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The Safe Place Is In Your Heart

This Discourse was given by Shri Mata Ji, Mother of Guru Maharaj Ji, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on May 11, 1972.

Dear aspirants,

All people remember God in their own ways. Certainly all people remember Him. But what is God? We think about God, but what is He? If God can give peace to everyone's heart, why don't people try to know Him? What is that power that you are praying to?

From time immemorial the people of this creation have been praying to God. Whenever people's minds were frustrated with material pleasures, they have prayed to God, "Oh my Lord, I want You." And those people who were able to see God said that He was Light of all the lights. If God is Light of all the lights, why don't we see Him?

Nowadays man is going to the moon. He is making Apollos and sending them to the moon. You are making more and more scientific achievements. But the more you progressscientifically, the more your life is becoming confused.

You see, at nighttime it gets very dark outside, but then the sun comes to dispel the darkness of the night. Similarly, the whole universe is now standing on the verge of destruction, and all the saints and prophecies agree that the world will be destroyed because of our own wrong actions. Our minds are completely attached to this materialism. And the Perfect Master comes to change our hearts and minds.

Now how can our hearts and minds be changed? Actually, there were many people who were very bad, evil men, and who later became great saints. For example, Ratnakar was a pickpocket, and before he started searching people's pockets, he used to cut their necks! Then there was Angulima I, at the time of Lord Buddha. And Billumangal was a very had man. But all these people were completely changed by the company of saints. They came to the Lotus Feet of the Perfect Master of their time and changed; they became very good for their society, and the whole society was changed as a result.

My dear aspirants, the human race is now crossing all its limitations. You have to remain under certain disciplines and rules, but you have crossed all of them and you are doing all sorts of inhuman work. We eat, and animals also eat. Animals rear their children, they sleep, they get hungry, and so do we. But why are we so uneasy in doing all these things? Because our duty is not only these things. Our duty is not just to produce children, live, eat, drink and be merry. These things happen automatically with our bodies. But what is this life? What do you have to do? You must know.

All the great Lords came in this universe to save us. But when that great power came in a Christian's family, what did we do? We crucified Him. We did not recognize Him in His own time. When He came in a Mohammedan's family, the people killed Him, and gave Him to much trouble. And when He came in a Hindu family, He was put in jail.

So we human beings are not following the rules set for us.


But what do you think would happen if the ocean exceeded his limitations? We would all be submerged. The ocean remains in his limitations, in his own morality, but we do not. We have rejected all our rules and regulations and we are doing all sorts of bad actions.

You see, nowadays Russia and America are two big powers, and they are fighting. But the moment that they decide to really fight, the whole earth will be doomed. flail of a sudden they differ from each other too much, if they think for only a moment, "Now we should fight," then what will happen? The whole world will be destroyed. Now they have hydrogen bombs and atom bombs, and when they fight and use them, the whole world will definitely be destroyed. Nobody will be saved.

In the Second World War, Hiroshima was bombed. Many people were killed. But even now, many babies are being born lame and deformed because of the after-effects.

All the great Lords have come to teach man the perfect path. Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "Remember My Name and fight." Now you may think, "Why did Lord Krishna want Arjuna to fight?" Actually, He didn't want the war to happen.

Krishna tried to convince the warriors not to fight, but He was unsuccessful. He went to visit Duryodhana, his father Dhrita-rashtra, and his grandfather Bhishmpitameh, imploring them to relent and grant Arjuna and his brothers the small bit of land they needed to support themselves. But Duryodhana was adamant and said, "I cannot give you even a single inch of land without a battle. I cannot give it to you!" Neither his father nor his grandfather made any effort to stop him.

So a terrible war took place. Thousands of people were killed. All the women became widows, and the children lost their fathers.

And It Is Divine magazineNow during that battle a great warrior came to Lord Krishna and said, "I have come to see the battle."

Lord Krishna asked, "What is your skill?"

The warrior said, "I have one arrow, and with this one arrow I can kill all the people on this field."

"What is the proof?"

The man said, "You can test me," and put his arrow on the bow.

Lord Krishna said, "Here is a tree. If you prick all the leaves on this tree with your arrow, then I'll believe that with that one arrow you can kill all the soldiers."

He said, "I can do that easily," and within a twinkling of an eye he pricked all the leaves on the tree.

Then Lord Krishna became very happy and said, "Yes, you are a great warrior. But I am also a warrior, and when two warriors meet, inevitably one must lose his life. So which of us is it to be?'

The man said, "You are the Lord! I must sacrifice my own neck. But I have come here for one reason. Will you please fulfill my desire?"

Lord Krishna said, "Yes, what do you want?"

He said, "I have come to see the battle. If my neck is cut, I want to see the battle anyhow."

Then Lord Krishna said, "Yes, I will cut your neck and put your head on this tree so that you can see the rest of the battle."

Now what is that supreme science by which a beheaded man was able to see the battle? What was that science? People don't understand this.

Lord Krishna says, "Oh Arjuna, remember My Name and fight. If you remember it at all times, then at the moment of your last breath you will be liberated and you will merge into Me. There is no question about this." Now, Arjuna remembered that Name in his heart. How can you remember it?

That Name of God is within your heart also, and saints say you must remember it constantly. So who will show you that thing? Who will tell you how to remember it? Your mother cannot give you that Knowledge. Your teachers and professors and presidents cannot give it to you. So who will give it to you?

A master of geography cannot teach you science, and a master of science cannot teach you mathematics. A particular kind of teacher can give you a particular kind of knowledge. So the perfect Knowledge of the Holy Name of God, the Perfect Light of God, is given by the Perfect Master of the time. He can open your heart and show you that thing. So come to the shelter of the Perfect Master of the time, the present Perfect Master.

If you're not searching and wondering where your life is going, you are very foolish. If you want to find a pearl, you have to dive deep into the ocean. So you must find the answer. From time immemorial, people cried for God, and whenever they cried for Him, He came. He became visible to them face to face. Why did He create this whole universe if He could not come into it Himself? He created us so that we would remember Him and make Him come too. He listens to all our troubles, if we call Him. But we must call Him sincerely.

You always make fun of God, but when trouble comes to you, you say, "Oh Allah, oh God, oh Ram, oh Buddha, oh Christ!" If that's what you do, He won't listen. You must know His true Name, which is remembered both in happiness and sorrow.

That Name of God is within your heart. Know it. You are doing so many practices and yogas, but your mind is still in anarchy. Your mind is flying here and there and is not getting quiet even for one second. You have not found the mystery which can put your mind at rest.

For example, imagine a water tank which is completely closed. There is no hole through which either air or water can pass. And a man sits inside this tank, and is given an oxygen tank to breathe. Nothing can leak out of that tank, no water and no air, but the man's mind will travel all over the universe in less


than a second! This mind is so subtle; how will you control it? By outer meditations and outer practices it can never be controlled.

To control your mind, you have to come to the shelter of the Perfect Master, the Satguru. Gu means darkness and Ru means Light; the Satguru will dispel all the darkness from your heart and show you that I.ight which will control your mind and allow it to attain peace and happiness.

This body is the temple of God. Look at all these temples that people have built; God doesn't even come there to light the lamps. Christ doesn't come to the churches to light the lamps; the priest does that. When the Lord came, He didn't come in church. He didn't come in a temple. He came in a human body! And whenever He came, we did not recognize Him.

When the Perfect Master leaves His body, then you begin to worship Him. But you never recognize Him when He is here. Whatever kind of knowledge you want, you have to go to a present master to get it. If you are ill, you have to seek the shelter of a living doctor. You cannot get anything from a dead doctor. Similarly, if you want Knowledge of Truth, Knowledge of Eternity, you have to come to the shelter of the present Perfect Master.

Mata Ji Rawat If you want to be saved from destruction, come to His shelter. You see, the whole world is very uneasy, and if there is destruction, where will you go? Everywhere you are surrounded by atom and hydrogen bombs. Where will you escape to? The safe place is in your heart.

In this human body, a man can be a professor. a man can be a scientist, and a man can be a devotee also. This is a body of action. And what is the meaning of devotee? One who sees the Divine Light of God, who knows the Holy Name of God, and who merges his mind completely in that Light and Name is called a devotee. The relationship between a devotee and the eternal Lord is something eternal. It is very subtle. Nobody can understand this relationship. Everything in this universe is temporary. transitory, perishable, but the relationship between the devotee and the Lord is eternal. The Lord gives eternal Knowledge and makes His devotee eternal also, so this is a question of saving the soul.

Many people from these countries go to India to try to find realization of their souls. There was one scientist who went to India, and when he returned he said, "I've been to India but I'm returning empty-handed. I could not gain the Knowledge of the soul." He did not search for that thing in the right way. He did not go to where that thing was. So if you want Knowledge. you have to go to the Perfect Master. If you knock on the wrong door, how can it be given to you?

Saints say that the whole universe is burning in fire. And if there had been no saints, by now the whole universe might have been burned. But the saints come and shower peace and happiness, they shower this supreme Knowledge, and when the burning heart receives this Knowledge, the man becomes peaceful and happy.

Saints say that there is electricity in water, but that water cannot give electricity directly. Someone must come and by some means harness that energy.

There is some butter in milk, but milk cannot give you butter by itself. Somebody extracts that butter by some method.

There is oil in the mustard seed, but the mustard seed cannot give oil to you directly. Some device is used to get that oil.

Similarly, in this body God is shining, but without the Perfect Master you cannot find that God. The Perfect Master comes and allows that God to he seen.

Once there was a saint whose name was Sukadev Rishi. He was in His mother's womb for twelve years. but finally all the devas prayed so much. "0 my Lord. please come out," that He was born into this world.

The moment He came out, He renounced the whole universe. But His father said, "Why are you renouncing the universe? No matter what you do, without the Perfect Master you can never find liberation. You must go to the shelter of King Janak, who is the Perfect Master of the time."

What was wrong with Sukadev Rishi's home? His own father was a very great saint. He had everything. But still He felt some need, and He went to the shelter of King Janak and received that Knowledge.

You have to live in this universe just like a lotus flower. The stem of the lotus flower sits in mud, but the flower floats on top of the water. Similarly, you must float on top of the troubles of this world. You have to become a fountain of purity in yourself. There should be no need of going outside; your own heart is full of everything you need. Come to the shelter of the Perfect Master, and He will teach you to flow in that fountain.

This is the time to know. This is the time to know. You have been sleeping, but now is the time to rise up. This Knowledge cannot be purchased by wealth or h pride or by mind or by intellect or by anything like that. This Knowledge is given to the man whose heart is full of love and submission. It is given to the man whose heart is crying and whose eyes are shedding tears of love.

When love springs from the heart, the worldly people cannot understand. The eternal love springs from the heart in the form of tears. The eyes shed tears in the love of the Lotus Feet of the Perfect Master, and then He imparts the Knowledge, because that Knowledge is the manifestation of love. So unless you have love for it, how can you get the Knowledge?

If a beggar thinks, "I should have more pride," he cannot be given anything. To he given anything, he must he humble. So if you want that Knowledge, you have to open your heart. Submit yourself to the Lotus Feet of the Perfect Master. This is your time. Receive this Knowledge. Blessings to you akk.