Issue No 50 December 1978 Dublin

That Lord, That Power

Guru Maharaj Ji, Hans Jayanti Festival, Orlando, Florida, 1975
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Interview with Bill Patterson
Inner View *
Interview with Tim Gallwey
The Prose Poetry of Guru Maharaj Ji *
Article by Peter Bissett
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An Aspirant's Story
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Guru Maharaj Ji answers some questions
Knowledge The Universal Experience *
Article by Bill Ross
Guru Maharaj Ji: The Perfect Master *
Article by Alan Cunningham
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Article by Kelly McGinnis
The Sight Master
Satsang given by Durga Ji 1974
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* These articles appeared in a special edition of "Light Reading"
a newspaper published in Denver, Colorado, by devotees of
Guru Maharaj Ji, to whom we offer our thanks for
producing such an inspiring issue.

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Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat

"Guru" is a Sanskrit word, and I agree that bringing that word into the West might be an extremely odd thing. But then why even call it "West" and "East" and "North" and "South", when the whole universe is one? Let the language be just a factor of communication, so that we can communicate between each other. "Guru Maharaj Ji", or "Guru", represents something, means something. It's not a meaningless word.

Rather than being a noun, it's a verb. What that really means is, it shows action. "Guru" is not a noun; it's not a name. It's a function of a person, a somebody who comes into the world to save us. And the particular meaning of the word "Guru" is that "gu" means darkness, and "ru" means Light. The one who takes us away from the darkness that we are in, and puts us into the Light, is called "Guru".

And when we go and surrender, when we go and dedicate ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji, that is when something happens, something clicks. I don't think anybody can define what really happens and what really takes place, but something happens, something so beautiful, and that puts us in the place where we wanted to be all our lives.

Guru Maharaj Ji, Florida, November 1975.