Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10/11/1979 Video transcript

In 2010 a former member of Divine Light Mission in Australia, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted the Ex-Premie Forum to see if anyone might want the box of video tapes that he hadn't destroyed when ordered to in the early 1980's. The film quality had deteriorated during the 30 years but is adequate. One of the videos was this, Hans Jayanti '79 which was produced for Divine Light Mission.

This is a transcript of the video of the speech of Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji) from the afternoon of the 10th November, 1979 with some music from that day. It begins with Rawat sitting on stage enjoying the song "Focus on The Form" which includes lyrics like "Always remember His every word is Holy". This gets the audience into the appropriate mood of worship and unconditional acceptance of everything Rawat says. The video ends with a brief scene of Rawat "dancing" which sends the crowd into raptures. The sections highlighted in blue link to video clips.

These are links to more educational parts of the speech. It's particularly interesting to compare his tone of voice when speaking about people at a football match or an aeroplane's gauges.

Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979

Focus on the form - The Holy Jesters
Focus on the form of Guru Maharaj Ji
Always remember his every word is holy
(Bolie Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai)
In your heart cherish the feet of Satguru
Always pranam to the supreme power the Satguru
In your heart cherish the form of Satguru
Always pranam to the supreme power the Satguru
No one should remain in illusion's misery
Without Satguru no one is ever set free
Focus on the form of Guru Maharaj Ji
Always remember his every word is holy

Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Dear premies, I don't know if there's left to say. (I love you) I love you too. (clears throat) That's about it. Thank you very much. I guess you know this is supposed to be the last day of this program but the amazing thing is it isn't. It's only the second last day of the program (cheers, Bolie Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai) cause we've got one more day to go. It always happens that way doesn't it? Five day Hans Jayanti ends up to be a week and then next year, you know this year, we said "Okay, Let's make it a week" then it ends up nine days. Next year if we make it nine days, you know, it'll just keep going two days and two days and two days. To me, you know it's like, just this morning I was talking to Donna about just this this one land that we found. I haven't even seen it I've just orally heard Randy Prouty's exaggerated version of this land. And it's supposed to be you know really nice it's a little a bit bigger than this place, it's, it would do, it would do, you know and it's just to feel I mean I don't know if that's even the land that's gonna be but just to forget about all these things that we have to get involved in, you know, building the stage, you know, all these different little trips that have to happen you know it would be wonderful just to come to a place there would be everything there you know, stage is always there, everything and just walk right in there, sit down, satsang begins, no hammering, no sawing, everybody can just completely come here and let go, just let it happen and you know we could hold Holi there, we could hold Guru Puja there, we could hold Hans Jayanti there and we don't have to go to people and say "Oh, could we please hold this program?" "What is it all about? What is this thing that you do there?" and anyway and try to explain to this dumb dumb what we do here.
It's notorious because they don't understand a single thing that we do here and you have to always take it and completely turn around "Oh yeah and we are having a convention, you know." What kind of a convention is this? This is the most unconventional convention (laughter) you could possibly imagine, you know. Everybody coming, I mean it's like you know you can see that we try to dig those things, the true experience perhaps of even Guru Maharaj Ji and try to resemble it to this world, try to even just put it you know to that point where perhaps somebody can understand it, not that, not that we're trying to tell them about Knowledge, not that we're trying to tell them about their lives but just to not sound like an idiot and yet if we just really took a look at it the other guy's the idiot cause he doesn't even know and we know, we know what it's all about. The other guy is naïve, you know, he does not understand, he cannot understand even if he the only way he could understand is if he himself became a premie, then he could conceivably understand. And I see, you know, the shortcomings in all our lives, little shortcomings, here and there, little errors that we make, you know. I just remember just one thing you know, just just what has been my experience of this festival and it's just like to let completely surrender, just let, you know, completely surrender, you know, try to organise something or try to do anything, you know, all this, this whole year has been for me a complete experience of surrender cause everything you considered year ago and tried to plan everything and I tell you it never even ever comes out close to what you think it's gonna happen like. I mean the even the idea of ever having a tour was out of the question, how could you ever have a tour? There could be no tour and yet it happened, you know, and it's just everything manifests, we have to understand, we, we try to put our two cents worth into it and take all the credit, you know, we try to put
You know I mean it's just like just looking at a little uh report they have in terms of how many initiators have given satsang and how many initiators haven't given satsang and you know that's just to see who are the next one victims, you know, who are gonna come up and talk or give satsang, whatever their experience is. If they can't merge with the truth then they're not gonna give satsang, if they can merge with truth, if they can truly merge with Guru Maharaj Ji then they might get up there and give satsang. And I see all our little shortcomings are these things we do not look at. We do not look at Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, you know Grace manifests in so many ways, Grace happens in so many ways and yet we never look at it. To me, Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, you know, it's like this aura that you see around Guru Maharaj Ji. I mean that was my experience, the aura that I always saw around Guru Maharaj Ji, the feeling I always had around Guru Maharaj Ji. One time, you know it's like really incredible for me, it was really blissful. One time he came, you know, Dehra Dun, his residence was just a pit stop for him. He'd come there two days then split again, that was it and one time he said "Do you wanna come with me?" And I was completely, you know, it was beyond the joy of not having to go to school, you know, for all those days, that was always an incredible thing but beyond that and I remember going with him, just just me and him, you know, and whoever was driving and I just remember that I was sitting in the back seat, really quiet, no talking, and just having an experience. Perhaps I wasn't even understanding what that experience was, perhaps I wasn't even recognising what that experience was but always there was this emanating Grace, radiating Grace constantly which I could feel, in which I didn't wanna talk, in which I didn't wanna listen to anybody else, I didn't wanna think, I didn't wanna do anything and it was there and I know you felt this presence.

Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979

I know that in this, in this world, you walk around and there's good vibes and bad vibes, I don't know, that's even a theory I guess. Sometimes the guy can come right behind you and punch you in the back and you would never know, you know, if he's got good vibes or bad vibes or this vibe or you know you just look at the guy's face and if he looks good then he's good vibes and if he doesn't look so good he's bad vibes and he's got a scar down his cheek "He's no good" you know and yet I feel that when Guru Maharaj Ji is there there is no good vibes and there is no bad vibes, it's beyond that point. It's beyond that complete expectation, complete because you know we sit there and we try with our little ideas, with our little concepts with what we think, what we know, what we have heard, try to define Guru Maharaj Ji, try to look at Guru Maharaj Ji through our eyeglasses, you know, through our glasses pink, green, purple, all the different colours that we have and yet when our heart really opens up we don't see Guru Maharaj Ji in those concepts. We don't see Guru Maharaj Ji as red, green, blue or the way our glasses would like to depict Guru Maharaj Ji but we truly then see Guru Maharaj Ji as Guru Maharaj Ji really is. You know I feel it's just like been such a wonderful occasion just to be able to come here and to have programs and you know have satsang and have arti and have satsang and have arti and have satsang and have arti, you know and what is it? What can that do for us? What can that really show us? What can that truly truly teach us? When that's only a part of it, when that only a minute, subtle, like I said last night, you know, escaped particle that just comes out and we experience so much and the reason why we experience and it's like we experience you know always we experience.
What is we? Who are we? Who am I to even experience? I mean could I have experienced all the things that I have experienced now if I did not have Knowledge? If I did not have Guru Maharaj Ji? If I did not have Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace? You know I hate to look back at, at what possibly all the destinies could be, you know, of my life. I lay ay just just I hate to even think about it. Going to school you know every day I mean it's like I guess, you know, we have to go to school I mean sometimes you know the premie kids use that as excuse "Oh why do we have to go to school, Guru Maharaj Ji says he doesn't like school so we don't like school." That doesn't work like that you know. Guru Maharaj Ji is also Guru Maharaj ji, you're not Guru Maharaj Ji, you know, you can't escape like that so easily (laughter). Using the satsang for their own personal benefit, it doesn't work like that but I can see you know all the contraptions that there were and every, you know, twice a week we used to have these classes called PT, Physical Training, and you go out there and jump up and down and do your hand stands and do all these things and then there would be all these recreational activities in the in the I don't know what, what was so recreational about it but you know you run around this whole huge track a few times so by the time you get there you're breathless and you fall down I mean it happened to every kid and the sports activities is to enhance people in sports.
Rawat recalls school sports
Rawat recalls school sports
Rawat recalls school sports
Then they used to have this thing called NCC, you know, even Raja Ji was a part of it. He was, he was one of the cadets and it was National Cadet Corps. You might say like the Boy Scouts but these little Boy Scouts fiddling around with real guns, you know, the real thing you know cause the whole idea was you train here and then you go to the army and it's like I just couldn't get into it. I just couldn't understand it, I just couldn't get into it. I mean it's like to me the whole motive was not understood by any per, by any kid. No kid really came to learn in that school, it was compulsory to learn, it was like you could you know you know it's just like all the mothers one day got together and requested, "Could you somehow?" to the society or the chief of the society, "Could you please, somehow, get this kid off my back. We the mothers urge you to do something about it" and the chief in turn as a favour for the next election opened up this place where they could just take all their kids and dump 'em all day long and they could go on with their chores and shopping and hair curling and all these things and here comes the pretty confused little kid you know.
Homework, you know, I was just saying "What is homework?" It's to give and I mean all these dreadful things would happen with homework, you know, and it's like, again "Get this kid off my back, give him some homework to do!" And it's like we go in this constant almost like an evolution of learning, to learn what? To understand what? Because if we do not you know it's like I learned ABCD and that's the reason why I can speak English. I learned you know all the fundamentals of grammar, or whatever and ABC all the way through. It's really hard to remember all the way from A to Z, not very many people remember how it goes you know, right down to the UVW's, you stop and think "How does it keep on going?" And I just see that if that all that learning isn't successful, all that learning is I mean I I I used to have a friend and this you know this guy was pretty you know he was into his own things and you know we we used to play together or whatever you know see each other you know "How are you doing today?" "How are you doing today?" One of his great dreams was he would always come to the residence and get inside a car and pretend he was driving and recently I got a letter for him, from him and this guy is in some merchant navy in India you know I don't know what he's doing, cleaning the decks or that's it, that's what he's become and for a moment all that flashes in front of you and it's like "My God I can imagine myself on I know on front of a big Navy merchant ship here with a broom you know and a bucket of water "Clean that first and the you can get one stripe and the you can be this and then you can be that" you know. All the different stripes of being a janitor. You get a better brush. First you start off with a hand brush, you gotta squat down and get on your all fours and a lotta elbow grease have to be put on and then you get one stripe and you don't have to use the brush anymore, you can use the broom to clean. And then, then you can tell people to do the same thing, you don't have to do it, you can tell people to so the same thing.
And it's like for all those years that this guy went to school you know, I mean it was all in the same book we didn't use the little things you know if you didn't do the homework or if he forgot his book or he was going to get it this day or I was going to get it this day. You know I would do his homework and he would do my homework and you know work it out in that scene and and it was incredible you know "Will you do me a favour, I'll buy you, you know we used to have this thing, this, these samosas and buns and every lunchtime you go eat these things, you feel hungry and it was like "Oh would you buy me a bun samosa, I'll do your homework for you" and say "Oh sure I'll buy you a bun samosa and you do my homework for me." And sit there early in the morning, get to the schoolroom and take some, the guy who's already done his homework, take his book, sit down at the desk and copy it all down and you are sitting there, working it all out in your head. I guess, you know, even those are the signs of laziness but then even if you are very, very alert, what would you do?
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979The best thing you could ever come I guess to some people or what one of the initiators was saying was probably king of this world and then what would you have? A lot of gray hairs very, very fast. You cannot dominate anything because if you don't understand your life it's like if you give a diamond to a monkey, what would this monkey do with the diamond. First he'd look at it, taste it perhaps, bang on it, beat on it and when it finds that it can't eat it, it has no purpose for it, just throw it away and that'll be it. It'll throw it away, it doesn't matter how precious it is. I feel that that's the same way with our life. We are like little monkeys and we have this precious diamond, we have this precious life and we don't know how to use it and all we do is throw it away. We find our purposes of life. We find what is the best suited thing for me to do. We research what would be nice for me to do. You know I guess in New York all you know there's a lotta bums who are ex-doctors or la lawyers or all these people, What happened to them? It's one thing to not to be happy and to pretend you are happy and then it's another thing to say "I'm not happy" and to face it you're not happy. And yet all this little human being has to do is find the source from which it can truly receive happiness. I mean I guess everything that has been invented, everything that has been made, every is to make you happy. I mean what is the purpose of a tent? I guess if you were to sleep there with a dew falling, cold, freezing, you wouldn't be too happy, you wouldn't be able to sleep all night long, you wouldn't be very nice and so you can say "Oh yeah, you know, to make myself more comfortable in this life, I have a tent, I have a house, I have a sleeping bag and all these comforts to make myself be pleased with those comforts. Big tent, little tent, this tent, that tent, I mean all these things. And purpose? The grand finalé. What is the grand finaleé After all of this life is what we claim it to be there always should be a grand finale. Oh yeah, there is a grand finale but we never enjoy that grand finale. That's when all our loved ones gather together, you know, put us in black Cadillac limousine, in the very back of it, in a casket, now first, first when we kick the bucket I guess you know there's all this ritual goes, in India there is a different ritual and this you know I mean I guess in every country there is a different ritual and there it is, there is the grand finale of our lives. All the loved ones gathered together, all the people gathered together, look at us, we can't look at them, they can be going like this to us you know (puts thumb on nose and wiggles fingers) there we are lying down "I'm glad you're dead, I hated your guts, you know" padded cushioning and all these things and they have always these jokes you know as soon as the, as soon as it's time to bury, the whole family leaves and they take the casket and flip it, drop you in the thing and take the casket back, you know, use it for somebody else. Pomp and show, the thing, the luxury of this and that. You know we live in this world and we don't even enjoy it. What don't we have to do to even enjoy it just the least. What do we have to doe, do to even see it in the least? What is man? What is this life? Crippled with disease, crippled with problems, crippled with things that are incredible. We have got aeroplane. What is aeroplane? You know to get from one place to other place, to get from one problem to other problem, faster. Cars, boats. I mean I guess there's all these things that we could possibly enjoy, you could possibly like but when we dant, don't like the life itself how can we like anything else?
Oh yeah there are beautiful things in this world. I mean even, even human creations that are incredible. I mean every time I get inside an aeroplane and fly the thing, it's incredible. There's all little things that work and all little gauges and things and the systems and the checklists and the concepts and everything, it's incredible. One little propeller in the front or two little jet engines in the back or little switches here I mean it's just, it's just, it's just incredible. Anti-collision lights, hah, somebody's gonna hit you up there, turn these lights on so they can see you. Fascinating, completely, completely, fascinating the way that thing flies or the way that thing takes off, the way that thing lands and yet what is it? Another routine, another routine of life, another aspect of life that you can't even really enjoy because you can't even enjoy yourself. But when we get removed from all that, when we get removed from our, all our things then we can truly even enjoy those things. When we truly get, when we truly understand just the pur, just the purpose of this life, just the purpose of this life. To a lotta people, the purpose doesn't even exist. "What is the purpose of the life?" I mean how can they understand the purpose of the life? The purpose of the life to a drunk bum is that's it find some booze, guzzle it down and that's happiness. Stay out of it.

What is the feeling of standing on top of a bridge ready to jump down? You know one time I was hah just driving around in Malibu, actually it was towards LA not Malibu so much and these mountains and all of a sudden I just saw this car just hanging off the cliff. And I so stopped and I went over and there was this lady sitting inside completely fried, crying, broken, completely broken. I said "Can I help you?" you know (laughter) "Do you like some assis, I thought that maybe she just, woman drive, she just rode off the cliff or something (laughter). But she hadn't, that was all purposely done. She wanted to commit suicide and the dumb, stupid car got stopped halfway. You know she shoulda get those grease, you know, wheels greased so it's keep on rolling but somehow it just got stuck, two wheels on and two wheels hangin' off the cliff, 4o feet drop. And she said "No, I don't want any help." I said, "What's the matter, you know? Why? Whaddya wanna do this for?" And anyway she was completely closed. She had no idea what possibly she could have enjoyed in her life (laughter) you know and it was to me, I couldn't even talk to her, I couldn't even say anything to her. I figured what's to drag her out of there wasn't, it wasn't satsang was going to do it, it was some fire truck that was just going to yank her out of there or something, cool her down you know, hose her down a little bit. Right down just a not even a mile out there was a fire station so I went out there and these guys were just playing their volleyball in front of the fire station I mean it was such a contrast, you know, such a contrast. There she was hangin' off the cliff ready to commit suicide and there these guys were playing their ball and having fun you know and little short sleeved things and aah "I'm gonna get you" "No I'm gonna get you and get that ball, get this thing" and it was just what's happened? Do these guys know what's happening there? So I stopped and I honked and I tried to get their attention and I said "Do you know there's a lady there that's trying to commit suicide, why don't you go help her?" And they just looked at me and they looked at each other, its like "What's bothering you? You know there's no fire there, why should we care? If she falls down the cliff or her car catches on fire, we'll go there." I mean sometimes it really happens like that, all the bureaucracies that we create really ends up like that. You know and it was really to me, you know, what an experience, God, and anyway they got there, they pulled her off and I don't know whatever happened to her. But sometime that's, that's it.
Yes, there are problems in this world. This world is not isolated from problems and yet can you show me one single problem? I mean, you know, in Malibu and even in Miami for that matter, every morning these guys would come and they would have aaaaalll different kinds of problems. There is this premie, David Goulet(?), he's the Finance Minister of Divine Light Mission, you know, almost I think the vice prime you know minister and he's got grey hairs and when he come, he came, he didn't. Look at Michael Dettmers, he didn't have as many grey hairs at all and now, you know, he's got a lotta grey hairs. And yes there are problems and sometimes they take their problems and dump it right on my desk and to me some things are really, really funny, some things are really, really strange, some things are really, really "So what" you know "So what should I do about it? What can I do about it? Let it happen." And to me at that moment is to see you know just to checkpoint, am I surrendered or am I not surrendered? If I start frying over a problem I mean obv I've experienced those days, you're sitting, you're sitting there and what's gonna happen? What's gonna happen? What's gonna happen? What's gonna happen? What's gonna happen? And it's like I can submerge in that problem and experience it. I can submerge in that problem if I want to. I can become a part of that problem and I can become a problem for myself or I can isolate myself and let the problem be problem and let me be me. And the it's OK because I am what I am and the problem is what it is and we are not relatives, we have no relation. That's it, it comes and it goes. It happens sure but my focus, my understanding has to be constantly on my Guru Maharaj Ji. You know, to me, it's so simple to focus on Guru Maharaj Ji because what are you gonna do? You've got a problem, are you gonna cross your legs and sit there, you know, all of a sudden the guy says "I need 10 more dollars, right on the counter for you ticket." What are you gonna do, sit there with your legs crossed, folded, sit down in meditation? Some problem occurs, what are you gonna do? There's the policeman's gonna write you the ticket. What you gonna do? Sit in the car, you now, with your legs folded, sitting in meditation posture and you just in that glimpse out of all those clouds, all the, at at the very end you know of all that fog you see Guru Maharaj Ji and it's like that's good enough to carry you there. That's good enough to take you there. That's good enough to bring you that experience. And when we see ourselves only, when we see ourselves as our destination, when we see ours I mean it's like what are we, what do we think we are? I mean really we think a lot about ourselves. I guess we constantly think about ourselves at that point. Who we are, you know, my nose is okay or my glasses are okay or my moustache is okay or I'm hungry or I'm not hungry or who I am, you know, so Mr So and So. Somebody calls the name in t in just incredible in a moment something clicks in your head, "Oh that's me" and yet we are not even all that. This body is what we see or what we get attached to or what we feel is not us. This body is just a body, it has come, it has growth, it never stays constant, it changes every day. Every second it gets older and older and older and older and older and older. Little corpuscles or white blood cells or red blood cells are dying or fighting with each other, you know, but truly in all that that goes on every second, goes on every single day of my life, you know, what is it? What there is a vast difference, you know, there is a vast difference.
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979There are people who stand at the end of the runway, ready to gun their throttles, you know, ready for take-off have been cleared, rolling right on to the, you know, from the ramp right on to the runway looking here, looking there, looking at their instruments, standing at the throttle, buzzing through their heads, doing all these things, you know, or for me rolling out of the ramp, being cleared for take-off, for that moment being completely focussed on Guru Maharaj Ji and I have an exp, a beautiful experience, my, you know, my heart isn't beating 10 times faster than it should, just close my eyes you know there's a whole airplane but I just close my eyes ???? hands on the throttle and one on the yoke and just close your eyes and just completely merge with Guru Maharaj Ji and then let her rip! And there she goes, that's it, you know and there is an experience, that is an experience that manifests for me. What is it? Every time we get in a car, you know, slam the door, start up the car and here we roll and yet for me every in that even moment to request Guru Ma because if I even can find the slightest excuse to request, to pray to my Guru Maharaj Ji, that my Guru Maharaj Ji manifest for me for that moment and yet that praying that I do just in the beginning of a drive and beginning of a flight or beginning of starting an engine or in the beginning of eating my food or in the beginning when I wake up that has to become always for me. When it becomes always for a devotee to constantly be praying to their Guru Maharaj Ji then also the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji becomes constant for the devotee.

It's like a water tap you know. What is that water tap? The purpose of that water tap is to have water being flown out of it so the water will flow from that water tap but there is a small contingency. The contingency is that there is a little valve that also has the power of stopping that water from flowing. That's the minute difference. That's a small difference but that's what makes the tap a tap and when that little valve is straightened out, when that valve, little valve is removed the water just completely flows out of it then it's really beautiful, then it's really serving the purpose. What is the purpose? To have the water flow from the tap otherwise if no water ever flowed from the tap, what is the difference between a water tap so-called or this chair? Sometimes this chair the water comes out of this, the condensation from the air-conditioning. When we cannot have an experience 24 hours, when we cannot have an experience 24 hours then truly and sincerely what is the difference between us and a little doggy? A little puppy? You know I guess even that little puppy is lucky sometimes because every timer it wants food it thinks of its Master, you know, every time haha I don't know, it does all those things, it thinks of its Master. And yet, do we?

Do we think of our Master? Are we really faithful, faith, are we truly faithful to Guru Maharaj Ji? Have we, you know, what what what are we tryin' to do? Are we tryin' to repay Guru Maharaj Ji? With all the things that we do, are we tryin' to repay Guru Maharaj Ji? How can we repay Guru Maharaj Ji? What do you give Guru Maharaj Ji to repay Guru Maharaj Ji? What? What conceivably, what possibly can you give? Except that love, except this life, except being just really a premie. That's what Guru Maharaj Ji wants is a premie. If Guru Maharaj Ji didn't want premies then there is this whole world right? Thousands of people here and there. Go sit down in a football game, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji there's all your little creatures that you made one day." And it's like that, it's not gonna, that's not gonna please Guru Maharaj Ji's heart to see these dumb creatures that he made on a dumb day to sit there and watch a dumb thing happen, kicking around a little football or whatever.

That's it, I mean, look at it, these guys you know they really try to get good at that football and they go out there and they practice and they practice and they practice and they practice and they practice and they practice and they practice and I mean even of all those people only a few are selected to make a team and then they're lectured upon it and they practice every day and then for entertainment, you know, there is these big arenas I mean you know just like where the program was held in New Orleans was this big Superdome. It's bigger than Astrodome, supposedly and we were not, we weren't occupying the whole thing just a fraction of it on the side and I walked in there, it's enough to make you feel dizzy it's so big, it's huge, I mean it's just gigantic and yet what is it for? To come and to get entertained.

And yet Guru Maharaj Ji offers this entire life to be completely entertained always 24 hours fulfilled in an experience of that love, you know, not one moment or not two days out of a years or not ten days out of a year but always. To have this festival become a part of every day, an experience to completely engulf us, completely totally surround us, be with it. And a small price to pay. What is this small price to pay? What is the best thing that you could possibly give to Guru Maharaj Ji? If it really came down to it, what is the possibly the best thing you could ever give to Guru Maharaj Ji? What is the best thing you have? You. You are the only thing you have. Nothing else belongs to you. I guess, you know, you don't even belong to yourself. And but there you are, that's the most prized possession. Here, this human body, this human being. Mind, body and soul. To just let go of all that, that we clutch on to it. Surrender, surrender is such a sweet experience. Surrender is such a beautiful experience because in the surrender, I see, I realise one thing that, one thing that I truly can see when I surrender is who really I am. Who am I? When I don't surrender I've got my concepts of who of I am. I mean that's the way it is with everybody. When we are not surrendered, when we are stuffed with our ego, when that becomes our backbone, then there is no sweet experience. There is no beautiful experience. Then Guru Maharaj Ji keeps coming and going, not Guru Maharaj Ji keeps coming and going but, we become inconstant. We come and go, come and go, come and go, come and go, come and go. We fluctuate back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 What we think all this is real, you know, I mean that, just that story about Raja Janaka, you know, what was his experience when he truly I mean how intense would have that dream be for a person when he wakes up and he cannot make up his mind about what is real and what's a dream. What is that exp, I mean how incredible must have been that experience? What an intense dream, really, Janaka would have had to have to wake up and say "Am I dreaming?" Which is real? And yet when Janaka finally found the answer, what was the answer? What is Ashtavakra tell Janaka? No king, both are dreams. What you dreamt was a dream cause it was a dream. What you see, what you think is real, is also a dream. So we are constantly dreaming. We're constantly and how do we dream there's only one way you can dream and that's if you're asleep. And so we're constantly dreaming and then we are constantly asleep and in this dreaming and in this thing we do all these things and Guru Maharaj Ji comes to wake us up, wake us up from this dream. And to show us clearly the reality who's, who's really? What is real? What is a fact and what's a lie, what's a truth and what's a lie.
You know, a dog is carnivourous it's been designed, made, manufactured to be carnivorous. A lion and yes for us it's a sin, it's bad or whatever, you know, even doctors and the medical researchers finding out that what you eat so you become, sort of, and in, in definitely Hindu religion they won't even touch it, they won't even touch anybody who's got anything to do with it. What about the dog? Ii it okay for that Hindu dog to eat meat? Is it okay? Is it justified? If you don't give it meat, you know, I've, I've seen some dogs who don't get it and they're alive, their hairs fall off and they look ugly and they get rabies and you name it. So is it okay or is it not okay? Is it justified that a lion goes out every day, I mean a lion doesn't, lioness does. Lion just sleeps all day long and the lioness is the one who goes out and does the hunting, the housewife. She's the one who kills. Is it justified? Is it okay for that little lioness to go out and kill the deers? Is it okay for the wolves to hunt and kill? Is it okay for the hyena to go out and kill? Is that all okay? It's their nature, they were made like that. And so there is a fact, it's a fact, they kill and it's like even the incredible thing is they don't just kill. Do they enjoy the killing? No, it's a hard, hard labour to kill, that's the way they acquire their food. Give them okra, they won't like it, you know. But this is soya bean, this is dahl, eat this. No, they've got nothing to do with it.

So if we, see the purpose is where the meaning is attached. I guess purpose and meaning go hand in hand. If you can find the purpose you can find the meaning. And if you can find the meaning you can find the purpose. If you can find the reason then you can realise. If you can find the sun then you can distinguish the night. And yet what is it, what are those facts for the human being? I mean, even in India, you know you see all these dogs. I mean look at it, every culture, every religion, or every society has refined their ways or system of living. It's in Taiwan or one of these places you know these guys walk in, I mean, in America, I guess in America or Europe on some of these other countries they love dogs, dogs you know, little doggie and all that stuff, you know the little doggie that wigs wal wags it's tail out of the car's window and gets happy and jumps up and down and fetches your, fetches your sandals and one who goes out and brings in your newspaper every day and you adorably love so much and everything. You know this cute little dog that always stays little cute, all nice and you know nice-looking little dog, a little toy poodle or something and in this one country (fiddles with his nose) you walk into a restaurant and in the very middle of this whole restaurant are these little cages and in these cages are little, cute little puppies, cute little doggies and you go there and pick the dog that you want and they'll take the dog, slaughter it and serve it to you and the cuter and prettier the dog more money the owner of the restaurant will get for it. Outrageous huh? They don't think it's outrageous. They, they also say "Oh what a cute nice-looking dog. I'll take that one."
You know, to them what was justified in a minute, what was justified becomes all of a this is why it's a dream, it's justified that all this is a dream because for what one second is real for another second isn't real. For one second what is true, the other second isn't true. It reminds me of this one joke, I heard a long, long time ago, you know. There was this one guy (rubs nose a lot) and one day (laughs) I don't know how to even tell you this joke. One day I guess he got his finger, you know, messed up not hurt or anything just messed up in some doo doo whatever you'd say it and so he came into the village and he said (rubs nose), "You know what happened today, I got my finger all messed up you know in the doo" and there was this one guy there said "Oh my God I can't understand that, if that was me, that would happen to me, I'd cut off my finger. You know washing just isn't good enough." And so 2 days go by and the same thing happens to this guy too, this time he's still got it on his finger and he walks like this (holds his arm our straight) through the whole village on his way to the ironsmith to get it cut off. And he walks all the way over to the ironsmith and he doesn't wanna even look at it and he puts his finger on the little table of the ironsmith and says "Pick up your hatchet and cut my finger off." And the ironsmith looks a little moody nature, a little funny guy so what he did, he turned the hatchet the other way and instead of slamming it on his finger, he just slammed it right next to his finger and it made a big bang noise, it didn't hit him, just made a big bang noise and he thought his finger was cut (laughs) off and so he took his finger and stuck it in his mouth and said "Ouch!" you know. For one moment this guy was ready to get his finger cut off and the other moment "Ouch!" and nothing had happened his finger was just still intact and full of it too. (laughter) And I sincerely hope that's all it is, is a joke not the real thing you know I guess a gruesome twosome

Rawat loves his own shit jokes Rawat loves his own shit jokes Rawat loves his own shit jokes Rawat loves his own shit jokes

I mean it's a same thing as this life sometimes, it's one time you know "Oh my destiny is this I have realised my destiny" and the second time it's all stuck in it, completely upside down and say "Oh God, get me out of this horrible mess. What I wouldn't do to." To constantly live to find the pleasure of the life, what do we do in fact to receive the pleasure of the life. The search becomes our destiny and that's it. All our lifes long we just dream and that's it! We search and search and search and search and search and search and search and search and then one day we just die and we still are lookin' for it. And one you know in in in this ashram in Prem Nagar there were these 7 gates, 7 round arches and one time Shri Maharaji said "Well whosoever sincerely walks with a desire for me through those gates is saved" and that's incredible because if we just even approach Guru Maharaj Ji on that level to be saved we will be saved because when we go to Guru Maharaj Ji Guru Maharaj Ji Ji will take us, will accept us, there is no ifs ands and buts about it. Even for that premie, I mean how lucky he was in one sense for these thousands of people waiting to receive Shri Maharaj Ji's darshan, waiting for hours and there even if he was driving by and got one glimpse of this one premie, stopped the car, turn around, go back, you know, give it, let him have it for one hour or so and get back in the car and off we go.
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 But quack quack perhaps we don't need luck like that. Yes there are people you know who have gone to the tops of Himalayas, they've gone inside Himalayas, renounced this entire world. How do you renounce it? You know once upon a time there was this king, and he decided that he wants, he wanted truth and satisfaction. The only way he could get it if he renounced the entire world. So he renounced everything and went into the jungle and the queen who has the Knowledge, you know, said "Well, if this king goes away, who's gonna manage this whole kingdom?" So she went to him and said "What are you doing here?" And the king said "Well, I've renounced the whole world." And she said "Oh really, what do I see behind you? This hut, who does it belong to? You? You know, who does it really belong to?" He said, "Well it belongs to me" he said. "Well then have you really renounced the world?" And he burnt it down. Then he had a little, (Rawat practices Nectar technique 58:10) you know, a little thing to keep water in. "Who does this belong to?" "It belongs to me." "Burn it down, you know, you haven't renounced anything yet. You've got your hut, you've got this." He burnt it down. Took one look at his clothes and said "Who does these belong to?" "Well, they belong to me." She said, "Hey well, have you really, truly renounced the world?" And he burnt his clothes down. And she pointed at his body "Who does this belong to?" So in, even in the ultimate of what we might think to renounce the entire world, you might find peace and satisfaction and happiness, it isn't even there.
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 There are these Mahatmas from India, you know, and they have shaved heads and they have saffron clothes and I don't know I hope they're happy and because they have Knowledge and they have a chance and they have an opportunity to practice Knowledge in their life to experience Guru Maharaj Ji in their life and it's wonderful. But there are so many sadhus walking around there who've with of most of these Mahatmas, not the Mahatmas who have Knowledge, but these other Mahatmas and sometimes even the Mahatmas who do have Knowledge is they always have a tendency to make everyone uncomfortable around them. You know, every, a Mahatma comes into an ashram or something, finds a poor premie, you know, sick and tired, who's just trying to rest for the last breath or something, "Will you have my clothes ironed, ha ha? Give me a glass of water! Massage my feet! Massage my head!" You know, sometimes it doesn't quite gell like that, you know. "You better do service to me, you know, don't you know you have to take care of me very well? Above and beyond every specification." ??? sometimes, I mean, these initiators here, you know, don't have their heads shaved off, you know, don't wear saffron clothes but they have it too, you know, they enjoy themselves out there, you know, lunch or the water, you know, sometimes to a very, very high specification, sometimes I don't get served like that, sometimes the way they get served, I don't care.
You know, but the most important thing is that it really is where it should belong. In the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, not in the experience of each other, not in the experience of maya, not in the experience of this illusion, not in the experience of this mind. Oh yes, we can sit up here and talk about mind, all the horrible, miserable things the mind does but yet where will the experience be because that's not what the experience is, the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji let's get it there, let's put it there. Let's bring it there and then ss see the pleasure manifest, then see the beauty manifest. You know for most of us, perhaps even a little bit is like "Oh my God, this is a lot." And yet what Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give us what is beyond what you can call a lot, is beyond you could ever imagine, beyond your wildest imaginations. Do you want it? You know and if you do want it and something inside of you really does because that's its food, you can eat food to satisfy your stomach but there is something inside that doesn't just get satisfied by eating food, by sleeping, by doing all of the notorious things. It doesn't get cleaned very time you take a shower, it doesn't look pretty every time you wear nice clothes, it doesn't get satisfied or quenches its thirst just when you drink water, it only gets satisfied when it has the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji. That's you, buried in there, in this physical body you know. It only gets clean, you know, when Guru Maharaj Ji you know showers the downpour of the Holy Name, you know. Then it gets clean, it feels clean. It gets satisfied when it sees Guru Maharaj Ji, when it has darshan, when it hears satsang, that's its food. There is no mystery about it. Then when that thing is satisfied then it doesn't matter whether it rains or is sunny or we are hungry or we are not taking a shower yet. Then it just doesn't matter. Just like for that one devotee, you know, she, I mean, I guess, it was just everything to her to hear that Krishna was there, she didn't care, she didn't care what she looked like, she didn't care what she was gonna give him, just right in front. She started giving Krishna the peel of the banana and started throwing the inside part away and when truly, when that love is truly captured then the whole world of devotee comes alive.
Because that is the signal, now, I mean, it's hard to say, I mean, I don't know how many of you are standing on the threshold but I can definitely feel that some of the premies are standing on the threshold you know and what bugs me the most is that for some stupid reason I feel that all those premies that are standing on the threshold are somehow not going to walk through it and I can't stand that. If you made it all the way ten years, ten years of walking, of cracking, of ego, of mind, of grace, of every single trip, everything. Ten years' worth of all that, standing in front of the threshold and then one straw that breaks the camel's back and you turn around and walk off. It's so close, you know, it's so incredible because it is so close. I feel that even just if premies could make that little bit of an effort that they would be there, you know. Just that little tiny little thing that they could really and truly the separation from their mind and yet you know more premies that come to the threshold more bugs me because I don't want them to walk out of there. I want them to make that effort even more to open up that door knob and walk right through and stay because in this human life you will still have that chance, you will still have that option that even after you've crossed the threshold that by a human idiocity you will open the door from the other side and walk right out again.
Look, it isn't like one day you will have an, an incredible experience that Guru Maharaj Ji will walk the threshold or whatever and then after that you will never need satsang or you will ever never need Knowledge or you will never need Guru Maharaj Ji. No that all has to be there because that's what keeps us, once we are in it keeps us in and once we're, when we are out it pulls us and pushes us and pulls us and pushes us to that threshold. Constantly brings us closer every moment and I mean we haven't, I'll tell you the truth, we haven't reached, if we have reached the threshold, we haven't reached it by our doing, don't take any credit for it, please, you know, we had nothing to do with it. We didn't understand it, we can't understand, we don't understand anything about the whole path, the system, the way it works, you know, to us it's all Greek really and for the Greeks it's Greek to them too. That expression, it's all Greek to me you know. But Guru Maharaj Ji has brought us, seen us through thick and thin, seen us through our miseries, seen us through our bliss, seen us through our happiness, seen us through sadness, seen us through everything and and has seen us through that point and now Guru Maharaj Ji asks for only one single thing that when he opens that door, when he opens that door, you take that step. To constantly keep alive that experience of satsang, service and meditation every day in your life. To constantly be in touch with Guru Maharaj Ji. To do what Guru Maharaj ji wants you to do for a change and not what this stupid thing has told you for such a long time. Give it a break. Let it go on a vacation. You know, let it go somewhere, it has done such a lousy job for such a long time, ask it for its resignation and empower and entrust Guru Maharaj Ji with that authority and only Guru Maharaj Ji and the truly there can be the kingdom of heaven for you.

So premies, thank you very much.

Meditating on Your Love

The world stops when I look into your eyes
Always takes me by surprise
Feels so familiar, like I've already been there
To another world, so still, no place I'd rather be
Feel your gaze just melt me
Bringing me from all my fantasies
Just disappear, leaving me here
Meditating on your love
Puts me in your place
Meditating on your love
Puts me in your Grace
I'm riding on the rhythm of I love you
This is no place on earth that you're taking me to  
But the heaven in your heart
Puts me right where you are

I know, I managed to walk away from you
Never know what drove me to
In a moment I'm miles away
Lost in the wild blue yonder
Is it any wonder
Why you try with all your might
Just to keep me in your sight
Cause you know what's right for me
All through the day, all through the night
Meditating on your love
Makes life complete
Meditating on your love
Make life so sweet
I'm riding on the rhythm of I love you
This is no place on earth
That you're taking me to
The heaven in your heart
Puts me right where you are

Meditating on your love
Nowhere else I need to go
Meditating on your love
Nothing else I need to know
Just to let this feeling grow from me to you
From you to me eternally
Meditating on your love
Makes life complete
Meditating on your love
Makes life so sweet
I'm riding on the rhythm of I love you
This is no place on earth that you're taking me to 
But the heaven in your heart
Keeps me
Meditating on your love, etc, etc.

Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979

Hindi Bhajan - So You Think You Can Dance

Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979 Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979