Prayer of Shri Hans Rawat to Shri Swarupanandprayer

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Ji
to His Perfect Master Sarupanand Ji Maharaj

O my Guru Maharaj Ji, You are the most powerful Lord. Please hold my hand firmly in Yours, and lead me to the end of the path. Please don't let go of me in midstream.

O Lord, please don't forget me. I am drowning in this ocean of materialism. If You do not hold onto me, I will be swept away. The heart I have is like an ocean. It is very difficult for me to understand it, as there are countless waves on this ocean. How can I expect to reach the further shore in safety unless my Compassionate Master helps me?

I have made countless mistakes, and have still have not grown tired of making them. Please Lord, either forgive Your servant or let death take me. I have been a wrongdoer ever since my birth, and I am full of vices from tip to toe. You are the only merciful One who can remove my pain, so please look after me.

My mind is not steeped in the nectar of love. I do not behave in the proper way, and I still have not understood why I am living in the shelter of my Satguru

I am ashamed of myself. How can I pray to You? How can I please You when I know I am making mistakes before You? How can I be Your blessed one? Please Lord, grant me the gift of devotion.

O my Guru Maharaj Ji, Lord of all Lords, I ask nothing more than to serve You day and night. If only I might see my living Master, I would tell Him all my sufferings, weeping, and rest my head on His Holy Feet. I would tell Him everything.

By the Grace of Your devotion, this body of dust has become filled with bliss. I bow before my Guru who reveals the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Lord permeating the whole universe. You are hidden within the cave of the heart, and You expand to fill the universe. You reveal Yourself to be consciousness itself. I bow before You.

You are the Lord of all, the Blessed, the Rescuer of Your devotees. I bow before You. You are beyond time, unique, incomparable. You are the One that all prayers turn to. You can be seen yet remain quite invisible. You are all power and glory. You are the noble Buddha. My Satgurudev, salutations!


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