The Greatest GiftPrem Rawat: The Greatest Gift

It is a complex world and some questions are difficult to answer simply even for Prem Rawat aka Maharaji. Despite carefully examining his teachings and muchos meditation there is still some doubt over just what is the greatest gift of all to a human being but Maharaji is certain there only 2 possibilities, either Himself or God. Maybe they're the same thing as there is one and only one Lord Himself who reincarnates time and again to save us and so Maharaji is God's greatest gift to us. In descending order of greatestness the greatest gifts probably are:

  1. Maharaji aka Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka the Master
  2. the Holy Name or Word of God
  3. Maharaji's Gift of Knowledge
  4. Life (including Breath)
  5. the gifts of Joy and Peace are the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

It's us who pull ourselves away from it, who pull ourselves away from that greatest gift, greatest God-given gift that we have got. How many times are we going to do that? How many times are we going to deny our Lord? I mean, I can't even imagine how man can be as crazy as he is! The Lord Himself reincarnates, reincarnates, reincarnates Himself for the very purpose of saving us. - Maharaji, Hans Jayanti

So what is the blessing for a human being. Of course we've talked about life, we've talked about that breath, we've talked about this existence and yes they're all blessings. But there is another wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master.

The Greatest GiftMaharaji also considered that life itself was the greatest gift though probably not as great as himself, the Perfect Master.

We have been given the greatest gift -- and that is this life itself -- but it's too blah. … this is our life. This is the jewel that we have been given. And it's blocked. And we realize that. But by the Grace, we have been sent for by this person who has completely mastered the only process, which is Knowledge. We call him Guru Maharaj Ji. We call him Perfect Master.
I'm here to tell you, "You are important regardless of that agenda because you are alive. It is the greatest miracle; it is the greatest gift. And it has been given to you." Given. - ADI magazine Issue #1

Of course, if you aren't breathing then you're not alive so breath qualifies as the greatest gift as well.

I understood once again that, of all the gifts I have been given, the greatest is the breath that comes into me every moment. It is the most non-judgemental gift that I receive. - Inspire electronic magazine v2 i61 and on the TPRF Thank You CD
If I say to you that the greatest gift you could have is the gift of the breath, would you believe me? Or a little doubt? But it is true. It is the gift of gifts, so abundantly given, without you ever having to pray for it. - Your Moment

Techniques of Knowledge To enjoy the greatest gift from God, Life we need the greatest gift given by Maharaji, Knowledge.

Are you just gonna let your crazy mind come in, the absence, the absolute blankness come in and confuse you and confuse you and confuse you and confuse you? Or are you in fact going to use the greatest weapon of all, are you going in fact to take the greatest gift of all, are you going in fact to take the greatest answer of all, and utilise it, this gift that has been provided to us, that has been given to us? - Frankfurt Germany

This greatest gift of Knowledge, The Holy Word, is so greatest that not even Maharaji Himself can sing the glory of this Knowledge

And I want to see everybody being benefited from this greatest gift. Because this greatest gift, really, is so incredible that nobody - not even me - can sing the glory of this Holy Word, can sing the glory of this Knowledge. It's so incredible; it's so incredible. But we can realize it, and that's what we have to do: We have to realize it, and realize it now. - Atlantic City New Jersey

PremRawat aka Maharaji 2012Then there is the greatest gift you can give yourself by utilising the greatest gift of Knowledge which is given by Maharaji which allows us to enjoy the greatest gift from God, life which exists through the greatest gift of breath and for all of this we rely upon Maharaji, the greatest gift of God to man.

Yes, you can be fulfilled. That's what's important. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of joy, the gift of peace. That is tops. And every step counts toward knowing the one thing you thirst for – that your life be fulfilled. - Inspire v2 i47

Students of Maharaji are often puzzled by which of Maharaji's multifarious gifts to them are the greatest gift of all. Here are a few points for discussion:

Charananand I had a wonderful life with Shri Maharaj Ji for almost 17 years and I enjoyed myself to the fullest. His kindness, love and Knowledge have an imperishable significance in my life. I hold him very dearly in my heart and revere him with deep love and gratitude. And now I am extremely thankful to Maharaji for allowing me to be the recipient of his never ending love and encouragement. I continuously rejoice in practising Knowledge, participating in his activities and watching his boundless glory and magic unfold. He is the dearest one to my heart. By his constant efforts and grace, so much has transpired over the last 30 years. He has spoken to millions of people and bestowed the highest gift of Knowledge upon hundreds and thousands thereby transforming their lives. - Charnanand, Rememberance and Thankfulness

Mohani Bai Omnipresent omniscient, omnipotent. And the most wonderful and perfect creation is this human body, the greatest gift given to us. Even He Himself incarnates in human body, for example Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus etc. Guru Maharaj Ji says that by having His first grace, the bestowal of human body, man is standing at the gate of salvation. He should know the purpose of this human life. When there is a downfall of mankind and an increase of evil, Truth is covered by ignorance. Then our savior God manifests Himself in the form of the Perfect Teacher, to show the path of perfection through the Knowledge of Truth, and to unite all religions into one reality which leads to God realization. - Mohani Bai Mohani Heitel was a Bai - a lady Mahatma - before the young playboy was deposed by his family and his father's senior Indian followers. She is married and lives in Germany and no longer calls herself a Bai and refuses to speak about her days as a Rawat mouthpiece.

This is the path of devotion. If we strive to love Guru Maharaj Ji and follow his direction, everything becomes easy. We have only to relax and enjoy that which the Master places before us. His greatest gift is darshan, his physical presence. Only through darshan do we reach the goal. Only through darshan does true understanding and realisation of God come. That is the Knowledge: the gradual growth of spiritual experience. - The Golden Age Number 4

Julie Collett The name of the game is awareness; consciousness, not semi-consciousness. When you start to become conscious in meditation and see what is happening there, when you really start to meditate instead of thinking, it's amazing how clearly you can see everything around you, it's amazing how you really begin to feel alive, really begin to feel like a premie should feel, really begin to have incredible love for Maharaj Ji. Because this to me is one of the greatest gifts we can have, really feeling that love for Maharaj Ji. To me it is worth anything to have that connection. - Julie Collet

Marolyn RawatIt's like - what I call devotion is the greatest gift Maharaj Ji's ever given me, and yet I feel like I'm still so, still so narrow in it, you know. I just need to really just open up, and really experience devotion. - Durga Ji Rawat (wife) Denver, Colorado

Timothy Gallwey Devotee of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1982 Ten years ago, when Maharaj Ji was only 13 years old, W. Timothy Gallwey of Los Angeles heard him speak. Gallwey, then 33 and later to be celebrated for his books ("The Inner Game of Tennis," "The inner Game of Golf?' and others), remembers "feeling that a boy would not easily be able to deceive me and might even have something more to offer than philosophy." "I trusted Maharaj Ji's sincerity and asked for his Knowledge because doing so required nothing of me that violated my integrity?" he says. "Surprisingly, exactly as I needed them less, my external pursuits became easier for me and I flourished inside and out. I realized that I had been given a gift of inestimable value - one that could make me truly free."
From the Élan Vital pamphlet People from all walks of life pursue Happiness…

Michael Dettmers and Prem Rawat He did say, always in the third person, that Maharaji's darshan was the greatest gift that can be bestowed upon a devotee. - Michael Dettmers

"It's very exciting and very inspiring working with aspirants. They're so open to learn", says Charanand, who has been an instructor for 41 years. "Maharaji has developed such a simple and beautiful process now for helping people prepare to receive the gift of Knowledge, which for me is the highest gift of human life." - Connect magazine, Issue 1 1998