Prem Rawat, Eyes Of Faith, 1980Eyes of Faith Transcript

This video, titled "Eyes Of Faith", an Elan Communications release, was produced in 1981. It was filmed in Miami and Kansas City in 1980/81 and contains some brief extracts of Rawat's speeches with some darshan scenes. Rawat looks markedly different from his 1970's appearance. He has cut his hair, dieted and his moustache has begun to thicken up. He is still calling himself Guru Maharaj Ji and in the full transcript of his Eyes Of Faith speech in Miami on Christmas Day, 1980 repeats again and again that faith in and devotion to him is the purpose of human life. There is a short excerpt of his wife who shows how out of synch she is with the rest of the human race. Prem Rawat doesn't thrill us, he disgusts us.

The whole achievement of mankind have gone looped, up and down, up and down. There have been dark ages, there have been ages of high achievement, there have been ages again of darkness, there have been ages again of height achievement. If you can just imagine this line going up and down and up and down and up and down. And then a very consistent message coming right across that didn't go up and down with the message, with the trends but stayed simple, stayed consistent. The message really of the truth, the message of the Master who came in the world to give us the message.

Prem Rawat, Eyes Of Faith, 1980 November 8, 1980
Miami, Florida
(Cheering but no Bolie Shri's)

We have a little chance to have some satsang, you know maybe go inside a little deeper. It's always so easy to stay of the surface and just be convinced and just accept that very superficial experience sometimes. And say "Yeah, I know there is a deeper experience to Knowledge, to Guru Maharaj Ji but I don't know how to get to it." It seems to be so much a problem, I think that very many people think, "I know, you know, there is a deeper experience, it's incredible, it's beautiful, it's great but how do I get to it?" And the thing is like, if you sit around wondering how you're gonna get to it, you're definitely not going to get to it but there is a way to get to it, there is a way to get to that experience, there is a way to get to the place in which truly you know that inner experience comes alive for us. Then it's no more a theory, then it's no more somebody's lecture, then it's no more somebody's ideas, then it's no more somebody's concepts, it's our own realisation of that Knowledge. It's our own realisation of that experience cause that experience is there in everyone of us.

Kansas City, Missouri
November 28, 29, 30, 1980
(giving Holy Breath)

Here we are in Missouri, Missoura, some people call it Missouri, some people call it Missoura and it's called the "Show me" state. I had no idea, I thought first it says snow me state (laughter) that doesn't make any sense: snow me state and then I said wait a minute, that doesn't say snow me state that says show me state. Show me, show me state. What does that mean, show me state? And so I, I asked mmm you know, Missouri, it's very, you don't believe in something until you see it (some applause). That's the answer I got, show me means.

Believe in God? No, not until you show me, you know (slightly more applause). Do you believe in happiness? No, not until you show me. Do you believe in peace? No, not until you show me. And you know, the thing is, all those things can be shown. They can be experienced by every human being. Those things are to be experienced, the Creator is something incredible to experience, is something incredible to see. The peace is incredible to enjoy, it's so satisfying, the truth and the consciousness that keeps us alive. Sure, it can be seen and I can show it and here we are in show me state (applause) and it can all be done.

Scene of Darshan Line Note: second image, new premie asking for Holy Breath. Images 4, 5 & 6: Prem Rawat giving his Holy Breath

Prem Rawat - Lies of Faith Prem Rawat - Lies of Faith Prem Rawat - Lies of Faith Prem Rawat - Lies of Faith Prem Rawat - Lies of Faith Prem Rawat - Lies of Faith

And just, just today seeing every premie come by and there I was and uh one after another, one after another and all of a sudden there was such a beautiful feeling to see, just to be able to recognise every single premie coming by and really I was wondering about this, I said to myself, I said "I really wonder if seventh heaven is any better than this?" You know (applause) cause somehow you get a very content feeling that this is it, it doesn't get any better than this. (more applause) This is the way I feel now because I know I have been saved, it doesn't get any better than this. As deeper I know the well is, the more thankful I am of being saved. Really isn't that the truth? Look at it this way. If I was standing in the shallow part of the pool, just standing there and somebody dove in, yanked me out, because there was a, because there was a 50% chance I could have slipped and my head would have hit the bottom of the pool and I would have drowned. A 50% chance but here I am standing, knee deep water, I mean, dashes in, you know, and yanks me out of the pool. What am I going to say to him? What is my reaction? "Thank you very much for saving my life?" or "You idiot, what are you doing?" you know. And then the same thing happens when I'm on the deep end of the pool where the drain is and I'm going "Whoom, whoomp, help" and somebody dashes in and saves my life and it's just like "Oh thanks, thanks a lot." But if I'm out in the middle of the ocean and there's one of those, you know (makes shark fin motion) da das following me and I'm running, I'm just running as fast as I can for my life and then somebody comes and scoops me up. Oh boy, I never could tell that guy how thankful I am. I probably bore him of telling him how thankful I am. (laughter) Follow him around wherever he goes (very loud cheers) and (more cheering).

Durga Ji (Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson), Eyes Of Faith, 1980 Durga Ji: … Guru Maharaj Ji, Maharaji … there's no one that can thrill me like you do Guru Maharaj Ji, you know, there's no one who can just (sighs) do what you do, you know, and it's just so beautiful because then I see all of you and I know that it's true for you, too. (giggles) And I know it's true for every human being in this world and I feel like it's time for everyone to just wake up and realise that He is here, you know, and it's real, it's really true.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Eyes Of Faith, 1980 Guru Maharaj Ji's Birthday
December 10, 1980
Miami Beach, Florida

(cheering) So you know just I feel a chance for all of us to have ice-cream and cake (cheers). That's all folks. We come here. What can it mean? Either you're gonna have a nice experience, either you're gonna enjoy yourself or tomorrow morning you're gonna wake up constipated. That's the only 2 things there are. And if I don't have it in me to enjoy, if I don't see that, that yes, okay, here's a gift from Guru Maharaj Ji, let me accept it. That Guru Maharaj Ji gives me Knowledge and Guru Maharaj Ji gives me so many more experiences, let me accept that, let me take that experience to my heart. Every single one is given to me by Guru Maharaj Ji. Then it's gonna mean something, then it's gonna have an effect. And yet if, if anyone of you is here just to enjoy a party, there is no party. The party is always going on, if you are waiting for a party to start, it'll never start because it's already started and if you're waiting for a party to end, it'll never end because it can't. That internal party continuously goes on, it's whether am I going to be a part, whether I am gonna be, it doesn't make any difference how big a part even though I'm gonna be the smallest fraction of that. And somehow all of it has to be digested, all of it has to be understood. What Guru Maharaj Ji gives us is a practical experience of Knowledge in satsang, in service, in meditation. And there our acceptance of that practical experience also has to be practical. The experience that Guru Maharaj Ji gives us is instantaneous of Knowledge, of satsang, of service, of meditation. So does our response to that experience have to be instantaneous, our acceptance of that experience has to instant has to be instantaneous. If we expect Guru Maharaj Ji to make an instantaneous response to us then we have to make that instantaneous response to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Durga Ji dances with baby and Rawat cuts cake

Song: Fire In My Heart - la Chanteuse Inconnue, One Foundation

All of our sweetest dreams are coming through
Somebody must have listened to
My heartfelt plea
Cause heaven has delivered you to me
It's a fire in my heart

Rawat: What's it made out of? Styrofoam?

All of our sweetest dreams are coming through
Somebody must have listened to
Our heartfelt dreams
Cause heaven has delivered you to me

Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Miami, Christmas Day 1980 December 25, 1980
Miami, Florida

What does my Guru Maharaj Ji bring? Guru Maharaj Ji you know takes me to this wonderful, wonderful garden. And in this garden it's full of the most beautiful, beautiful flowers I've ever seen. And the most incredible, incredible sight that I can even imagine, ever, ever imagine and Guru Maharaj ji takes me to this garden and says, "Now open your eyes of faith and look at it. That's all you need is faith in me." Because when you see that garden, you will have faith in yourself automatically. But open your eyes, the only thing stopping you from this most miraculous, incredible experience is just that simple vision and you have the vision within you. Open those eyes, open those eyes of faith and look at me and I'll show you that garden that you can never, never imagine.

January 16, 1981
Miami Beach, Florida

There has to be that devotion. Devotion is that basic, fundamental thing and Knowledge brings us that devotion and Guru Maharaj Ji can take that devotion. What is that devotion for? That devotion is really for you because when you give that devotion to Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji takes that devotion and then makes it into that perfect love and gives it back to you, gives it to every human being, you know, who has come, who has able to recognise that Grace. So in one sense you know it's really, really simple. Ourselves and our ideas and our minute little theories it's all too sophisticated, it's all too complicated, it's all too philosophical and for Guru Maharaj Ji it's simple and for you it's very simple and in one say don't need to say any more cause it's all there, every little thing is there, every single little ingredient that we need in this life to make this a beautiful, beautiful experience is just waiting for us.

You know this world that we believe in or the whole things that we want to be so much a part of they're all gonna go away, you know, because in this, in this world when we leave that door and we turn around and we get out and we start walking away from it all, there's nothing, there's nobody going to be there calling us back except Guru Maharaj Ji cause he's the one who we saw at the door in the very beginning and he's the also the one who's going to be beckoning us back even when we leave and really when we walk away cause that is the Grace, that is that love. Guru Maharaj Ji comes for human being, he doesn't come for Himself. Guru Maharaj Ji comes for human being again and again and again and we are the human beings. (loud drumbeats) So have that trust, have that faith. It's a gift.

Holi in the Rain, 1981

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Premies crouch down on the ground to do full pranam and kiss the ground upon which Prem Rawat's Holy Lotus Feet are nearly walking. After all, he has just told them He is the first one they saw when they were created and the only one they'll see when they die and that He comes for them.

Darshan Darshan Darshan Darshan Darshan Darshan