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Our bodies reflect our minds. In some instances the influence is obvious: our emotions are indicated immediately by our eyes and posture. Constant sorrow or happiness is revealed in the frown and smile wrinkles, etched into the face. But the hands bear the most complex record of inner experience. They record our past, mirror our present beliefs and thought patterns, and reveal our inclinations for the future.

The brain is a computer, and the subconscious mind is the programmer. The final printout is in the hand. The printout is in code, and one must be a sleuth to decipher it. There are no lights blinking messages like "warning, high blood pressure," "compassionate nature," or "potential artist." The code in your hand is as subtle as its programmer, but it is not beyond understanding. A detective who specializes in decoding the myriad of reflections in the hand can make a lucid message of it.

With the revival of interest in the "super" natural, people are investigating all of the occult fields. Some are surprised to discover that not only is palmistry fun, it is also a valuable tool for character analysis, diagnosis of disease, and even lending spiritual direction. Palmistry is rapidly losing its romantic "cross my palm with silver 'and I'll tell you that you are going to rneet a tall dark handsome man" irnage, and is returning to a state of respectability that it enjoyed in other times.

The ancient Caldeans had a complete discipline of palmistry. Aristotle wrote an extensive treatise on the subject. Buddha was supposedly recognized to be the Perfect One at birth, by the rnarks on his hands and feet. The ancient Romans interviewed all young wornen of marriageable age, and if their palms indicated difficulties in childbirth (an inevitably fatal circumstance) they were recruited for service in the temple as vestal virgins. At one time European governments even comrnissioned gypsies to spy on people and other governments with their knowledge of palmistry.

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The major lines of the palm.

The early Christians, however, were violently opposed to all forms of occultism. They were justified in many cases: some people involved in palmistry were only interested in profit. The reputation of palmistry has also suffered as the result of people with minimal knowledge attempting to impress people with inaccurairnpressings.

It was not until the turn of this century that palmistry began to regain its former status. Cheiro, an extraordinary clairvoyant, used astrology, numerology, graphology and palmistry to investigate his subjects. There are many people who use the palm as a focal point for their clairvoyance, just as some sensitives use tarot cards, a personal item, or simply the person himself to read vibrations. This does not necessarily mean that the information they give is invalid, but to call them "palmists" is a misnomer. The modern palmist can use a hand, a palm print or a photograph, but he relies on a literal decoding of the lines in the palm, the shape of the hands, and skin pattern to gain knowledge of his subject; he doesn't use intuition.

You can very easily build a logical case for palmistry from your own experience. The shape of the hand is one of the first things we notice about others. Imagine shaking a broad square hand with short thick fingers. What kind of person would that hand belong to: perhaps someone practical, logical, methodical, down to earth, not particularly imaginative or idealistic, but a solid citizen. Then consider shaking a thin graceful hand with delicate, long tapered fingers. What kind of person would have that type of hand? Perhaps it is an idealist or a dreamer with artistic tendencies. You would probably receive an enthusiastic handshake from someone with a knotted hand, irregular fingers and broad fingertips. This hand is common among very active, inventive, demonstrative people.

Actually there is a form of palmistry that nearly everyone accepts as authentic.


Palm readings by Lee Zola.

The police were skeptical when fingerprinting was first introduced in France, but now we take it for granted that a person can be positively identified for an entire lifetime by his fingerprints. Fingerprints are a permanent skin pattern unique to each individual. Criminals have attempted to remove them by acid or fire, only to have the exact same markings return when the injury heals.

Palmistry can help us to satisfy the old directive "Know Thyself' by helping us be aware of more than we "think" about ourselves. A young rnan I knew who was deeply involved in drugs received a palm reading as a birthday present, and after the palmist had given him a glimpse of his more natural self, he became interested in finishing school, began teaching a course in dance, and 4s now active in theatrical productions.

You can tell how closely you are adhering to the natural purpose of your life by a simple comparison of one hand to the other. The least used hand contains a road map of life, whereas the dominant hand (the right hand for most) depicts the detours we take, whether we turn the car around, where we drive off the road in places, and in general, how closely we follow or do not follow the original outline for our life. A dramatic difference in the patterns of the lines in the two hands indicates a drastic departure from our natural progress. An elemental type of hand (square, broad, low thumb) will have almost identical patterns on both hands; that type of person will often follow his urges closely. A highly intelligent person will also have very similar markings on both hands; he seems to intuit the path he is to follow. The types of hands which fall between these two extremes seem to be more prone to deviation from the plan, especially if the hand shows much will and stubbornness. The lines of the palm, however, are subject to constant, though not always obvious change, flowing with the stream of subconscious programming.

Many people are fascinated by the

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The person with this hand may have a cancerous condition during his y ears 18-35 (an island in the life line), seems to have an out-of-balance endocrine system (vertical lines along the finger tips), perhaps trouble with sexual organs (rising wrist bracelet). Note lateral bending to the fingers Indicating shrewdness with money (inner bend of Mercury), some insecurity (inner bend of Apollo), and a strong subconscious side to his life (outer bend of Saturn finger). Because he sees things quickly, many alternatives, he's apt to have a Hamlet complex - "To he or not to be, that is the question." - unable to decide. (second phalange of thumb longer than tip). Though he's a diplomat with strangers, able to redirect them (relative long Mercury linger), his los ed ones had better toe the mark for he's tactless and unafraid to hurt people's feelings (line dropping from heart line Into raised arc of Mars Indicating belligerency).

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Basically an earth hand (square palm, relatively short fingers), its owner derives strength from the earth and would be a good farmer. In conflict with his basically simple nature, he is idealistic, developing intellectually, apt to be disappointed and taken advantage of (unusually straight heart line for an earth hand). He is searching for a deeper meaning to life (strong primary Simian line) and is receiving spiritual protection (existence of a line of Mars). Somewhat shy (Iow-set Mercury finger), with a rather poor self-Image (low-set Jupiter finger), he prefers to operate behind the scenes. e is one to follow his enthusiasm wholeheartedly from one endeavor to another (non-opposition of thumb to fingers) but feels obligated to finish what he starts (squarish fingertips).


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This is the hand of a psychic - note the smooth sides of the antenna-like fingers. Clairvoyance (bulge of lower Luna) and access to the akashic records (multiple rings of Solomon) are indicated. This person has probably heard voices and music when no one else has. He has a propensity to depressive states (lines on mount of Saturn) and is highly emotional (girdles of Venus), again a worrier and tending to neuroses (displaced axle triradii, a papillary ridge pattern on Luna). His thoughts run unimpeded and quickly (lack of definition on joints instead of above the wrist). He is a leader, the first in command (whorl tip on Jupiter and Jupiter longer than Apollo) and will probably become famous (a star on the mount of Apollo). His friends are many (many lines into the mount of Venus.)

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Though a leader, this person is a marshmallow, easily taken advantage of (lots of sympathy lines high on the mount of Venus). He would be one to say, "Go on home, finish up." His mind force is somewhat restricted, introverted (thumb close in), though friendship is tremendously important to him (raised Mount of Venus). He's been hurt so many times he tends now to hold back love more than he did (idealistic heart line, lines dropping from it). Again this person is highly emotional (girdles of Venus) and has high blood pressure (long island at end of heart line). Though he has good mental energies (regular head line), he tends to rely on his emotion, intuition and imagination rather Than his mind. A Jack of all trades (lots of lines on Apollo), again abilities as a musician, and also good writing and acting abilities (writer's fork on head line, long tip phalange of Mercury). He's a human dynamo, always on the go, generating new ideas (spatulate tips).

element of prognostication in palmistry. Although there is a srnall indication of the future in the palm, a prediction of what will actually happen can only be an educated guess. The map may show that highway 5 goes directly to Los Angeles from San Francisco, and your car may be on highway 5 facing south. A prediction could be made that you will be in Los Angeles in five hours, but if you run out of gas you could be delayed; you might decide to turn eastward to visit Las Vegas for the weekend and continue to Los Angeles on Monday; or you may even decide to return to San Francisco, because you simply no longer find Los Angeles interesting. The future is never certain. An eighty-two-year-young wornan, considering the possibility of changing her lifelong occupation of saloon owner to hard rock miner, consulted a palrnist for advice about her plans to go into partnership with someone else. Her hand showed such high energy that the palrnist told her that she would probably live into the late nineties. She confidently entered into the partnership, and died a few months later.

The modern palmist can determine the probability of a physical shock to the body, and approximately when it may happen.. He can tell whether your heart is strong or weak, your circulation good or poor, if there is a possibility of a heart attack, and can tell the likelihood of difficulty in childbirth. But there are many elements in the hand that are ambiguous and ripe for research. Lee Zola, an electrical engineer professionally, has been deeply involved in palmistry for eight years, lecturing and teaching for the past four. One of his co-workers had an aspect in his hand that indicated a trauma to his physical body that would occur around the age of 47. During his 47th year he suffered two heart attacks. Lee was puzzled, because the man's palrn had indicated a strong perfect heart. The doctor's diagnosis confirmed the fact that the heart attacks were not the fault of the heart; they occurred as the result of an


obstruction which prevented the flow of oxygen to the heart. The lack of oxygen naturally caused injury to the heart which subsequently appeared as a break in the heart line of the palm.

Vertical lines in the tips of the fingers indicate an imbalance in the endocrine systems: the msost delicately balanced system of the body. This symptoms is especially common among womsen who use birth control pills. The condition requires months for nature to rectify. A woman who was warned that she had this symptom visited an endocrinologist and underwent treatment for two months. After that an improvement was noticeable in her hand. Indiscrimsinate use of alcohol, vitamins, or other drugs which stimulate or retard the production of any one hormone will disrupt the delicate chemical factory in the body. The thyroid doesn't analyze the reason you are taking the drug. It won't know, for instance, that you are taking birth control pills to control childbirth. It only receives the message that there is an abnormally high level of estrogen in your systems. The thyroid responds to the message by trying to restore the balance. Continued use of an element which is foreign to the system will exhaust the thyroid and may result in increased tension, affect sex desires, change the distribution of hair on the body and alter skin msoisture.

The final explanation of how and why these life codes occur and change in the hand has not yet been determined. It is known that the nerves in the hand are more densely grouped than in any other part of the body except for the brain. All the nerves in the hand go directly to the Fissure of Rolando, a lobe of the brain above the left ear. When that area of the brain is stimsulated chemically or electrically, there are observable changes in the hand. For instance, in the case of severe, prolonged shock treatment, the major lines on the hand will tend to disappear and will be replaced by a spidery network of lines. After shock treatment is terminated, the brain will begin to

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This is the hand of super Bohemian, an artist, a free spirit. He won't be tied down physically, mentally or spiritually (low-set thumb). When the finger tips are dropped such as these are, it indicates a concentration of nerve endings and hence great sensitivity. This quality plus his coordination (jutting base of thumb) make him potentially a musician. His success will come from use of his imagination (fate line arises from the mount of Luna). He has use of his subconscious powers though somewhat inconsistently (an Apollo line which squiggles). He is brash and impulsive (separation between head and life line) and a super worrier (long head line). The mental stress pressures the heart, which though physically strong (clearly etched heart line) probably is nervous and palpitates (could check the coloring of the thumbnail to find out). Though clever at business (clearly etched Mercury line), money runs through his fingers (great separation between fingers).

program a message onmsighterand again. If the shock treatments have been effective and have altered the subconscious thought pattern, the lines will be different than the lines which were originally on the hand. If the treatments were not successful, and the subconscious thought pattern remains the same, the same lines will return to the palm. The only time the printout stops is when the computer dies.

Early in the twentieth century, American palmist William Benham was so convinced of the validity of palmistry that he went to medical school to get a doctor's degree to add credentials to his testimony. But the only true clinical scientific investigation of palmistry so far was undertaken in Germany by Dr. Julius Spier, author of The Hands of Children (1944) and his disciple Dr. Charlotte Wolfe. They worked with retarded children predicting abnormalities so that the children might receive early attention. Many physicians inspect their patients' nails for signs of circulation problems that might affect the heart and lungs.

An in-depth study of the hand could contribute much to the understanding of human physiology. Acupuncture, once regarded as superstition, is now widely accepted as a useful means of diagnosis and effective treatment. Palmistry is similar in that it is a subtle science lying outside the realm of the currently accepted concepts of the human body, and it could possibly be a valuable tool for the analysis of health and the diagnosis of disease, mental and physical.

There is a palmist who has given up reading palms because she saw that the insight which the hand provides into the personality is of one's limitation. She could see the doubts and fears and the negativity that is expressed in the hand, but she also had an insight into how the aspects of personality work together to form one underlying desire. She pointed out that the significance of the hand lies in reaching and grasping for that which which is real.


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