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"How can I describe the Perfect Master? How can one as ignorant as I possibly understand Him who is beyond all illusion? How can my dull wits explain that which is beyond understanding? About which even the scriptures can only say 'It's not this, it's not that'. This is beyond my comprehension. Therefore I bow before it from afar."
-- Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Ji Hans Yog Prakesh

Beyond All Miracles  2

Beyond All Miracles

- Milwaukee Wisconsin, October 10, 1979 -- Evening

The Only Oasis 16

The Only Oasis

- Hans Jayanti 1979, Friday, November 9, 1979 -- Afternoon

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"To me the most ultimate experience in my life became Guru Maharaj Ji not even Knowledge and when it became Guru Maharaj Ji it was so beautiful because I could attach myself to that experience, because Guru Maharaj Ji was in this world, Guru Maharaj Ji was there, and I remember every experience of standing in front of Him and experiencing a stage of Mindlessness, where even you can call upon the mind as loud as you want but it is not there. A stage of where future does not matter, past does'nt matter and you're definitely not in the present. I think that stage is called ecstasy an incredible bliss
- Guru Maharaj Ji, Hans Jayanti Festival, Orlando, 6th Nov. 1979 (Tuesday - Day)

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Above is spread the blue canopy, A lovely velvet is the earth, The sun holds court by day, The stars, an assembly by night. When the wild clouds appear They spread ecstasy around; The spring plays the drum; The wind chants the rain song. The birds sing in chorus, They deliver the message of Love; The flowers, fruits, leaves and grasses Manifest their incomeparable forms. Youth and wealth come and go; The world is a tale the of the Lord the Great; The pageant is passing; God, the Truth is eternal, Everlasting.
- Swami Rama Tirtha, 19th Century