Barcelona 2004Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Rome Italy, 6th September 1992

Well I know this event was called very quickly at the last minute but we're here and we can listen. Listen to something very simple about this life, not the problems and and maybe not even so much the solutions but just to listen, to understand what we have. What is existence all about? What is life all about? Because we all we all take it for granted because we have a life. We all take it for granted that we know what it is. Because we live, we know, we take it for granted that we know what it is like to live and we all have our problems and we deal with our problems and this is I mean so many people sit there and they debate, they question, what is this life all about, how are we going to solve this problem?

How are we gonna solve that problem and the other day, a couple of days ago I was actually in England, I started thinking that if you imagined a car and in this car there is four people. There is the driver and he's a taxi driver and he wants to make a living so he has to work and he has his family that he has to feed, rent to pay. He has debts, loans, everything. So he has to work and he has to work really hard. So he works, he works as much as he can. He works day, the works night as much as is possible to make a living. And so may be that's not an abnormal situation, it's fairly normal and if we were to talk about it, there's nothing wrong with it, there's nothing right with it but there's nothing wrong with it.

It's acceptable, it's acceptable and then in this car there's an other man and he has been called to this town a few miles away where he is to be doing some business. I mean he doesn't want to go, it's far away and he he doesn't want to go but his boss said "No, you have to come" so he has to go and he has a family too and he has his debts and he has his problems and so he has to oblige is boss. Of course, he's a little better off than the taxi driver. If he didn't work one or two days it wouldn't make a difference but jobs are hard to find and it is hard to make a living so he has a job and he wants to be secure in his job and so he listen to his boss and says "Okay, I'll come." Now that's normal, there's nothing wrong with that, that's acceptable, that happens. Your boss says you know you have to do something, really.

I mean the one time I remember I came to Montréal and there was this fellow and it had been a long time since we had seen each other and he wanted to be there but his boss insisted that he go to Jamaica for a holiday because his boss had put together some kind of a some kind of a contest and this guy won and so is boss said "You know, yeah, yeah take it." He knew I was coming so he was saying "No, no, give it to him. Give it to somebody else" and and and of course, he didn't want to offend his boss and he went on to Jamaica which he didn't like (laughter) but also he said he didn't like.

Now, this businessman he's there and it's normal there's another person in the car and maybe I mean it doesn't really matter, he could be anybody, anybody. He is he is this other man he has to go to see is uncle who is dying and then there is another person in a car I mean okay why why he has a family and ah in this family he wants everything to be okay. The harmony since he was little was taught how he should be, you know how the family is really important and that's normal to isn't it? So this uncle who never took care of himself who never who just was out there doing his own thing all his lifelong, now he's old, he's dying. So he has to go to see his uncle.

And then there is of course the fourth person in the car and again he could be anybody as well and you can you know you can make it where there is a big uh festival happening and this man has to be there with his family. His family is waiting for him over there. His wife insisted that she take the children before him and now finally is free and and and he is going to go meet his family.

Well, we've described four people, normal situations, normal situation so they all get together and they rent this taxicab at night after their jobs are finished they're going to leave their gonna drive all night long to be there in the morning. They're driving along, it's late, it's dark and it's late and the taxicab driver is very tired. I think you're already starting to understand the purpose of this example. Yes, he goes to sleep whilst driving and the car proceeds to go over a cliff.

Now, let's do something unusual. Let's stop the taxicab as it's falling off the cliff suspended in the middle I mean that's all that has happened is that the taxicab has been frozen. Now all of a sudden the driver wakes up and he see you know way down there nothing, big ocean, big rocks. Everybody wakes up. Everybody looks out the window. Everybody panics because you see these four people from different backgrounds, from different normal problem are about to share exactly the same fate. Tsk. They're all going to go kaput as soon as this taxicab is unpaused it's going to proceed to drop rest of the way. But let's just pause it and let's hear everybody's plight.

Let's listen to the taxi driver and he is saying "Oh my God. I shouldn't have fallen asleep" and he's right. He shouldn't have. He's absolutely right but he's wrong. Why is he wrong because the nature of human being dictates that when you work too much you get tired. When you get tired the body wants to fall asleep and so what the body of the taxi driver did was normal so he's right that he shouldn't have fallen asleep but he's wrong, he should have fallen asleep. Now he shouldn't have fallen asleep driving the car but he has to drive the car because he had to pay the debts. He needs the money so he should have been driving the car but he shouldn't have been driving the car but if he wasn't driving the car then how would he pay his debts, so he should have been driving the car and pretty soon you realise let's put this taxi driver aside because he's equally wrong and he's equally right. Everything that happened is totally justifiable, it's normal.

Now, the man with his family in the other town is saying "If only, if only I wasn't married to that stupid woman (laughter) then she wouldn't be out there and I wouldn't have to go there and I wouldn't be in this predicament. Maybe today that woman is stupid but when he went to marry her, she was not that stupid. In fact if somebody would have said "Stupid" to his wife, to his girlfriend at that time in front of him he would have hit him. So is she stupid or isn't she stupid? Well at least she didn't start out by being stupid. So either she is she is not stupid but he is or you know she's stupid and he is not. It's gotta be one or the other or they're both 50-50 stupid. (Laughter) but he, he has a legitimate complaint, he does because it's true right? But no, it's not true because the explanation doesn't hold a whole lot of water.

Here he's about to share the same predicament and then the person who has to go to the meeting, he says "Why do I have to have this job? If I only would have settled for another job, I wouldn't have this stupid boss who's calling me to this meeting and then I wouldn't be in this car and I wouldn't be in this predicament. But that's not true because he could have told his boss "Fire me, I'm not coming" but he didn't so he does want the job. Now he's making it easy upon himself by saying "Oh only if I only if I." Now in hindsight he is trying to make wisdom out of what was never something that had any wisdom in it.

So, my point is this. You can only keep them pause so long, right? Here they are and everybody has something to say. Everybody has something legitimate to say. Everybody has an excuse except excuses are no good anymore because as soon as the pause button comes off this car will hit and they'll all share exactly the same fate. What should be done? What can be done? What could be done and what can be done now? Maybe people can say "Well they can all start praying" because as soon as the pause button comes off they're gonna all hope for a miracle but the miracle happened.

Miracle happened the day they took the first breath in their life. You see there is a saying in Hindi, actually it's a saying in Sanskrit that there is no point in throwing pearls to the birds, they won't eat it, they won't make a garland out of it. There's no point in taking beautiful, delicious food. What is delicious to you or I and giving it to a donkey because it'll slurp it down even if it was hey which to you and I is not very delicious but it would make no difference to the donkey. The donkey would not be able to appreciate the fineness of the food that has been given to it. In the same way, what is the point in making beautiful light show in front of a person who is blind? He will not see it. So what is the point in throwing miracles in front of a person who can't even recognise this the biggest miracle of them all. What is miracle going to do?

What is the point in saying "Well, maybe kindness should be shown to these people." Well the greatest kindness was shown to these people. The greatest of the kindness. For every moment of the life that they existed a miracle was happening, a miracle. A breath in and a breath out. The ability to see, the ability to speak, the ability to be able to hear, the ability to experience, these were all miracles, every one of them and these miracles were given without asking every day. So now if another one was to happen that would do the trick? ah ah. So what, what can be done? Oh maybe something will happen. What?

Again, is something abnormal, is something abnormal happening? No, it's all very natural. It is something unnatural happening? No, it's very natural. Gravity is a natural. Gravity is not an unnatural thing. This car has proceeded beyond the point where the gravity can keep it on the ground and now it's airborne and it can only fly horizontally the distance equalling to its momentum. That horizontal momentum starts to dissipate, slowly and slowly the car starts to come down till the car will actually reach terminal velocity 2 feet per second per second. Now it may be a little slower than that simply because of drag. Depends on how the car is falling but nothing unnatural is happening and it's inevitable.

My point is this we are also in this car and we have all set forth on a journey of our choice and we have all our explanations but this is because of this, this is because of this, this is because of this. I must do this because I have to do this because I have to do this I mean I can't dadada dadada dadadad dadada. And don't you realise that it doesn't matter where you live, what you do, who you are, how intelligent you are, how dumb you are, how educated you are, how uneducated you are, how good you have been, how bad you have been, whether whether there are you are incredibly religious or you are a complete atheist, we, all of us share that same fate. Nobody, nobody is exempt from it. Never has been and that law that has existed from that time exists today as well.

End side one

So I can contain this gift that I am being given. Let me not breathe so I may live in vain but let me accept every breath that I take so that I may live the life that I have been given. Then when human beings begin to understand what love is because people think that love is what happens between two people. A man and a woman, a man loves a woman and a woman loves a man, right? Wrong! Call it anything else (laughter) leave love out of it. Love is by definition something very different. Love is impartial. Love does not look at the age. Love it does not look at the habits. Love does not look at all the things that we look at. Love is love. We judge, love doesn't. It's almost like an anti-personification of us is love. Something that we definitely aren't in our habits and understanding and that's what love is. Love has no reason for exchange and it can only flow in the direction where it can be reciprocated. Love is not a one-way street. You can only love that that can love you back. Ounce for ounce exactly the same. Not more and not less and if you want to call the love between people human love and then the love I'm game because human love changes.

Of course it changes and true love does not change. Human love is subject to everything from moods to times of the month (laughter) to jobs, to kids, to financial statement, to government, police, dog, fleas, headaches, toothaches, thieves, burglars, bad food um delayed aircraft, delayed flights, cancelled flights, bad skiing season um the only proof that the human love really flourishes is that it only flourishes in blackouts. When there is no electricity human love flourishes (laughter) and this is true because in New York once there was a great blackout, all the lights went out, nine months later there was a rush of babies (laughter). I mean that's how dependant that part of that love is but the real love has nothing to do with any of that.

Now, let me tell you what the amazing thing is. The amazing thing is this that whilst you are alive and only whilst you are alive maybe you are capable of capable of feeling that true love. Every human being on the face of this earth can actually feel that true love. The true love does not starts from here (mind) but the true love starts from here (heart). There is the existence of true love. There is peace. There is joy. There is hope but unfortunately these things only come alive when this (mind) goes silent and people say "But this shouldn't go silent." It has two go silent. In fact, it's incredibly important for once in a while make it goes silent if a human being wants to experience those simple things that reside within him or her, the hope, the love, the grace, the joy, this has to goes silent and then in the silence you begin to hear the simplicity of you. As nothing how much has changed in the arms amongst all the people in this world neither has the beauty. It is un-corruptible. It is. It exists.

Put aside your excuses. Hard request. One day you will. One day you will but then of course you will be out of options too. Wisdom, you see people think wisdom is a big thing that's why people are the only ones that have it. Wisdom is simple, it's just doing what you will one day do but doing it now (laughter and applause). Just as simple as that. One day you will be all by yourself so try being all by yourself now because now you can recognise the beauty of that. When it happens by force you may only be resisting it, not enjoying it. You will say "No, I don't want to." That's all you'll be busy doing. Do it now. One day things will not bother you. They really won't. Move the line on it. Get it now! One day you will take things one step at a time. You will have to. You will say "Wait a minute, wait, slowdown." One thing at a time. Well, do it like that now and you will be the one that will be the wiser.

In England I said you know the trick, the trick is just to be conscious and I've been thinking about that. It really is just to be conscious, just to say "Here I am." My life, my gift, my joy, me and what a miracle, what an incredible miracle that is taking place and I need to be and want to be celebrating in the festival that is happening inside of me. Problems will come and go, your family situations will come and go, everything will come and go. Wisdom is in choosing, choosing that which can bring you home sooner. Choose that that your heart wants, that your heart desires. Do not try or even attempt frankly to fulfil the wishes of this (mind). I'll tell you why very simple because the nature of this hmm is such that it will make a desire and it will watch you fulfil it and just as you have just about fulfilled it it will come up with a new one. It is not its fault, do not blame it, it is its nature. This is what it does. It always has done that. As soon I mean isn't it and people say, people say, people say the same statement in a very different way. The way they say it is that by the (unintelligible) if you to these days it's like where buying nothing because by the time you get the product home it's already obsolete but they're saying the same thing. You buy one dress if you haven't you saw the dress but you haven't bought it yet and you want it, you want the dress everything is fine, the desire is there, no other dress looks better. Seven days have gone by and you have yet not come across a better looking dress than that one. Okay, go buy it and as soon as you buy it, you will automatically come across a better looking dress than that one. It's uncanny. It happens again and again and again and again.

So, simplicity, the light, the passion, that grace, that joy, that opportunity that is inside of you, grab it, grab it, take it. Enjoy this life, enjoy this existence, enjoy this grace, this is a grace, this existence is a grace and if you really want to be in the state of grace then be where your life is and you will be in the state of grace and that is the biggest grace. So, it is simple, it really is and it is beautiful, it really is. For those of you who have this gift of Knowledge enjoy this life, enjoy this gift and for everybody really just enjoy. Enjoy this presence, enjoy this existence. If troubles come just remember wait a few minutes (laughter) it'll go away you know you may have to wait a few hours, it depends what country you live in (laughter). Countries you know that are slow, where everything happens very slowly in a long siestas and things like that you may have to wait a few days for the problems to go away and countries that are really fast, they're going away really fast and coming really fast. So regardless of whatever it is and what whatever happens just enjoy, enjoy this existence, enjoy this life because this is what has been given to you, to you. Will it be given again? I do not know. Does somebody else know? No (laughter) but you have been given it now. Use it, utilise it to the fullest and you will be the one who will be the wisest. You will be the one who will be the fullest.

So thank you very much, I hope I'll see you again soon. Good night. Take care. (Applause)