Thank You 2003

Dear Friends,

March, 2003

On behalf of the North American Resource Team, we are writing to thank you for your generous contributions in 2002. Your kindness has helped support many activities, including:

Expression Events - Last year, the expression events in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia enabled many people who had never spoken with Prem Rawat to have that chance and enjoy the face-to-face, heart-to-heart communication that he provides.

Public Events - Over 6,300 guests attended public events in Europe, and 90 guests attended the Bangkok event in the United Nations Conference Center. He was very pleased with these events and the efforts of people who made them possible. These events were the beginning of a renewed enthusiasm for propagation worldwide, with many more public and follow up events planned for this year.

India - Prem Rawat spent 9 weeks in India during February and November in 2002. More than 191,000 people attended these events in 12 cities. In some places he has not visited since the '70s, he was warmly received by people who have not seen him for 25 years. This heralds a new approach of extensive touring around India, which started this year with a 6-week visit of 10 cities during February and March.

Amaroo, Australia - In 2002, there were two wonderful international events at Amaroo: a three-day event in April, and a four-day event in September. These events were attended by a total of 6,700 people, with an average of 1,850 people staying on site each time. This was a turning point for Amaroo. The unique environment facilitated an intimacy that had been envisioned from the beginning and provided a lovely outdoor setting for the expression events.

Knowledge Sessions - Many more people were able to receive Knowledge last year in their own cities and countries, requiring far less travel than ever before. In 2002, the number of people receiving the techniques of Knowledge increased by 111% compared to 2001. The increase was 120% within the Indian subcontinent and 63% in the rest of the world.

Materials - New materials were produced this year, enabling Prem Rawat's addresses to be more accessible worldwide, even in places he cannot visit in person. Inspiring material is now available in print and on the web at as well as exciting interviews in the media, further increasing public exposure of his message. Production of broadcast videos has now doubled to four new broadcasts per month. Tapes of these broadcasts are also distributed to more than 40 countries where people are unable to receive a satellite signal. Satellite transmissions in Europe are now broadcast daily, translated into eight languages. Videos, films, and written transcripts from the past 30 years are currently being digitized and archived to preserve them, and are being put onto a searchable database, providing invaluable resources for the creation of new material.

Current Situation - Despite a globally weak economy and its effect on so many people, contributors like you have maintained strength, individually and as a team. Through your remarkable efforts, we have been able to support all the key projects and activities on a monthly basis, without taking any loans.

We find ourselves at the beginning of another year with a renewed passion for propagation, thanks to Prem Rawat's unwavering commitment. Events in 2003 are planned for selected cities in each region designed to reach the greatest number of people interested and make the best use of his time. Your continued support will enable thousands and thousands of people all around the world to meet him in person, which is the heartbeat of propagation.

We are inspired by Prem Rawat's relentless efforts in offering his message to the world. And we are inspired by you and your sincerity and dedication that continue to help make all this possible. When we work together, the effort of each one of us greatly multiplies, and what appears to be an unimaginable challenge becomes a reality.

Good News – A three day international event with Prem Rawat in Miami is confirmed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 18,19 and 20. See for details on how to register.

We wish you a joyful year, full of exciting opportunities. A most heartfelt thank you,

Yoram Weis, Barbara Brogan and David Mankoff
- North American Resource Team

"Nothing is more beautiful than a human being adorned with peace, with joy, tranquility, understanding. When peace comes to the heart, serenity follows in abundance. Love comes flooding in, uncontrolled. Joy cannot be held back, but bursts open the doors, because something is right. That is what peace is. Peace is when this heart is not in duality anymore."

- Prem Rawat