired, and in what state we are living.

Once there was a city, and in that city there were many many mice. Actually, that city was a city of mice. And every day a cat used to come and eat the mice. So they had this fear, they had a very very big problem. Like we have a problem of pollution, and we have a problem of accidents and robberies and so many things, so this was the biggest problem in that city, that the cat was coming and eating all the mice. This was the burning issue in that city.

So they had a big convention called the "World Mice's Convention," a very very big convention; all the mice attended. Many intellectuals were there, and they were discussing this problem and they were tackling it from different angles. When they could no longer think, they utilized all the computers to get some answer, some solution.

Ultimately the solution was that they should tie a big bell around the cat's neck so that, when the cat came, the bell would ring like a fire-brigade engine, and they would know that the cat was coming. They were very very happy, and they said, "Yes, we have found a solution, and we are satisfied. We all understand that this is the only solution to the problem."

One old mouse was sitting and watching the whole thing. He said, "My dear fellows, your solution is that you will tie a bell around the neck of the cat. And the solution is a very good one, the answer is very good. But the thing is, who is going to tie it? Who is going to go to the cat and tie that bell?"

This same situation we can see in the world. People hold the Bible and say, "Read this book and you'll get peace." "Bring Christ into your heart and you'll have peace." This is what they say. But how? How can we bring Christ into our hearts?

I have studied the Bible, and I was overjoyed to read that Christ promises us that He is going to come before us again, here, in this world. He says, "I'll come, and before I shall come I'll send you a comforter, and after the comforter I'll come again." Now you people have houses, and if any guest is coming, if your brother is coming, if your sister is coming, if your husband is coming, you decorate your house, you decorate your room, you put some furniture there, you put a bed there. If your guest is coming, then you arrange certain things for him.

Now if Christ is going to come, what have we arranged for Him? I have been to so many churches, and I have not seen even a chair for Christ. Yes, He is going to come, surely. But where is He going to sit? How are we going to receive Him? Yes, everybody says He is coming, but to what depth do we believe in it? Do we really believe in this, or do we just simply repeat like a parrot? A parrot says so many things, but he doesn't understand.

Once there was a sage who taught a parrot to say: "The bird catcher will come, he'll throw the net, and he'll try to catch you, but don't eat what he throws in that net."

So when the bird catcher came, he saw that the parrot was speaking: "The bird catcher will come, he'll throw the net, he'll throw the food there, but don't eat the food…" And the bird catcher was surprised – what is this?

Then the seer said, "Throw your net, he doesn't understand what he's speaking." When the net was thrown, and the food was thrown in, the parrot was tempted by the food, and he stopped talking and simply ran into the net. So what do we say? We don't always understand.

Once I met a priest, and I said that in the Bible Jesus Christ says, "Blessed are those pure in heart for they shall see God." "They shall see God" is very important, because God is our Father, and the duty of a worthy son is to see his father first of all, to know his father.

So I asked him, "But can we really see God? If we can, then how?"

So he told me, "No, no, you cannot see God. Only after death can you see God."

I said, "After death how can we see God? If we can see after death, then that is not really death because we would still have eyes to see. And that is living; that is not death. How can we see when we are dead?" The real answer is purity of heart: if we are pure in our hearts then we can see God. The question is, how to be pure? For instance, I have a coat. And this coat is made up of one-hundred percent cotton, so the company says this is pure cotton. Pure cotton means one-hundred percent cotton. So purity means that if you know yourself one-hundred percent, who you are, what you are, then you are pure. So actually, Jesus' saying to be pure in your heart means to know yourself completely. That is why Socrates says, "Know Thyself."

Jesus also says, "Love thy neighbor as you love thyself." But first of all, to love, we must know whom we are loving. So before loving ourselves, we must 'know, who are we? Actually, who are we? If we know who we are, then we can love our inner self.

You see, people think that we are body, but that's not correct. There was a great sage in India who wanted to renounce the world and become a saint; he wanted to meditate on God. So he brought his family together and told them, "I'm going to leave the world now. You take what you want from all my kingdom and all my property. I want to distribute everything that I have, and I'm going to a jungle and meditate there."

So the wife and children and servants said, "No, no, we are not going to leave you. We love you so much."

He said, "No, that's not correct. You


say that you love me. What am I? I say that I love you. But actually, if you were to die, I would lift your body, take it to a graveyard, and bury you there. So when I say that I love you, actually the secret hidden meaning of that sentence is that I love that thing which is in your body. Because when that thing which is in your body departs from your body. I take your body like an envelope, and throw it away."

When you receive letters, you take the letter out and you throw away the envelope. So this body is the envelope. Inside this body is the letter which is spirit, which is God, which is soul. And actually we love that soul. But many people love soul without knowing soul, and that is the sign of impurity, because we don't know what it is one-hundred percent. What is it? Just saying "soul" will not make us realize what is soul. You must understand this.

Bal Bhagwan Ji So to understand soul one-hundred percent is the first goal to achieve in purity. That is why Guru Maharaj Ji gives you a method, He gives you the means, gives you the technique to become pure.

How to become pure? For instance, my hands are dirty, and if I want to wash my hands. I will not go to muddy water and wash my hands, I need pure water. So to wash my hands, I need pure water; similarly, to wash my heart, to make it pure, I need something which is already pure. And what is it? The Knowledge of God is the purest thing on earth, and by receiving that Knowledge, by coming in contact with that Knowledge, we can also become pure.

The effect of Knowledge is like a magnet. An iron piece goes before the magnet, the magnet runs over it, and by coming in contact with that magnet, the iron piece also becomes the magnet. When a man comes in contact, with this Knowledge, when he experiences this Knowledge, he also becomes divine; he also becomes perfect. He becomes pure. And when you become pure, then Jesus Christ says that you shall see God.

So that is why Guru Maharaj Ji says that we must meditate. We require food for the body – every noon and evening we eat because food is essential for the body. In the same way, meditation is essential for your spirit. Jesus says, "Those who are born of flesh are of flesh, and those who are born of spirit, are of spirit." And," a man can never never enter into the Kingdom of Heaven unless he is born again." So all of you have to take a second birth, and a second birth is the birth of baptism. We must be born again: we must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Many Christians say, "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done…"

What is "thy Name?" "Hallowed be thy Name?" What is that Holy Name? We are speaking of it, but we don't understand it.

The whole situation is like this. I ask an unmarried girl, "Please sit down and meditate on your husband." Now how can she sit down and meditate when she doesn't know which boy is going to be her husband? She doesn't know that, so she cannot meditate. I say that I have a beautiful house in India, "Please sit here and meditate on it." How can you do that? You have to see the house first, and after seeing the house, then you can meditate on it. People say, "Meditate on God." How can you meditate on God without knowing God? You have to have Knowledge of God.

In the Bible the apostles give us four definitions of God. They say God is spirit, God is love, God is the Word, and God is light. So these are the four definitions that we get of God from the Bible. Now, understand one thing. Any man who says that God is light, any apostle. whether Saint John or anybody else who says this, why does he write that God is light? Why doesn't he write that God is darkness? Why doesn't he write that God is a candy? Why doesn't he write that God is a microphone? Why only does he say that God is light?

The answer is that he realized it; he experienced it – but not after death. He didn't die and then see God and then write that God is light. No. Saint John was living in the time of Christ, and when he was living he wrote that God is light. So how did he know, how did he see, how did he realize, how did he experience that God is light? That we must understand.

This is what Guru Maharaj Ji tells us, how God is light. And you can see light. Many people tell me that light is understanding. "Light is understanding. God is light, and in Him there is no darkness."


Dive Deep to Find the Pearl of Great Price

So they explain that God is not light; God is only understanding. But if I say that you should shine this light, it doesn't mean to switch on understanding. It doesn't mean that. The first meaning of light is light, just light.

Also it is written in the Bible that "When thine eye be single, thy body shall be full of light." That actually means that when your eyes are single, your body will be full of light. Because we have these two eyes, and these two eyes are attached to the retina, and the retina is attached to the optical nerve. And all those optical nerves meet at a point, at a junction. And that junction is exactly behind the third eye, the inner eye. So actually man has two eyes: one is the spiritual eye, and the other is the material eye.

Bal Bhagwan Ji So we must know the technique to make our eyes single. Jesus says in the Bible that if your eyes be single, your body shall be full of light. So the problem is how to make our eyes single. This is revealed by the man who knows that secret. And he is called the Guru, because "gu" means darkness, and "ru" means light. The man who reveals the light from the darkness is Guru.

Actually, as science is expanding, many many truths of religion, many many truths of spiritual things are borne out. For instance, many people say, "Oh, science doesn't prove God." Science has a limit. Anything which comes under a microscope, the microscope sees. But anything which cannot come under a microscope, the microscope cannot see.

There was a scientist who opened the Britannica Encyclopedia and read that whales and sharks live in the sea. So he took a test tube, went to the sea, and filled it with seawater. Then he examined it, trying to see where, where are the sharks and whales inside that water?

Similarly, our capacity is small; physics is small. To see beyond physics, we need paraphysics, or metaphysics. "Meta" means beyond; beyond physics. Today people have discovered that the smallest particle contains the greatest amount of energy, that is, an atom. Such a small particle, try to think, such a small particle, and containing such a huge amount of energy! Where is that energy stored?

We look at an atom, and we say, oh, the center is the nucleus, and around it all the electrons are revolving. But the question comes, what makes them revolve? I am not making them revolve, you are not making them revolve. Then who is making them revolve? And that pulsating thing, that thing which is making them revolve, you say is God. Because it is doing certain things which we cannot do.

But to understand God, you must have Knowledge of God. As Saint John in the Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the-Word was with God, and the Word was God." What is that Word which was God?

If I go to a hospital and ask a nurse to please tell me the doctor's name, and she says "doctor," I know that he is "doctor." But I want to know his name. Many people ask, "What is the Word of God?" And somebody says, "The Word of God is God." I also know that the Word of God is God. But what is that Word actually? What is the meaning hidden in that? Guru Maharaj Ji reveals that Word.

Because, what is word? I am speaking words, and all these words, ultimately, if you examine them, all these words are the vibrations of your vocal cords. The Word which was in the beginning, the Word which was with God, and the Word which was God: that Word itself is the primordial vibration.

There was no mouth there, and there were no vocal cords, but there was a primordial vibration, which we call breath. Now that primordial vibration must be understood.

For instance, we start from New York and want to go to L.A., but we stop in Denver. If we stop in Denver, we won't go back to New York and start our journey. We have stopped in Denver, so we'll start from Denver. Similarly, according to the theory of transmigration of soul, it is said that people have many many lives. And ultimately the human being has achieved a certain point where he has flesh, where he has consciousness, where he has capacity to be conscious of God.

So we have all achieved this state. And after this state, we musn't go back; we must go forward. It would be foolish to go back to New York and start over. No. We must continue forward, walk forward, and try to understand what is beyond everything.


"Hallowed be Thy Name" What is the Holy Name?
We are speaking of it, but we don't understand it.

So dear premies, we have this wonderful opportunity to understand, to be conscious of our own consciousness. In this world we are conscious of this microphone, we are conscious of these chairs, we are conscious of this body, we are conscious of so many things. But are we conscious of consciousness? No. That man is perfect. who is actually conscious of his own consciousness. Guru Maharaj Ji actually gives you that secret, He reveals that secret to you. What is that secret?

Once a man asked Guru Maharaj Ji, "Are you God?" He said, "No, I'm not God, my Knowledge is God." And actually this Knowledge is God because this Knowledge is the Knowledge of the Word. The Word which is God.

See, we all believe that God is omnipresent. that He is everywhere. So if God is everywhere, He is also inside our hearts. And if God is inside our hearts, can we really experience Him there? Have we experienced Him?

We say that television waves are everywhere, but can we see those waves? You are sitting here, and in this room there are many many television and radio waves, but can you hear them? Can you see them? No, you cannot see them. You can see them when you have a television, a picture tube; then only can you receive those waves. Similarly, we can understand that divinity inside us only when we have a receiver, when we have a technique to receive it. And this technique is revealed to us by Guru Maharaj Ji.

George Harrison wrote a song, "My Sweet Lord," in which he has a beautiful Sanskrit hymn: "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, tas mai Shri Guru Vai Namaha." It means that Quru is Brahma the Creator, because Guru gives you the second baptism. And by giving you the second baptism, baptism of soul, He actually creates you. "Guru Vishnu" Vishnu is the God who sustains you, because by taking care of you, He sustains you, He looks after you like a mother. So Guru is like Vishnu. "Guru Devo Maheshwara" – Maheshwara is Lord Shiva who destroys. He destroys all evil, He destroys darkness, He destroys our doubts.

But Guru is even more than these things. Guru is Sakshat Param Brahm, which means that Guru is the manifestation of the Divine secret. And what is that? The Bible also says the same thing; it says the Word turned into flesh. That Word which was with God, that Word which was God: that Word was turned into flesh. This is not what I'm saying, this is what the Bible says. This is what Saint John says. So the Word turned into flesh, and only that flesh can reveal that Word to us. Nobody else. If you go to many many gurus, if you go to anybody else, they're not going to reveal that Word to you. Only that flesh which was made from the Word can reveal that Word and can reveal that divine harmony to us.

So that is why we have to choose and look, look, look; search, you see. Unless you search, you cannot find. Saint Kabir says, "I wanted some pearls, and I sat on a beach. Other people who wanted pearls dived in, and they got pearls. But I was sitting on the bank and never got anything." So to search for pearls, to get pearls, you have to dive in. People who want to acquire something, who want to get Knowledge of God, must dive deep into their hearts. And there you can find the pearls of golden Knowledge.

So dear premies, you who have been given this Knowledge have a wonderful opportunity to meditate and to do service. Ahead of us is the Millennium Festival in Houston, and Guru Maharaj Ji has given us this opportunity to serve Him. Millennium, as you know, is going to be celebrated in the Houston Astrodome, and it's a very very big place and a very wonderful place. Rennie Davis says that he's going to have. a pilgrimage. For instance, 1,000 cars will start from Philadelphia, and they'll go toward Houston, so it's like a mecca, you see, a journey to mecca. Soul Rush '73.

America was founded on a gold rush, but we are going to have a Soul Rush '73. That means, second baptism; rush for that. And let's see how many people experience the flow of Soul Rush, the flood of Soul Rush. Do they really want soul, or do they want gold? The choice is between gold and soul. Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters at a time. You cannot serve God and mammon: you must choose between two. So let us see how many people in this 1973 make a decision whether they want God or gold. This must be decided first of all, and then we can go ahead.

So dear premies, tell people about the Knowledge you have received. If we hesitate to speak about God, then God will also hesitate to receive us. It's vice versa: as you do, you shall reap the same thing; as you sow you shall reap. So if you hesitate to talk about God, then God will also hesitate to receive you, He won't say that you are His, He won't claim you! So we must open our hearts and speak to the world. Tell them frankly about what we experience, and tell them and write to them that they should also have this experience that we have. This is not a matter of talking. This is a matter of experience, because before they had the Bible, they were not reading the Bible. The New Testaments were written after Christ. At the time of Christ they had the experience, they had the experience of Pentecost. And that same experience is given to us. I think now someone will sing a song. Thank you very much.