Sao Paulo 1993Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Sao Paulo Introductory Event 1993

What can you say about life? Everybody lives it. What can you say that can be incredibly inspiring? What can you say that will make a difference in someone's life? And yet the most profound thing that there is, there's nothing that you can really say that could make the difference. The most profound thing in itself is to just look at life as it is. We're all born. One day we will all go. This time that we have, what does it mean? How do we live it? How this gift has been given and how do we utilise this most precious gift that has been given to us. You know sometimes it takes a disaster, it takes a fiasco and then all of a sudden the people awaken for a moment, something awakens and it's like oh my God, there has got to be something more and then two days later, three days later everybody goes back to singing the same old song.

But think about it, think about all the ingredients that have been placed inside of you. In you, there is a mind and it is inquisitive. It questions, it looks at something and says let me rip it apart and then also inside of you there is the heart that wants to accept, wants to feel the gratitude, wants to feel complete, wants to feel whole, wants to feel this life, wants to feel the magic. Both exist and both coexist. There is inside of you the logic that has been placed by all the world. There is reasoning that has been given to you by this world. The definitions: how you should look at certain things. Nobody had to teach me to smile. Nobody had to teach me how to love. Nobody had to teach me how to appreciate. Nobody had to teach me to stand, watch a sunset or a sunrise and be in awe. Nobody had to teach me that.

So the struggle, if there is one, becomes clearly: which do I choose in my life. Do I choose that which was given to me or do I choose that which has been taught to me? If I choose, if I choose only to listen to what has been taught to me I will never be content. I will never be content because that which the world teaches, it changes. Two months later, three years later they will tell you um that's not really how it was. Sorry now it's different so now you must learn the new thing but at the same time if I choose to only believe in everything that I came with, I will be totally dysfunctional in this world. I mean talk about being dysfunctional. You would not be able to function. You would no longer have a job because you would wake up in the morning and you would ask yourself "Do I really want to do this?" And the answer to it will be categorically "No!" I do not want to waste my life chasing buses. I do not I do not want to waste my life parked on some highway smelling all the fumes of the cars, wondering what I am doing." So which one is it going to be?

It can be some people say "You must have a balance" and you will go crazy balancing the balance. A balance, have you ever seen a balance. Two sides perfectly lined up, perfectly, perfectly and if one little piece of feather which doesn't weigh very much was to land on one side immediately the balance would just start to tip. One thing, one moment, one second of lapse of maintaining the balance and immediately it'll tip the other way.

So what does a human being do? This is so much so many people's questions "So what do you do?" What can you do? To find the answer to that you have to even back up further. Who are you? Who are you? What are you? Whatever ingredients that make you, you. What are you a combination of? There's two things, one which is immortal, it will never die and one that is extremely mortal because these two things, the immortal and the mortal, the indestructible and the very destructible, the finite and the infinite have joined together, fused together to make you. Something inside of you will never die, something inside of you never changes, never! On the other hand something that you also have constantly changes. Constantly, it is never static. Minute to minute it's changing. Every grey hair is working towards it every wrinkle is working towards it, every change, never static, it's constantly changing. These two things, these two incredible elements have come together. What do they allow you to do? One, in my opinion, in my experience, in my feeling is perfect. It's real. People call it the truth so be it. Whatever people want to call it doesn't matter. It is what it is. It always was, is and will be. It has no reasons, it has no definitions.

Peculiarly enough it is one of the things that does not fall into the realm of logic. Peculiarly enough it is not one of those things that a human being can say "Let me pull this apart." It can't be pulled apart. Appreciation is inside of you. You can appreciate, you don't have to draw a line in it that says "Either I must be in the world or I must not be in the world." Mistake number one. What I said to you before is what the world says, balance, balance but let me tell you there are no balances. There are no two sides. There are no two sides because don't fool yourself one day you will be gone. So how can there be two sides? This is a very one-sided. This is extremely one-sided. It's like can you imagine having a balance? Can you really call it balance when there is one side missing? There is no it doesn't exist. One side is all about a way to figure out how it all works. An inquisitiveness.

The difference between the book that has the picture of the sun and the sun. Of course there is a difference. The difference between the recipe book and the food. When you are not hungry, when you are not hungry you can entertain your mind by a recipe book. You can open it, you can look at it, you can see the pictures, you can thumb through it but don't you realise how one sided it is. You can think is much as you want but when you become hungry then you become hungry the same thought is useless. If you become hungry and start reading a recipe book it'll do you know good. How one-sided is it? You can think about water, you can bring you can go shopping for the water when you are not thirsty. You can read a book about water, you can examine the chemical content sof various varieties of water but when you are thirsty you must put the book down and find water.

End side one

Thought in itself is not sufficient to quench the thirst.

The question of reality and illusion hangs on this very thing. Illusion is that which pretends to be real but is not. That's what illusion is. If that is the definition of illusion, something that pretends to be real but is not then the definition of the fool is the one that believes the illusion. Very simple. That which is putting a façade to be real but it really isn't and somebody who can be a greater fool than that person who looks at that and says "Oh no, it is real" and believe me so many people, so many people fall prey to just that. It is a thing, a contentment, the cry of the heart that is what is reality. The feeling, the feeling that is what is real and regardless of what you do that feeling should not be compromised. Nothing, nothing should be allowed to infringe on that feeling. To me living this life that's where the joy is. When it's clear, when it's clear what that priority is.

Being void of problems will not bring you happiness because the definition of happiness is not common void of problems equals happiness. Some people think that's what happiness is. Solve all your problems and you will be happy. If you got rid of all your problems then that's exactly what you will have, you will have no problems but that doesn't mean you will be happy.

Happiness is a state of being, it is not a consequence. It isn't that you push this button then you push that button then you did this and you did that and now you can be happy. That state of total happiness, that state of total equilibrium is inside of you. In your dire troubles, in your greatest pain, in your lowest point there is a place inside of you that is still happy. When the whole universe that you have created is on fire on fire there is a place inside of you that it is still cool, calm and not burning. It is that place that you must visit, you must frequent, you must be there. Then it doesn't matter, then it doesn't matter. No balances are needed. No juggling game is required. No playacting is necessary. That is when the dualities start to fade and realities start to emerge. That's when a human being begins to understand the humanity. That's when a human being starts to understand what life is because then the human being begins to appreciate what a gift we truly have been given.

If I took you to the most beautiful beach on the face of this earth with the most beautiful crystal clear waters on the face of this earth and then put you in the bay where you were drowning, which you enjoy that? I don't think so and every time you screamed out I said "But this is the most beautiful beach and this is the most beautiful bay and these are the most beautiful waters, how could you?" Because you know that it isn't the beach, it isn't the waters if you're not alive. Because you are alive you can enjoy the beach. Because you are alive you can enjoy the bay. Because you are alive you can enjoy the water. Because you are alive. How incredibly delicate that is. How incredibly delicate.

Keeping that in mind, what does life mean to you? Keeping that in mind, what does it really mean to you? Keeping that in mind, what is your definition of life? Keeping that in mind, what are you really working for? Keeping that in mind, what goals are there that you are going to be able to accomplish? When the very thing that made you, that makes the goals has gone, evaporated and the very thing that used to smile when the goal was fulfilled is also gone. And if there were any goals that were fulfilled, they're gone too. What is left? What a little magic takes place for each one of us. Rich, poor, it doesn't matter. Good, bad, it doesn't matter. Right, wrong, it doesn't matter.

It is that one most amazing thing that must prevail and if it does then there is joy. Joy that only you will know. Nobody will know it for you. Am I enjoying, and I feeling that grace in my life every minute or not because if I am not feeling it, I'm doing something wrong. Some people say "Oh but I, you know, life is like climbing a mountain." Come on, life is not like climbing a mountain! If you're climbing a mountain, you're on the wrong direction. Life is like swimming in ocean, wrong road. Life is like a running, nope. Life is like living one breath at a time, enjoying every moment, savouring every minute and then you begin to understand what life is all about. To some people this is impractical. So is death. Un-convenient. So un-convenient you know. It comes at the wrong time. You have so much to finally, you get really close to it, finally you begin to awaken "Oh my God." Then you know you shouldn't waste your time. Now you finally know. Now people say "Now, I want to live! Now I am ready" ha a little too late.

You need clarity. Clarity is a lot of people in fact "Don't talk about death." I'm not talking about death, I'm saying there is no point to remind you about death because that's inevitable inevitable. The point is to remind you about the joy that you have in your life now. That you should get all of it out before it's too late. If somebody slipped you a trunk full of gold coins and said "Here, you have this trunk, take as much as you want." Have you seen those shows they have these shows, they do sometimes, there like competitions . They give you 10 minutes right and you can go into a store and just take whatever you can. Have you ever seen those? Have you ever seen how frantic the people are? They're like (laughter) and and and they're trying to find the best products, not the cheap ones you know leave the cheap ones, get the best ones but that is how you need to live this life every minute. You have the best (laughter) and really that's the whole point, that's the whole point of this life and that's the whole point of this joy because it is so good (fade out into music)