Message Of The Heart

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 This 18 minute long 1981 video, copyright Elan Communications 1981, contains some brief extracts of Rawat's speeches in North and South America in 1981 with some backstage and city scenes. Rawat looks considerably different from his 1970's appearance. He has cut his hair, dieted (there's still a lot of fat) and his moustache has finally thickened up. He is in a transition phase giving what appear to be "introductory satsangs" ie speeches to audiences in which there will be some people who are not already devotees. If these excerpts are representative samples of his speeches, he is still calling himself the Perfect Master but he is altering his vocabulary and calling himself the less explicit "Master". He still speaks of "revealing God" which he later replaces with "revealing inner peace" in his public speeches. His delivery is loud, full of bluster, grammatical errors and non sequiturs.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji - the Ultimate Ruler) modestly shouts that he is able to impart eternal peace from an infinite source, the ultimate knowledge from which all scriptures come. Prem Rawat is the Perfect Master, a human being whose soul is enlightened, full of that Knowledge, that is full of that joy, is full of that bliss, who knows something timeless. Prem Rawat says he has seen God face to face closer than he sees you, he has felt God more than he can feel you, he has touched God more than he can touch you. Prem Rawat has tranquality and an unbiased love not based on factors. He can put you directly in touch with God, the real thing and you yourself can experience who that Creator is (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). He is the opposite of religions which say you must believe first but can deliver no experience. Everybody in the world needs saving and so Prem Rawat is going everywhere in perfect glory to save them.

The background music is "Message of the Heart" a la Chanteuse Inconnue (formerly Kim Field) of One Foundation song:
"Sometimes love seems to be so far away
When you search the whole world over but you just can't find a way
We want to just to be in love, mumble, mumble"

What is peace? I mean to me peace is a very simple stage of being. That peace is within me. Peace is when this river that flows for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles, non-stop, day and night and that's not the peace but that's the peace for the river. Flows continuously over the rocks, around the bends, everything, every little obstacle that it has to clear. Great force and then it merges with the ocean and that entire force disappears. It has no longing anymore to run and run and run. It hasn't any longing to go over the obstacles and the hurdles. What happened? What happened? This mammoth mass of water all of a sudden merges from where it actually originated from. And in that process of merging it it's found something, it's become a part, it has realised, it has become a part of what it is. And that to me is like the peace, it's not the peace, it's like the peace that this human being runs and runs and runs and runs and runs, wanting to know, wanting to have an experience.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981

(Applause) Peace is eternal. Peace is within you and me and nothing more that an experience of who I am and what I am and nothing more than the experience of that supreme thing itself is going to bring me peace and not until every human being is in peace with himself will he be within peace with anybody else either. Cause he has no necessity to. And yet I see that that Creator creates us with such love, such care, such tenderness to bring us, to put us here, give us an experience and what is demanded? No more than to just open up, no more to go that Master, to go to that teacher, to go to that one who has got that realisation and to ask and then that realisation is imparted to us.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981

I'm not talkin' about this one day experience that you get hit over the head and fantastic. I'm talking about an experience that is continuously happening, a power, to tap into that source that's all around me, to tap into that source that's infinite, to tap into that source that'll never end because everything I do will definitely have an end, it'll definitely have an end. If I say OK in this life, if I got a grand mansion that'll make me happy then there'll be certainly one day either I won't be there to enjoy it or the mansion won't be there. If I was to say to myself "Well if I, I mean, there is this one saint that says you can acquire the whole world, the whole wealth of this world, that's a lot, that's a lot, from where the sun rises to where the sun sets and you can walk acquire all that wealth yet even that cannot bring you that peace, cannot bring you that satisfaction. And that's always been the Master's message to come in this world that you can enjoy this life, you can have that joy, you can have that bliss, you can be happy. This is what I'm saying to you now too, we can all be happy. There is that knowledge, there is that experience. That if we understand we can be happy and it's for everyone of us. It's not a way of life, it's not a way of thinking, it's not a philosophy, it doesn't, it doesn't come from any scripture, all scriptures come from it but it doesn't come from any scripture. It's the Knowledge, it's the ultimate knowledge.
What is the Perfect Master? He's a human being just like you and me. And yet that soul is enlightened. That soul is full of that Knowledge. When that recipient soul becomes eager, when that recipient soul becomes hungry and realises that hunger then that soul that is enlightened, that is full of that joy, is full of that bliss imparts that Knowledge to that other soul. Presto. Why? One lamp lit can light, really, millions of lamps. Because that, that light can just be on and on and on for us too. Our lamp is not lit enough.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981

That energy that's keeping me alive right now is not bound by time. And this is what's outrageous, simply outrageous, because as of man what man knows, he doesn't know of anything that is not bound by time and I do. And I'm not even a scientist. But I know of something that's timeless.

There are no more doubts to be remained when somebody can come to you and say I have seen God face to face closer than I am seeing you. I have felt God more than I can feel you and I have touched God more than I can touch you. Super good stuff. And that's where it is. Because that's, in that we can have a beautiful, beautiful experience. In that it can all become real for us. Then makes no theory, it's the real thing. To believe in that, to aspire, to believe, to trust, to know, to have that faith becomes all very simple.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981

There are the plants and there is the ocean and there is the sun and I mean to the sun what is it? It'll still shine if the whole world got destroyed. It'll still be there just radiating its heat. And the moon it'll shine as soon as the sun hits it. And the oceans I mean it'll be there and you look there is that constantness of this, this whole creation and we are a part of this creation, we are a part of this, this whole game, we are a part of this saga. And yet where are we at? If there is a chance for us because if we can just understand what we are, who we are, not the Harry who hates John, you know, but just that human being, of having that inner understanding of, having that inner experience of this life it can, it can bring forth that peace, it can bring forth that tranquality, it can bring forth that love, a love that isn't biased, a love that isn't based upon factors, that as soon as those factors crumble away so does the love. That we don't have to be living in this world, in the crazy world of that hate. We don't have to be living in this world in that constant fear. And we don't have to even sit in this world and wait for that kingdom of heaven to come. Isn't it true that wherever the king is, the kingdom of heaven is right there and if it's so then that king is within inside of us, that king that we look so much outside for is right within inside.
I'm not sitting here and I'm saying that, you know, you come to me, you know, in a private little room right over there and you tell me all your problems and I've got this special number that I can't let you have but for two dollars I'll call up God for you and I'll let him know all your problems. I'm not saying that, I've never said that and I don't want to because it's not really true. I'm saying is how about if I put you directly in touch with God. Now that, that's the real thing (applause) that you, you, you yourself experience who that Creator is. You know the whole thing is I don't say to you who have not received Knowledge yet that you should believe in Knowledge and this is the interesting thing cause all religions work the opposite or I work the opposite which ever way. (laughs … laughter) But the thing is very interesting because I say, first experience and then believe. And with the other ones, first believe and then experience, if you can but (laughter) its simple and its just a simple thing being that we can experience that Creator within inside, through that Knowledge, through that knowing, through that experience.
Every religion excites your intellect, everything in this world touches you. I have something to offer that'll touch your heart and that's a absolutely a phenomenon in this world and age, in this day and age. Those people in New York need to be saved as much as the people in Peru, as much as the people in Lima, that everywhere in this world I go I just see that yes open up the hearts, open up just a little bit, get out of that rut, get out of that realm, enjoy that vacation in which your heart opens up, your heart enjoys the beauty of you, of your presence, of your life, of your self. Not of somebody's ideas that have just been hammered in your brain, again and again and again and you shall see. Ask and you shall be given that experience, you can have it. So it's been really nice to be able to come here.

I'll be leaving pretty soon, go to Sao Paulo, also there, people need to be saved there too, Brazilians aren't any better than anybody else, you know, they need to be saved, everybody, everyone, every human being, the ones that are saved, that think they're saved need to be saved, the ones that don't think they're saved they need to be saved, the ones that don't know about being saved, need to be saved, the ones that think they're too much saved they need to be saved, everybody needs to be saved, everybody's heart needs to be touched with that glory, with that perfection, with that experience. So with that thank you very much and good night (applause).

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master 1981