Prem Rawat as Alfred HitchcockThe Ultimate Battle

So long as there is no spiritual revolution, there will be no peace in the world. We have to revolutionize the whole thing and then we will get peace. So we have to start a spiritual revolution, and this is a different kind of revolution to all the other kinds. In this revolution the body will not be hurt, but the evil propensities of mind will be killed. By giving Knowledge we will kill this ignorance and give people a new life.
Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji

This is an article about war. It is also an article about peace. Wars are vast things fought with squadrons of planes, fleets of ships, and armies of men. Why do we fight with one another? It has been noted that out of all the animals of the earth, the two species that are most successful - the species that have adapted themselves to every environment on earth - namely ants and human beings, are the only species that wage war among themselves in a recurrent fashion. Armies and species, they are vast things - impersonal things. But in the mind of every man, a war is being fought. Each man is trying to calm his unsteady mind. The mind creates duality from the universe. Saint Kabir said, "Behold but One in all things; it is the second that leads you astray."

Guru Maharaj Ji commissioned this article to show people the nature of the war-making consciousness, not to terrify them, but so that they might understand the way to peace. In the following pages you will find a brief history of two wars going on at this time. After the history is an interview with two veterans of one of the wars. The most important section of the article, however, is the first section - a message of peace from Guru Maharaj Ji.