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"There's not too many explanations for meditation. Meditation is meditation. It is that experience that brings the joy, brings the bliss, brings that smile to your face, to you."

Guru Maharaj Ji

Supreme Peace  4

Supreme Peace - Shri Hans Ji Maharaj in February, 1964, in Delhi.

The Master Key  9

The Master Key - Pre-Hans Jayanti, Nov 3, 1978 - Guru Maharaj Ji speaks over microphone

Affinity magazine 14

Please Break My Heart - Durga Ji's satsang, Orlando, Saturday 11th October, 1978

Guru Maharaj Ji wrote this song, in India sometime between eight and ten years of age. 26

The Creator Of All

Guru Maharaj Ji wrote this song, in India sometime between eight and ten rears of age.

Affinity magazine

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If anyone receives this Name properly and practices it regularly, he will have nothing more to do by way of devotion. just by meditating on that Name, he will reach the highest stages of devotion. All spiritual disciplines are included in the remembrance of the name.

Hans ji Maharaj

Affinity magazine

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I hear the melody of His flute, and I cannot contain myself:
The flower blooms, though it is not spring; and already the bee has received its invitation.
The sky roars and the lightning flashes, the waves arise in my heart,
The rain falls; and my heart longs for my Lord.
Where the rhythm of the world rises and falls, thither my heart has reached:
There the hidden banners are fluttering in the air.
Kabir says: 'My heart is dying, though it lives.'