Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979 That Inner World

Hans Jayanti '78
Monday, November 6th, 1978 --
Evening Program

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Dear premies, so far it's been really incredible. And so far in our lives, we've been very lucky. Very, very lucky. After all, here we are, through everything. And as far as fortune is concerned, as far as luck is concerned, I don't think there can be anybody more lucky than the premies, because not only to have a body, not only to be in this world; but to also know Knowledge, to also have Guru Maharaj Ji. And I mean, as far as luck is concerned, nobody can be as lucky as us.

Because the wealth of this world is no consideration. You wouldn't even think that way. There is no consideration for the pleasures of this world. You wouldn't even think that way. And we are so lucky and what we have is so precious and so incredible, that I don't know, but I wouldn't want to trade it for anything in this world: that Knowledge and that Love and that opportunity to be able to do satsang, service, and meditation.

I know that whenever satsang happens and initiators get up, it's like, "Pow! Pow! Pow! Satsang! Service! Meditation! The only thing that is missing is these great big speakers putting out bass to get you all going, to get your blood boiling: "Satsang, service and meditation."

I say that, too. I also say, "We have to do satsang, service, and meditation." But to me, it's not anything that we "have" to do. It's not the matter of "have to." It's not the matter of something that has to be pounded in our heads. But, how fortunate we are. How lucky we are. (I mean, the word is not "lucky," and the word is not even "fortunate.") How blessed we are to be able to have, in this lifetime, a little opportunity to do satsang, service and meditation. And when we realize that, that it's us, it's an opportunity for us, it's an opening for us…

There's a lot of premies all over this world. Some couldn't make it to this festival. And some of you did. All the premies who are sitting here and all the premies who are sitting wherever they are, could have been somebody else. Might not have been you. (pointing to premies). Could have been somebody else. And look. just try to imagine what you would have missed. I mean, there is no description.

And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, we have been "aboarded." Somehow, here we are anyway, being able to experience that Grace, being able to experience that Knowledge, being able to have the privilege of doing satsang, service, and meditation; having Guru Maharaj Ji, praying to Guru Maharaj Ji, listening to Guru Maharaj Ji, and dedicating our lives to Guru Maharaj Ji.

And this is completely incredible. Nobody can comprehend this. Nobody can understand this. Nobody can ever in their faintest dreams imagine this. And yet, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, we have it. And that's how powerful, that's how strong, that's how magnificent, that's how incred-

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979

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ible the Grace is that we are being showered with.

And it is completely up to us if we take it. It's like that saying that you can always drag a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it. And you can come to these satsangs, and you can go to any satsang, listen to the satsang, and be told to do satsang, service and meditation, be told to open up, be told to surrender, and yet nobody can make you surrender. Nobody can make you do satsang, service, and meditation.

Just a while ago, before one of the initiators was giving satsang. And in the satsang she mentioned, "Doesn't Guru Maharaj Ji have this incredible power to just kick my mind out, to get rid of this mind that's stuck on me all over the place?" And the TV, the monitor was on in the room. And I just turned and I started looking at it. And I don't know what she said afterwards. I started to get ready to come here. I figured I better!

Because, look! Guru Maharaj Ji has done all that. Guru Maharaj Ji has taken her mind away. Guru Maharaj Ji -- I mean, nothing special about her, nothing particular about her. I'm addressing to all of you -- Guru Maharaj Ji has done all that by giving us Knowledge.

Look, the theory is that two things cannot exist at one place at the same time, be at the same place at the same time. And when Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed Knowledge to us, he has automatically dispelled our darkness. But the thing is, Guru Maharaj Ji has also said a lot of things. Guru Maharaj Ji is a doctor. And we say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, my heart hurts. Please cure it."

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Well, there is no other cure if your heart hurts, except to let me replace it. Let me give you your own heart. Let me give you that pure heart that you really need in this lifetime." And Guru Maharaj Ji does that. The day you accept Guru Maharaj Ji, the day you accept Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, the day you accept Guru Maharaj Ji's present, the day you accept Guru Maharaj Ji's offering, all that happens.

I bet you didn't know that, did you?

But the doctor says, "Okay, here is your new heart. And it'll work. But constantly keep coming to me, and let me check you."

We become so overconfident, because the heart is ticking away fine -- real good -- that we stop going to the doctor. And because it's Guru Maharaj Ji's gift, it constantly needs Guru Maharaj Ji's touch. Because it's Guru Maharaj Ji's. It's like a pet bird that Guru Maharaj Ji has given to you, that Guru Maharaj Ji has opened inside of you. And this pet, this thing, constantly needs Guru Maharaj Ji to come and just touch it, to hold it, to look at it, and then it's okay. Then it all works.

So Guru Maharaj Ji has taken the mind away. But we have become so overconfident: "Oh yeah, man. We've got some kind of a ticket. Oh yeah, man. We've got this life." We start taking so many things for granted after that, that we start closing ourselves up. And the thing is, so soon as that Knowledge's area becomes very limited, as soon as the perimeter of Knowledge becomes small, mind starts to come in.

What was your experience when you received Knowledge? I mean, that incredible, incredible experience when you first received Knowledge? Mind? It took off so fast that you didn't know which direction it went. Grace? It was all over. Beauty? It was dripping out of everything. Guru Maharaj Ji did that. As soon as you accepted Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji did that.

But because of your shortness, because of your closeness, because of your stupidness, that yard that you made, which Guru Maharaj Ji said should not have a fence … Guru Maharaj Ji said that this Knowledge should not be limited in your life. Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Don't make Knowledge a part of your life. Make your life a part of Knowledge."

We keep making this fence smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller.

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And every place we fence this Knowledge off from, darkness starts to come and eat it and eat it. Eat us! And this is what we have to understand: that Knowledge is there. Guru Maharaj Ji is there. Satsang is there. Service is there. It's us that's missing.

Constantly, the experience of Knowledge is there. If ever Knowledge, the experience of Knowledge, would dissipate for even a second, this whole world would collapse. If Knowledge would leave you for even a second, you would die! Nobody's going to come up and hold a gun at your head and say, "You're dead, kid." But you would just leave this body! Simply because without that power, without that energy, how can you survive?

Satsang is always there, because satsang is that Grace, satsang is that experience of this Knowledge. As long as there is going to be this Knowledge, there is going to be satsang. And service is there, because as long as you are there, as long as satsang is there, as long as Knowledge is there, there's always going to be service.

But sometimes, if we look at this picture … And this is about as simple of a problem, this is about as simple of a joke, as this: There were four stupid people. They were walking. They were walking through these mountain terrains. They crossed a really hairy bridge. Didn't have any sides to it, just had a little swinging- type thing. And they walked across it.

They went to the other side and said, "Let's stop here and count and make sure we all four are here."

So one guy goes, "One, two, three!" And he said, "But didn't we start with four? There's only three. We must have missed somebody back there."

So the other guy goes, "No, you're dumb. You don't know how to count." He goes, "One, two, three! There are only three. Where'd the fourth one go?" And all four take turns counting, but they only come up with three.

"Oh yeah, Knowledge isn't working for me." "Grace isn't working for me." We say all these things. "This isn't working for me." "That isn't working for me." But, premies, what about us? We always forget to count us, don't we? What about us? And this is what we have to realize.

Guru Maharaj Ji -- we need Guru Maharaj Ji. We need Guru Maharaj Ji so much. As much as you need a pilot in the airplane. There can be this airplane that's flying, but if there is no pilot? The airplane will keep flying. That's no problem. But who's going to land it? Who's going to take off? Who's going to constantly keep those corrections happening in the airplane? Who's going to take it to where it really is supposed to go? Guru Maharaj Ji. And without that, without that understanding, without that Love, without that Knowledge, without that Guru Maharaj Ji, we are lost.

We were lost. And withit, we found ourselves. And without it, we are going to he lost again. And so, premies, in our minds, in our craziness, we forget that. We forget the importance of Guru Maharaj Ji. We forget how important this Knowledge is to us. Because it's simple. How many of us sitting here feel about the Knowledge the same way as the first day when we received it? Not very many.

And so, premies, without that understanding, without that comprehension, where are we going to go? We have to have some sense, we have to have some kind of an idea of what is happening in our lives. And Guru Maharaj Ji can give us that idea. Knowledge can give us that track. And it can all happen.

That ultimate dream of everybody can come true, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. But we have to be there! And that's how simple it is. Yeah, I know it sounds very difficult to believe that: "How can it be so simple?" But that's how simple it is.

And this is not a situation of today. I mean, after John received that Grace, after he received that thing that made him realize something in his life, did he just leave Jesus? That was it? Was it just a

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979 touch-and-go? Was it just a thing where, "Oh yeah! Can I have it?" And then Perfect Master puts it in your hand and that's the end of it?

After Krishna explained that Knowledge, revealed that Knowledge, to Arjun, said, "Caio!"? Thank you, Lord, for giving me that Knowledge. Now I have to catch a train; go back. I'm not going to fight."? No! That need, that necessity, even became stronger. That connection even made it harder to separate, to distinguish.

And for us it has been made so simple. For the people of this century, it has been made o simple. I mean, to me, it is as simple as it could have ever gotten. But for us, it's even been made simpler, because of our craziness, because of our stupidity, because of our mind, because of our misunderstanding, because of our ego. Because there is so much darkness that prevails in this world.

And to me, that darkness has always prevailed. It was no less or more when Ram was there! Because mind is mind. The mind has no degrees of intensity. Mind is mind. Mind comes; it comes all the way. And Guru Maharaj Ji keeps constantly saying, "Understand. Believe. Have that faith." Why?

And I mean, it's such a simple thing. The captain of this boat comes out with a hailer, and constantly keeps saying, "Now, please, ENJOY YOURSELF." You know? And here we are, walking with barf bags everywhere in the boat.

And to me, it's like one time when I was in Italy. I went from Napoli to Capri. And the weather was unusually rough. And so I just came to this hydrofoil, And just went down, and there were all these seats, And the hydrofoil started going. And there were all these young kids on board. I guess they were tourists. Sounded like Americans. And then there were other people from here and there who, I guess, were going to Capri to take a vacation.

And the whole front was full. I guess everything was full. And the whole idea behind the hydrofoil is that once it gets going really fast, the whole hull lifts out of the water, and then the whole boat is then on these two "pontoon-like" things, which decreases the drag.

But because of the waves, one wave would come, lift it up and the other side would be like this (tilted). And it was going all over the place. It was like two boats tied together going really fast. All of a sudden it would get into a wave and the whole thing would slash way back. And it went in about every direction your stomach could go: up, down; left, right; north, south. Everything was happening.

And I guess down there it was really stuffy, because all they had was little benches. (I still remember this. It's a really gross experience.) And slowly all these people started going upstairs, just to get some fresh air. Because it got really stuffy down there. Soon there were only two people sitting in that area. And one was me, and another premie. And I was just sitting there. My stomach was rolling every-

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979 where. I didn't feel sick.

And then, after a little while, if you can imagine a wet cannonball … Right next to where I was sitting, there was staircase that went up. And right next to the staircase were the bathrooms. And this first guy comes down and he got to the first step and he lost it. I wasn't looking, but there was this thing that happened. And it was all over the stairs. It was all over the bathroom doors. And it smelled really bad.

There were only two bathrooms, so that people would come down, you know, and take those two bathrooms. The bathrooms were locked. These guys would come from upstairs, try to get into the bathroom … The whole bottom was completely stinking, and just completely was terrible! And they couldn't get into the bathroom, so they lost it right there! And it was this big mess! It was incredible! It really was. I mean you could have put it on "Candid Camera." It would have been incredible. Because it was the real thing!

And all sorts of people were losing it. Everybody was just losing. And so finally, there were these two, I guess, people whose job was to make sure that the ship was always clean. And they came down. And they were pretty fed up with the whole thing. They'd try to mop one up, the other guy would come down. They get him clean; the other guy would come down.

And so these two guys decided that they were going to go around and give everybody a barf bag, so that they wouldn't have to keep cleaning it. Because everything was a mess. So the premie who was sitting right next to me was feeling all this. But he was trying to hold it all down. And here comes the guy downstairs with a barf bag. In one hand he had all these barf bags that were full of stuff, in the other had he had the empty one. And he said, "Here!"

And the premie just looked at him, like, "Get out of here! I don't want to see these things!" Because that was going to just do it to him. And that's how mind is.

These people had gotten on this ship, and believe me, it was all for the purpose of a joy ride. Who wants to go from Napoli to Capri to get sick? It was all for a purpose of, "Yay! Capri! I'm going to go to Capri! The famous Capri."

And here they were. I bet at that time those people who were throwing up had no other desire except that they would strike land.

Even if it meant that the whole boat crashed on land, that would have been okay, as long as they hit something that was stiff! These guys had had it! Probably because they were tourists and stuff, waiting for the ferry in Napoli. They probably went and got some lunch, had some tea, or whatever. And there it was, all in the holding tanks of the hydrofoil.

And they had no option. And once you get sick, you get sick. And they didn't. know if they wanted to be down there -- because it was completely smelling down there -- or if they wanted to go back up and just watch all these people come down.

And that's the way mind is, because

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979 once you get on that trip of mind, there is no return. That's it. Because you're already on your way! What are you going to do! Jump off? I mean, I guess those people could have done that. But they knew that if they did that, that would be the most stupid thing they could have done. What would their chances be of getting back?

And Guru Maharaj Ji, this Captain, always keeps saying, "Don't … get … sick!" Because you get sick, and somebody sees you getting sick, then the other guy's going to get sick.

And this happens! Once a mind-trip starts, before this virus of mind stops, it gets a few people. And this is what we have to understand. Okay, here is an example, and everybody was laughing about it. Well, of course you're laughing about it. I was laughing about it when the whole thing was happening, because I wasn't feeling a bit sick! And all these guys were feeling really sick. But to me, it was really funny! But would you laugh if you were in the situation? Would you laugh standing on top of the stairs, puking down? Certainly not! You'd be sick to your stomach! And I mean, once you get sick, it's a pretty horrible feeling, I guess.

And so what I'm trying to say is that I'm trying to avoid that mind from manifesting like that. What I'm trying to say is constantly keep that fence out of you. Don't make a fence. Let this Knowledge be manifest everywhere, in every moment of your life, in every part of your life. Because it can happen.

You can be in this Knowledge. You can be in this service. You can be in that meditation. Just be in that Holy Word. And even more important, just be in that remembrance of Guru Maharaj Ji. Just be in the Holy Name of Guru Maharaj Ji. Because that will save you. That will save everything. That has saved everything. That will save everything.

And I've seen the other part. Maybe some of you haven't. I've seen what happens when people jump off the building. And I guess those people who really do jump off the building have the most valuable experience, because they jumped off a building. And they know what it feels like to jump off a building. Most of us don't know what it feels like to jump off a building. But really, is it worth it?

There was this stuntman. And this stuntman was doing this one stunt. He jumped down from a really, really tall building. When he hit the airbag, the airbag gave. And he died. Now he knows what it is to feel like diving from that high without an airbag. Maybe a lot of stuntmen would like to know that. But they can't find out.

I've seen it in my life. But Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, as far as my Knowledge experience is concerned, it's been beautiful. It's been really incredible. I mean, yes, I had my teeter-totters before I received Knowledge. I had my ups and downs. I had my crazy thoughts. I had my crazy ideas. Every time a religious movie would show, I'd go see it. And in this movie they would have Ram And from there on I would

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think, "This is what the Creator looks like." And then Krishna's movie would come, and they would show Krishna, all blue. And from there on it was, "This is what Krishna looks like. This is what the Lord looks like. This is what the Creator looks like."

I had doubts about Knowledge. Serious doubts. But I had that faith. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, Guru Maharaj Ji gave me his Grace to be able to generate Grace, for me to be able to not have that mind kick on me so hard and so strong, and to be able to have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji all the time, to be able to experience devotion of Guru Maharaj Ji all the time.

Because the thing is that devotion is a tie. Devotion is a connection between a Lord and the devotee. The only way you can ever know the green light, the "annunciator panel" of devotion -- are you a devotee or not? -- is your devotion. As long as there is going to be devotion between you and your Lord, then there is no problem. You are a devotee, and he is your Lord. He is your saviour. But as soon as that devotion goes out, automatically you get disqualified as a devotee because you don't have any devotion. You don't have that tie. You don't have that thread.

And in our lives, how many moments do we feel that devotion towards Guru Maharaj Ji?

I was in Malaga and Marolyn sang that song for the first time. And I liked it because, "Maharaj Ji, please! Please teach us devotion." It's so important! It's more important than the person who wrote it thinks it is important.

To me, it has always been, "Without that devotion, Lord, you can't be my Lord because I can't be your devotee! And that devotion brings us two together, manifests us in the way that I like it the most, the way I love it the most, the way I'm supposed to be, the way it's all meant to be! And this is my green light, my only indication that, yes, I am here, and you are keeping me here to have that devotion."

And devotion doesn't come until you have faith. Because I mean, okay, what are the definitions? What does the "Oxford Dictionary" say? Or what does the dictionary of American language say about faith: Trust? Belief? To Confide? Faithful? And how much do we really confide? And what do we have to confide in Guru Maharaj Ji?

Not, "O Guru Maharaj Ji, here is my pocket. I confide my pocket to you." "O Guru Maharaj Ji, here is my pocket. I'm giving it to you. I trust you. Here is my indication." "O Guru Maharaj Ji, here is my tie." "O Guru Maharaj Ji, here is my letter. Please keep it for me." We're not talking about small things here: a pocket or a tie or anything else in this world. We're talking about life! We're talking about that true life that Guru Maharaj Ji gives us to have that faith in him, to confide in him. Ourselves. Only then is it possible.

Faith on that boat is to listen to the Captain and to do as the Captain says, not what you think the Captain should say or has said. Not your concepts mingled in, in between. Don't try to make a porridge out of the whole thing. And some people do that. Some people try to make a porridge out of the whole thing. They take milk and they take everything -- bananas and raisins and milk and flour -- and stick everything in there. Don't do that.

In Colorado, when I first came to Boulder, there was this residence. I think some of the premies are here who will remember this scene. There was a kitchen there and in this kitchen every morning, they would put a great big pot of water. And all day long, the premies would arrive and somebody would bring bananas, so they'd cut the bananas and throw it in this pot. Somebody would bring eggplant, so they'd cut the eggplant and throw it in the pot! Somebody would bring apples, so they'd throw it in the pot. Whatever anybody would bring, they'd throw it in the pot.

And there was one premie who'd be

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constantly sitting there with this great big stick to stir it once in a while. And by the time it would come for lunch, this thing would be just all mish-moshed: apple, banana, grape … You name it, and it had it in it. And then they would just take it, scoop it out, and put it on premie's plates!

And I always thought that that's the way people ate in America, till I realized, "No, that's not the way people eat in America." That's how the premies at that time used to eat in America.

So don't do that! Don't try to make a dish by whatever your concept is, you throw it into this big pot and it just boils and boils and boils and boils. And it wasn't as though there was a limit to how long it was going to boil. As soon as I would take the lunch break, it would be served. And then there would be the old bananas that came in the morning. Then there would be the ones that just came twenty minutes before. And they'd be all in there.

And we can't do that It's okay with food. Because all that will do is make you sick. As soon as it leaves your system, you'll be okay. But when you get to that spot on your life when you start to make a mish-mosh out of this life (which is really Guru Maharaj Ji's life) and try to take all these concepts and stick them in there, then who gets hurt? You get hurt.

But by the Grace, it's just so simple to understand and so simple to keep it straight. It is as easy to keep straight as it is to get spaced out. Believe me, that's true!

Because when have we dictated our own lives? Really the real "us"? It's always been mind. "Oh yeah, you should do this. Oh yeah, you should do that." And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I feel that for me there was this whole trip but it was very simplified. And the faith, that true trust, is what kept it simple from there on.

Because I know that at any given point, at any given time, it could have become strong. It could have become hard. It could have just become this thing, this monster. But the tools that Guru Maharaj Ji gave …

It reminds me of the story about Eknath, who was this little boy. He wanted to go to Guru Maharaj Ji's ashram, to see Guru Maharaj Ji, to receive Guru -Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. That's all he wanted to do.

He didn't have parents. All he had were his grandmother and grandfather, who were very old. And he used to take care of them. And the way this whole story is described, it's really incredible. Because this whole intense tug-of-war happened in this little boy, this huge tug-of-war took place.

And one night this desire, this anxiety, this feeling to be with Guru Maharaj Ji, to receive Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge, to serve Guru Maharaj Ji, became very, very strong in him. And he didn't want anything else in his life except to be with Guru Maharaj Ji, to be at Guru Maharaj Ji's feet.

And so he got out of the house. And it was night. He looked up; the stars were out. It was clear. But it was spooky. And all these things were singing, and doing their thing. All the bugs and things would fly here. And he would get scared. If something would move there, he'd get really scared. If something would move there, he'd get really scared. And then he turned around and he looked back at his house and it was like, "No! What about my grandparents? They love me so much. I have to take care of them." And it's a scene.

And it was this whole tug-of-war happening which happens with us all of the time. Maybe it's not our grandparents or our parents or anything like that. I'm not saying that the tug-of-war should happen between parents, or should happen between our grandmother or grandfather. But I'm talking about mind. I'm talking about that strong thing.

And here is this little kid. And every element of that night became real for him. If he had ever heard the stories of ghosts, then they were real for him. If he had ever seen or heard about a dangerous animal, well, that was real for him. You name it

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979 and it all became real! It was dark. He was confused. He was frightened. He was desperate!

He would look back to the house and it would be, "No! No! You can't leave. This is your house! You have played here. You grew up here. And you have to take care of those folks. You have to take care of those old people." Then he would look the other way to his path. "O my Guru Maharaj Ji, here I come!" It was nothing that was rationalizing that he should go there. It was a natural thing. "Wow! All I want in my whole life, all I've always wanted in my life, all that I have ever desired in my life is waiting for me. Waiting for me."

Then he would turn around and it was this whole scene. Finally, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace (snaps his fingers), one more ace was on his side of things. And he walked away.

It was spooky for him. His mind started coming in. "Go back! Go back! Go back! Go back! And that was him, the artificial "him". That was what everything had made him, saying, "Go back! Go back! Go back!" And what was actually "him" was saying, "Keep on going. Keep on going. Keep on going. Keep on going."

He walked further and he saw a horse. And there is this person on it with all white clothes. This person came up to him and said, "Where are you going, Eknath?" And Eknath just jumped! "How does he know my name? Who is he? What's he doing?" And he said, "Well, I want to go to my Guru Maharaj Ji! I want to go be with my Guru Maharaj Ji!"

He said, "What are you doing in this dark spooky night?" He answered, "I don't know, but I just want to go to my Guru Maharaj Ji." And Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Okay. Hop on. I'm going the same way."

And he didn't realize all this till the next morning. Then he saw whose horse it was. When he saw those white clothes, that person was his Guru Maharaj Ji. But that Grace was there. And who invited that Grace in? Grace was knocking at his door. And Eknath, this little boy, opened up the door to that Grace. And it was simple. That reality really became real for him.

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The ideas that he has become real for him.

And okay, this is a story. But you know our lives, too, can turn into a story if we don't watch it. It can become one of those sagas, those lives after lives after lives that have just had no purpose, came and went away. No understanding. And that's what we have to stop, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. Because Guru Maharaj Ji can, in fact, give us that purpose that'll do it. Guru Maharaj Ji can show us the purpose of our lives. Guru Maharaj Ji can stop us from puking overboard, or from jumping overboard. But we have to listen to Guru Maharaj Ji. We have to listen to what Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, not to our concept. To Guru Maharaj Ji, that's what we have to listen to. That's what we have to understand.

And until we do, we're going to feel like, "Oh my God, what did I ever do? Why am I on this boat? This is all rocky." While in fact, it's all smooth. Mind goes, "See? I told you. See? I told you. Now, why don't you listen to me and jump?"

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Listen, It is this mind that is pulling you into this trick, that is pulling you into this thing of making you sick. Because look. Really, really look. It's as smooth as it's ever been." And when you for one second, even for one moment, you listen to Guru Maharaj Ji from your heart and you open those eyes up, and you look, it's like somebody did a miracle. Your stomach settles down. And for that moment you feel that Grace. For that moment you feel that beauty. For that moment you feel that incredibleness. Like, "Wow! It's really true! What am I so worked-up over? What am I so confused over? It is really true. Look!"

Then Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Well, keep on your toes." Then you say, "Oh Wow, look. Outside's really smooth, so I'm going to sit down and I'm going to relax." You close your eyes and here comes mind again. Mind goes, "He's just kidding. He's just kidding. It's really rough. It's really rough. Bail out!" Jump out!" And here you are, rushing full-force ahead. And the mind's going, "The ship has crashed. The ship has crashed. Bail out." It starts saying all these things. And you're rushing full speed ahead to jump off the deck. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Wait!! Where are you going? What are you doing?" And maybe even that moment of surprise to get yelled at stops you. And you look back, and everything is as normal as it was! The ship hasn't crashed.

Then you go, "My mind, man. My mind. It's just so crazy! I really don't want to have anything to do with it."

Then Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Well, that's easy enough to do. If you would only listen. If you would only have that faith. If you would only have that devotion. If you would only have that understanding."

Because when you take that boat to be our lives -- "our" lives -- Guru Maharaj Ji's lives, then there is a lot more to this whole thing than our concepts or our little mind or our little trip has ever told us. There is really a lot more beauty involved than your school teacher ever told you.

Maybe it sounds as though I'm really getting down on teachers and this whole world and this whole society. Well, I tell you, there is nothing this world has done to give it a standing ovation. Or for that matter, even clap about.

For that matter, try to look what it has done that's good. What has this world done? Creator has put lives on this Earth. Creator has put things in this Earth to sustain that life, immaculately, meticulously, perfectly. As usual. And what has world done? What has man done? Destroyed it. And if that destruction is worth giving a standing ovation about, then there is a very famous saying, "You're off your rocker." You're crazy! Because that's not the way it is.

The way it is is that there is everything here to enjoy. There is everything here to be. That Peace that people want to seek up there in space is here, in this inner space.

18 -- affinity

And Guru Maharaj Ji has that ship that'll transport us. It's Guru Maharaj Ji's "Enterprise" that we have to get inside. And Guru Maharaj Ji will then take us into that inner world which is far more beautiful.

People have been in war. Descriptions have been given of war. And it's always a sad experience. It's always a sad thing. Whatever man has tried so far, and whatever there is a description of, is terrible, except when it comes down to Knowledge, except when it comes down to Guru Maharaj Ji.

And what Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed, even when you read as fragmented of a version as you can possibly read, is incredible! Have you ever read anything like Bible in a war magazine? No! "Here is this airplane. It'll destroy more people than you know of!" And it's like, what a difference! What a difference!

Go see, or try to imagine, a war. "And at this place 50,000 people got killed and there 20,000 people got killed. And here it was just a big mess. These guys got surprised and they all got shot. And here, these guys invaded this place on the beach. And this happened and that happened." All these things! And you take that and compare it to: "In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. The Word was God." Just so much difference. "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

"If you are thirsty, call out for that water." Instead of this guy describing, "And yes, Americans have just killed 50,000 Japanese, or Japanese describing as their inner-propaganda, "And, yeah. We Killed 50,000 Americans!" and all this gorey version of everything happening in this crazy world, compare it to what Brahmananand says in his song. He said that "I've seen a great wonder. And he says, "I've seen a palace that is up there, within inside of us. It's all lit -up. Just lit up! I've seen a well to which people who are lame go and drink. And they just have no description."

He said, "I've seen this palace and blind people see this palace. Blind people see this palace and have no words to describe its beauty."

While in the War I, "And this guy could see perfectly two minutes ago, before he got shot in his head with a bullet. Now he can't see anything. The poor guy's blind." To have that incredible thing, instead of having these shots like that one famous shot where the guy is holding a gun on this little kid; see these drawings of people doing meditation. What a difference! A blessing being bestowed on somebody. What a difference!

And that's what we want. That's what we all need! That's what we all desire. That's what we really want in our lives. And it's true, premies! It is. Because man has tried everything. To me, the greatest invention as far as man is concerned was a wheel. He figured it out: a round thing. You can't imagine how many round things there are in this world: airplane engines, tires, watch works, camera works, generators. And the thing is that since that time, where some real smarty figured out how to put a couple of these things on a cart and make it go a real long time ago -- since then, nothing has been done by man to give satisfaction to his fellow brothers.

Because it is not in this crazy mind's ideas that that Peace lies. But it's in Guru Maharaj Ji's blessings that this Peace is. And that's where we're going to find it. And that's where we have to find it. That's where we have to look. That's the right place to look.

So premies, there's this whole world and here we are. And it's incredible. What can you say? It just is incredible. It's beautiful.

And so now it's getting pretty late again. And tomorrow there's going to be some more darshan. And the day after tomorrow there's going to be some more darshan. And hopefully everybody will be able to have darshan.

And so, I'll see you tomorrow, premies. Thank you very much.

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