This satsang was given by Shri Durga Ji on July 3, 1974 in Copenhagen at the Guru Puja Festival.

I'd like to tell everyone here a little story. This story is of another world in which the people were born with their eyes sealed shut. For centuries and centuries the people were always in this condition – they could not see light, they could not see the trees, the ocean, anything. It was a condition of darkness.

The people went around stumbling, reaching out, groping in the dark, and this is the way they lived. They had no knowledge of seeing, they had no sight. It was a condition they had never experienced. And so as the people went around in this condition, they fell on things that were in their way, like rocks, or fell in holes or walked through thorns. They were in very much suffering, so they would pray within themselves for a better condition in which they would know where they were going, in which they could understand what was going on in front of them.

Because of their crying for understanding, there was one who was born with his eyes open, and he had perfect vision, completely perfect vision. He knew the condition of the people who were blind.

In this world the blind were leading the blind. The blind leaders thought they knew the best way, and so they would say, "Follow me, I know the way." Of course, the people had no idea of what to do, so they followed these blind leaders. From following them, much confusion and much suffering resulted. People started running into one another and started fighting. They couldn't see anything. They had no knowledge of what sight was at all. But when this person who had the perfect vision came into this world, he wanted to help these people because he understood their suffering.

The people in this world knew that there was something more; they knew that there was something in their lives that they were missing, that they didn't understand because they had never experienced it. They longed to find out what this was that they were missing. So when this sight-seer, this eye-opener, or this sight-master, as they began to call him, came to a few people, they recognized that they would have to trust him when he said, "Come to me, I can help you. Give me your sufferings, and I will make you see." Now they didn't understand what sight was, but they trusted him and he came to them. And what he did was unseal their eyes, and they realized that this was what they were missing; to be able to see, to see the trees, to see the ocean, to see the sun, to see the moon, to see colors. At first their vision was a little blurry, but this sight-master told them that all they had to do was practice seeing, to focus their attention on objects, and learn to see more and more clearly.

The more they used their eyes, the stronger their eyes got, the clearer they became. But their eye-lids which had been closed for so many years tended to fall down again and the sight-master had to remind them again and again to keep their eyes open. It took a little effort on their part, because it was hard for them at first because their eyes wanted to close. But they so much wanted to see, and their joy at being able to see the beauty of the world was so great that they told their sight-master, "What can we do for you? You have given us a life like we have never known, a life that we have always waited for." The sight-master said, "Just go to the other people who are suffering, the people who want to see, and tell them that I am here. Just tell them that I am here."

Guru Maharaj Ji opens our inner eye – the eye to our soul, which is love, which is joy, happiness and fulfillment. It's something that some people say does not exist, because they have not experienced it. But when these people experience it, they know that this is what they've been looking for, this is what they've been hoping for all of their lives. Then all they want to do is go out and tell everyone: "Listen, there is someone here that can open the eye to your soul, to love."

So it is time now that all of us go out and tell the world that our sight-master, our Perfect Master – because within us there is perfection and he reveals this to us – it is time for us to go and tell everyone that he is here now. Then this whole world will be living in harmony and peace the way they should be.