The Perfect Master Plan

The Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru or Perfect MasterThis Discourse was given by Prem Rawat (Shri Guru Maharaj Ji) in Tokyo, Japan, on October 3, 1972.

Dear sisters and brothers,

What I am going to tell you about is not something extraordinary. The basic thing is the Knowledge. Many people might be confused by the word "Knowledge" because up to now it has had many different definitions, but the Knowledge I mean is the Knowledge of Truth, the Knowledge that is within us, the Knowledge that all the Perfect Masters of their times have been revealing whenever they came to this planet Earth.

The greatest problem all around the world today, whether in America, Japan. China. Russia, India, or anywhere else in the world, is that people are not in peace. People want peace. Today, if two people fight, the government is supposed to settle them down. But when governments fight, who is going to settle then down? The only one who can settle the governments down is the Perfect Master, the incarnation of God Himself, who comes to Earth to save humankind.

We have so many desires, and ultimately they grow so much that we start to desire a million things in this lifetime! And there is a very good story about this. Once there was a very rich man who had a big house, and every day a poor man would come to a corner of the house and sing and dance and drink. He was very happy. So one day the rich man came out and saw this happy man, this poor man, and the rich man got very confused. He said, "I've got more money


than he has! Why should he be happier than me? I don't sing, I don't dance, but he dances and sings." So he asked his secretary. "What's the reason?"

And the secretary said, "Sir, give me ninety-nine dollars." So the rich man gave him the ninety-nine dollars and the secretary put them in the poor man's house.

Now, when the poor man went home he saw this bag. At first he was a bit nervous, but he went and looked at the bag, and there he found ninety-nine dollars! And he said, "Wow, what good luck! I have ninety-nine dollars. But if 1 had just one dollar more, it'd make a hundred. So I must save up one dollar more."

He had earned one dollar that day to spend on drinking and being very happy, but he decided to save it. And when his friends came, he said, "No more singing today! Nothing! I am going to put this one dollar with my ninety-nine dollars."

From that day on the singing stopped, everything stopped; that one dollar made the ninety-nine dollars into a hundred. But the desire of this man went on and on and on. "A hundred and one dollars. A hundred and two dollars. That's nothing! Two hundred dollars. Three hundred dollars. A thousand dollars. A million dollars." And so on.

And then one day the secretary came and took away all the money. The next day the man started playing again! So our problem today is this mind which is creating so many desires that we ourselves cannot satisfy them.

If there is no way to stop them, then our desires become very dangerous. First of all, maybe a man has ambitions to own certain things. But when he comes to the level of a Prime Minister or a president, then he wants to own land. He wants big, big lands, or big countries. And to fulfill this desire, how many people have to be killed? How many people have to be murdered, simply because of this desire?

There is a way that the saints who have been coming to this world have always explained to human beings, and that is to have brakes on their desires. What are the brakes? This Knowledge. Because we do not realize that this whole world is false. What is false? What is untrue? Something that comes and goes away is called untrue. So this world is really an illusion, because one moment we see it, and the next moment everything is gone. Even this body, which we think is so beautiful, goes away.

So now we have to find out why we have come into this world. We have to find the aim, the destination, the truth. The word "Truth" is very simple, but it isn't as simple as it sounds, because this Truth is the only thing that can give us peace or satisfaction today.

Now, I think most of you understand that Truth is the only way. This is not a new thing - you might have read it in scriptures. But the problem is, how to get the Truth? You cannot find it in the stores. There are no shops for Truth, so how are you going to find it? You need a man, you need someone who can give you the Truth, who can preach to you the Truth. When you want to learn math, you need a math master. When you want to learn physics, you need a physics master. And when you want to learn perfection, you need a Perfect Master. When you approach this Master, He reveals you the secret, the Truth, that is within us.

Today our lives have become like a roller coaster. They go up and drop down, go up and drop down. In Disneyland there is a very big roller coaster that goes all the way around, up and down, and then comes back to the point where it started from, completely useless. And this is how our lives are becoming today. We go here, we go there, this happens and that happens, and finally we come to the conclusion that we have not understood anything.

As a matter of fact, to some saints this whole world looks crazy! Why? Because some people are mad after money, some people are mad after their children, some people are mad after their wives, and some people are even mad after God. Everyone seems to be mad, but who is a good madman? There are bad people, some worse people, and some worst people, but there are also some good worst people! If everyone is mad, who is the best madman? He is the man who is mad after realizing God. He is both good and mad.

So we have to be mad like that. Madness itself is no problem, because everybody is mad after something. See, if you are familiar with American life, you know they get up in the morning, maybe at 7:00, wash up, or maybe don't even wash, they go into the kitchen, take some bread, take some butter, take some cheese, eat it, get dressed up, put on their ties, get in their cars, and go to their offices. They rush, and if they want to have some more breakfast, they take their sandwiches and eat them in the car. And they sometimes read their newspapers while driving too!

Then they get to their offices, do their jobs, and then comes lunchtime. They run to the restaurants, eat whatever they can, and then rush back into their offices and do their work. Then when they are finished, they get back in their cars and have rush hour; it sometimes even takes them five hours to get home! Then they get home, switch on their televisions, take off their ties, lie down and watch television, drinking some whiskey or scotch at the same time. And then they go to bed.

Now this has become the cycle, but what is the real pleasure in this? When the weekend comes, maybe they take everything, pack it all into their vans, go away for the weekend, and then come back. What is the pleasure? Where has man's reality gone?

That's why I'm here, to explain to you this Knowledge, to tell you about this Knowledge. And if you want to realize it, you'll realize it, because these chances don't always come. Time and tide wait for none. The day that has gone will never come again. The second hand and the hour hand can come back to the same place, but the real time will not come back. What has gone has gone. So do not let things pass away from your hand without making the proper utilization of them.

We are losing time in such a hurry! When someone becomes one year old, we get very happy. But if he is supposed to live ninety-nine years, now he is going to live only ninety-eight years more. And when he gets ninety-nine years old, we make an anniversary, we feel much happier, we make a big party. We invite many people, because he is not going to live one more month! We feel very happy about it.

So man has gotten to a point where he just wants to lose and lose and lose and lose. And these Masters always come into the world to give and give and give and give. So if a man is losing, he can get what he needs from the Master. And if you can't find the Master I can show you God because I have realized Him!

See, if I know my ABCD's, I can go around the world teaching ABCD, and still not lose my own knowledge of ABCD. So I have received this Knowledge, I know this Knowledge, and I can teach every one of you this Knowledge and still not lose it myself.

So understand this Truth, because these times don't appear again and again in life. If you are really trying to find it, it is right here inside of you. And it's very easy to find, because if you just try and approach the appropriate method, you'll be able to find it very quickly. Thank you very much.