Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat

I wish, I really wish, that we could all come together and beat the great drums of the satsang, so that all brothers and sisters in this world could hear the voice of these drums beating. And then they would dance to it, just like you and I have. Everyone of them. Every soul in the universe would dance to it. And it would be a beautiful experience. That is my wish. That is my greatest desire. It's even beyond desire; that is my I ife.

Every Perfect Master has come into the world and tried to beat those drums. They got somewhere close to it, but they didn't quite beat them loud enough, not loud enough for everybody to hear. And didn't pierce the tons and tons and miles and miles of barriers that people have between them. But for some reason, I have this hope. I have this dream. I have this … It's not an idea it is not an idealism, but as a service as the aim of my life: to beat these drums so hard, so hard, that it might break down those barriers that people have placed between them, and that there might be Peace in the world.

Guru Maharaj Ji, Atlantic City 1976.





Guru: One who takes you from darkness to light

Satsang: Company of truth, involving spiritual discourse.

Premies: Means lovers of God.

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Kai Ji: All praises and glory to the living Perfect Master

Jai Satchit Anand: Truth is the consciousness of bliss

Darshan: The experience of being in the presence of the Perfect Master

Arti: A devotional song, sung to Guru Maharaj J i

Pranam: To bow before Guru Maharaj Ji

Agya: Direction given by Guru Maharaj Ji.

Puja: Worship

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