prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

No-one is Kinder or more generous than the Satguru because He gives you such a priceless thing. Even if you had eighteen lives and served Guru Maharaj Ji day and night, still you will not be able to repay what He has given to you. You cannot compare Satguru with an ocean because an ocean has limits, even an ocean is finite. But Satguru is unlimited, He is deathless. The ocean hides jewels, pearls, and precious stones deep inside itself, but Satguru never hides anything -- He gives everything He has. We cannot compare Satguru with a river because a river is sometimes dried and sometimes flooded, while the Guru's Love and His Knowledge are always balanced and of a constant and equal force. It is always beneficial. That is why I am requesting you again and again to remember that Name. All the time, remember that Name.

-- Guru Maharaj Ji.