Prem Rawat aka MaharajiPrem Rawat aka Maharaji

Prem Rawat's Contentment Resides Within video, 2000

This VCD video begins with a 6 minute montage that presumably tries to connect Prem Rawat aka Maharaji and his teaching to many of the great cultures and spiritual authorities of world history. There is then a short introduction by Maura Gale, a young black American actress/evangelist, who has no connection with Rawat.

There are extracts from speeches in 1994 and 1997. In 1990's Rawat's pronunciation was still a little shaky on the 'w,' he still said 'wissdom' instead of 'wisdom' and his voice often became shrill and loud. His mature style was already fully developed. There were the stock of interchangeable words that had become almost meaningless, the "goodies": heart, Knowledge, thirst, appreciation, passion, gratitude, clarity, God, infinite, friend, immortal and the "baddies": doubts, fears, ideas, concepts, philosophies, mind. He doesn't appear to understand that everything he talks about are his ideas and concepts nor realise how ridiculous this is. He attempts to show his intellectual credibility by using phrases based around "always fascinated" and highlights the incredible depth and meaningfulness of what he is saying by whispering. He repeats phrases altering the subject often many times and sometimes in a way that makes little sense: "one human being, one at a time, not masses of human being, not worlds of human being, not countries of human being."

  • He repeats one of his oldest stories: The competition between the wind and the sun.
  • He alludes to one of the basic concepts of his philosophy: there is something within keeping a human being alive that cannot be known by scientists or medical specialists but only by those who have been revealed his Knowledge, the so-called "élan vital."
  • He makes a complete mess of discussing the reasons for the seasons. It appears he has seen a show on TV discussing the 41,000 year cycle in which the earth wobbles in space, altering it's tilt and changing the average temperatures but he regurgitates nonsense. It is an accurate word for word transcription.
  • He says that any happiness that goes to "the head" has to be translated into a formula and the only way "the head" knows to be happy is to throw a party with party pies.
  • There is a part of a human being that is painfree and immortal and is your "truest, the deepest, most passionate friend." All human beings used to know this when they shunned philosophy and when there were no ideas but then they started borrowing other peoples' ideas.
  • We don't know the real, inner, true us because "in our little lives a job, a family have taken more important than the gift that has been given to us."
  • He slips in his usual denigration of human relationships. When you die, "do you think somebody will really care? No. No."

Contentment Resides Within
Contentment Resides Within
Contentment Resides Within
Contentment Resides Within
Contentment Resides Within
Contentment Resides Within

"Self-knowledge is the best of all forms of knowledge, through it one attains immortality." - The Upanishads 1500 b.c.
Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius 500 b.c.
"For where your treasure is, there will also be your heart." - Luke 12:34 100 a.d.
"Gamble everything for love if you are a true human being." - Rumi 1200
"Only in the heart can one experience the divine presence of truth." - Kabir 1400
"And we are put on earth, a little space, so that we may learn to bear the beams of love." - William Blake 1800
"Life is a voyage that is homeward bound." - Herman Melville 1840
"I have walked the earth for thirty years and, out of gratitude, want to leave some souvenir." - Vincent Van Gogh 1850

Prem Rawat aka MaharajiHello, I'm Maura Gale. Welcome to this week's broadcast. On our show last week we introduced you to a man named Maharaji who's been speaking for over 30 years about a subject called Knowledge, a way he offers to access an inner experience of contentment. As you've just seen in the previous video there have been many throughout history who have recognised this innate desire for fulfilment. Maharaji addresses this topic from venues all over the world offering the experience of Knowledge to those who are interested.

Prem Rawat aka MaharajiDenver Colorado March 2, 1994

Once again March is here and the battle between winter and summer has begun, spring to go yet, the battle has begun. Every day the sun shines and every day it moves inches a little more forward towards making it brighter, towards chasing the winter away. One whole season to come and go in this life and more time and what will happen people living existing different events happening in their life, different things unfolding, things getting better, things getting worse and all that in March will be here again. Winter will be here again next year and in this summer things will happen in each one of our lives one more time and

it reminds me of a story and the story is that one time the wind and the sun decided to have a contest and the wind said "I am more powerful than you" to the sun and the sun said "I don't think so" and so they both decided that they were somehow going to determine who was more powerful that day. They saw they looked down and they and saw this is just a story by the way. So they both looked down and they saw a veary (sic) traveler walking on the road, he had a jacket and the wind said "Okay this is how we're going to settle this. Whoever can make that man take off his jacket, he's the more powerful one, he's the stronger one." So the sun said to the wind "You go first, since you're the challenger, you go first" and the wind blew and as the wind blew the man hung onto his jacket even tighter. He blew some more, blew stronger and everything the wind did the man just hung onto his jacket even tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter and when the wind had given up and it was the sun's turn, the sun didn't shine any brighter or any less, it just shown (sic) and when the wind stopped blowing and the warmth of the sun permeated the earth the man felt the warmth and he took his jacket off.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji We too are like this man walking on the path of life, this journey of life, this road of life and so many elements blow around us and as they do we hang on tighter and tighter and tighter and maybe this jacket isn't made out of cloth, maybe this jacket isn't made out of leather but maybe this jacket is made out of our ideas, maybe this jacket is made out of our visions, maybe this jacket is made out of our doubts, maybe this jacket is made out of of what we think we think we think, very important, what we think this life is all about. Life is not a thought. Life is not somebody's idea, it's not, it's a very real. Life is not a philosophy, it comes, the clock starts ticking when you are born, it begins and the clock goes on and on and on for however long it needs to and nobody can decide that, nobody can determine that. We would all like to know but all we get to see is the movement of the hands, we don't get to put our hands on the physical clock.

The sun rises and the sun sets and another day slips by and if you were to slow that down moment to moment slipping by that nothing, nothing you can do about it. Nothing. I don't go around telling people philosophy is, talking about philosophies, I don't have that problem, I really don't because to me it has to be real. If somebody says to me something that is uncomprehendible (sic) it doesn't jibe with me, it doesn't work for me, it has to be comprehendible (sic), it has to be understandable without doubt. Not ethereal, some concept of something that exists may exist might happen and people find power in that. People find glory in that. People find joy in that. People find with wissdom (sic) in that. I don't have those problems because I found the glory not about talking about something that doesn't exist but I found the glory in talking about what does exist.

It fascinates me. I think life is incredibly fascinating. From nothing, from the talk about a miracle from nothing to something to nothing again (really got worked up here). So simple that it defies even people today of what it is that makes a person tick. They're in all the hospitals, highly trained doctors, highly trained nurses, highly trained medical staff, incredible equipment I mean we're talking about stuff that people only could dream about CAT scans that can look inside your body without cutting you open and yet all they can do is have a little thing that goes beep beep beep beep oop and it's like "Well, he's gone. He's gone" (Laughter) Not "Bring it back. Close the room." Where does it go? Box it, can it, let's make a special hospital - nothing escapes. A spirit extractor. "Put it back in this guy." No one knows, what a feat of magic, what an incredible miracle and how incredibly fascinating and to be given a being consciousness, consciousness, to see, to be given a being power of appreciation you see that's fascinating. Power of appreciation.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji To look at a sunset and go "It's magnificent." Doesn't have to be like that, the sun doesn't say "Okay let's go for it. You know reduction time. But impressed the guys today you know." No. Does the sun know you exist? No. Going about its business and one human being, one at a time, not masses of human being, not worlds of human being, not countries of human being, the miracle unfolding in front of everybody and one person, one person will look, one person will look at that sunset in his own way from his own inner window and for the moment be blown away, to be made speechless so that very problem you know they talk about a hero somebody who has saved somebody's life and yet because human beings have the power of appreciation I don't know how many countless lives are saved for one person for one person that sunset could have been it. To be held speechless, to be held at bay. Life.

The seasons will come and go, good things will happen, bad things will happen and people will look for solutions, solutions, solve my problems. I was thinking, "Why does this winter come?" And then I realized, it doesn't. Winter is a consequence and so is summer. The earth wobbles, wobbles and as it wobbles the sun faces the sun, the sun goes down below the equator it's not the sun going down but earth wobbling and everything begins to cool and believe me this happens a long time ago, it doesn't happen boomf (clicks fingers) like that come October and November no it happens a long time but but it slowly begins to cool and cool and cool and and then long time ago it tilted again and the days started to increase in length and slowly and slowly it's getting warmer and warmer and warmer and what have we got?

Us. You and I, being here, living, existing. Our problems are also consequences, our winters and our summers are also us wobbling. Just like the earth and we wobbles a long time ago and slowly things begin to cool and cool and cool and finally the winter sets in and like the sun the heart within every human being okay you don't have to call it the heart, you don't even have to call it anything because it doesn't really make any difference what you call it but some urge, some sun that wants to shine, something that doesn't want to be in that winter, something that would like to come out of it, something that would like to feel whole, something that would like to be happy, a deep place, mind you, not just a surface idea because as soon as of the sort of happiness gets here (points at head) it has to be translated into a formula. This thing (points at head) wants to know "So how we gonna get this happiness? What do we do? Let's throw a party. That'll make us all very happy, won't it? You bring the food, you bring the pies, you bring the drinks and we'll all get together and we'll talk." About what? And one party to another party after another party and there will be one friend who will not get invited, one friend and without an invitation going out to this friend, this friend won't come and without this friend's presence there will be no party.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji And who is that friend? You. The inner you. The real you. The real underlined you. You. The you that is true. The you that is real. The you that is not caught in the dilemma of this world. The you that is not caught in the paradox of good and bad. The you that is not caught up in the chains of pain.

The you that is immortal. The you that never dies. The you that is true. That you needs to be invited but before that you will come the party has to be of a very different nature. For that party to happen, nobody else can get invited, just you. At this party it must be just the you to welcome you. Nobody else. It is the truest, the deepest, most passionate friend that is to be welcomed. And what the offerings have to be, not of pies, not of soft drinks but the offerings have to be your passion, real passion, not doubt, not fear, not philosophies, not ideas, but pure, real.

Do we even know what that is like? We used to, we all used to. Once upon a time when somebody laid a philosophy on us it was like a Concorde flying 5 feet over our head "Whoo." No idea, no idea but purity existed. Since then we have borrowed everybody's ideas. "Give me a little, give me a little." What do you think? People say "What do you think?" To me and I say "Many, many things. Now what would you like to know about?" Just because I can think doesn't mean I should go about thinking about frivolous things. Think what is important to me because this is my time, this is my, this is my show, this is me. One day will I be me? No. That's the nature, these are these are the fundamental understandings that one has to happen. I wasn't, I am and I won't be. When a human beings forgets this little formula, this little formula is so important, zero, one, zero. Human being goes off on tangents where is hard for him or her to even turn (whispers) back. Tangents, tangents, ideas, let's build, let's do, let's this, that's that I mean no cause is more important than the human being. A human being with or without a cause but no cause is more important than a human being but we've forgotten.

Don't know that because we don't know in our little lives a job, a family have taken more important than the gift that has been given to us. I have a family, I do but I also know I have a life and one day they'll all go their own way, they will. I love my family, there's no question about it, I love them. I see my duties that I have towards them, my responsibilities but I do not forget the duty I have to this life and I do not forget the responsibility I have this life because you think for a minute that I should forget the very thing that allows me to be a father. I know without something inside of me, would I be a father? Would I be anybody's friend? Would I be anybody's employee? It's so easy you know going around, being a captain, it's great for your ego but then you think "Wait a minute, there is something, it's the compliments of that thing that I am anything that I am." My allegiance needs to be that thing, my allegiance and that is such a simple thing that exists inside of every human being. We do not need to create it.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji It's not in the books, it's not in the ideals, it existed before the books did, it did and then the books came along and everybody got involved in the books. "Let me read, let me read of what peace is" and what happened? Is the kitchen got so crowded with kitchen with recipe books that eventually there was no more space for the refrigerator or the sink or the cook tops or the parts or the pans and now the hungry walk into the kitchen and they admire the books and hungry they walk in and the hungry they walk out because this kitchen cannot fulfill their hunger anymore and in this day and age, in this day and age so much informa you know "remember the world will change when people have information" (in a sarcastic " meaningful" way shaking his fist). Well they do have information and the world has changed. But nobody ever asked the question "Sir, would it be for better or worse?" Gung ho, now everybody knows everything that they don't want to know but they know anyways.

Though there is the newspaper that was started a long time ago, the newspaper of the heart and then use was simple and it's headline said "Rejoice because you are alive." Big, bold caption and then the little articles that never changed "You are blessed indeed. You are blessed. They can be no greater blessing than this life." Of course all this makes a lot more sense when you don't have it, when you're on the verge of losing it. Aargh. Everything goes "He was right, he was right" and then boop beep on with the show.You think this world's waiting for you? You think this world's gonna notice you're gone? This world you so dearly love though you are the passionate lover, so many of us are, you think this world will miss us? They will even know? Somebody will really care? No. No. Oh people might cry a little bit and then the memories will fade - how wonderful memories are - incredible that way they have a way of fading out, fading in and fading out because guess what? Mr. Time is in charge. Mr. Time has you.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji Find the immortal. Good friend to have, get to know now, then your journeys don't need to be lonely. How convenient to have one right inside, you don't have to look far away, no excuse. Can't say "I don't have the time to go on the pilgrimage" ah the pilgrimage is inside. How sweet, how perfect, how beautiful. To put aside the ignorance, to put aside the ignorance, to put aside doubt and to understand that a state of being where no doubt exists, the state of being called clarity. That's where you have to be because anything else is a compromise. That's where you have to be. You indeed are very fortunate make time, plan to do what Socrates talked about a long time ago and he said "Know thyself." Was he a brilliant person? I don't know. I wasn't there. I just heard he said that. Was he a good guy? I've heard that too but it sounds like a winning proposition.

He wasn't the first one to ever say it nor was he the last one to ever say it. Many have come as a beacon, a little candle in a very dark night, a little light. No, they have not been 1,000,000 GW of lightbulbs, just a little candle, just a little light in dire darkness and they have invited people to come to the candle, they have not gone and put candles in people's hands and lit them. They would never do that. Let somebody wants to sleep on but they have lit and in this life they have said "Know thyself." The God that you yearn for is inside of you, the love that you yearn for is inside of you, life you have, one day you won't. Sounds too simple to me. Make the pilgrimage inside and you will know the holiest of all places. The silenced, vast space inside of each being. The infinite which presides in each being.

That's what I do. I talk about it and not just talk about it but then those who are interested I offer them a way to go inside. Very simple but people were know what to do next. Listen, listen, get in touch with the real thirst that you have. I'm not pushing anything is free, to stop the sale. How can I sell what you already have put you worry have it within you. You know have you seen away oasises (sic) in the desert? I don't know if you have seen them, they're just wells in the middle of the deserta a lotta tracks going to them and no signs, no signs, no billboards, no big neon lights "Here!" (Points down) somehow the thirsty find the well and somehow the well quenches the thirst of the thirsty and I think for thousands of years it has been a very amiable relationship and that's how it is today. With all our modern technology, everything else, water is still needed and wherever the water is the thirsty has to go there. No imagination, no philosophy no, no ideas, no thoughts, no debate will bring the water to your lips.

That's how it is that's how it's been. The process is to unfold not to create. Nothing new new is to be created here, it's to unfold. The treasure already exists and the sand has to be removed that buries the treasure. No creation, nobody's going to create the treasure. Nobody is going to create an idea, nobody is going to create the thirst, the thirst is within you and guess what? The water is within you too and that's why it's fun to find the thirst because then you can begin to find the well inside of you. So thank you very much and good night. Take care.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

How do you pursue this Knowledge?
Come and listen. Have patience.
Your questions will be answered.
And when you are ready and I am ready, I'll
I'll be happy to give you the gift of Knowledge.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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