Montreal 1991Montreal 26/05/91

Before July 2019 I hadn't listened to anything Prem Rawat aka Maharaji had said for 3 or 4 years. Someone sent me some tapes of him speechifying from the early 1990s of which I had very few examples. So I decided I'd transcribe some to give a better idea of the evolution of his public teaching during that period. I'd forgotten just how chaotic his speeches were. His poor command of English syntax, his wild swings in volume, abrupt changes in speed of talking, digressions, non sequiturs and his many interpolations of "I mean" and "it's like" and his repetitious stumbling over words makes it impossible to transcribe his speeches with software. To make the text of his transcribed speeches intelligible requires some creative punctuation. During the time when his speeches were printed by authorised publications (see …) there was very heavy editing done not only to make his meaning clearer but also to remove these problems and to improve their "logic."I try for a more exact transcription.

Prem Rawat had no real education and many of the "facts" he's picked up from the TV are just plain wrong. In fact, the fighting in the first Gulf Was was in Iraq, not in Saudi Arabia. He also believes in the "Flat Earth myth" and that Columbo the 1970s TV detective proved the earth was "round" when he sailed across the Atlantic.

I was here in Montréal on my way to Europe and I figured I'd stop in. Doing my dues again but um its so it's so beautiful and so wonderful to be able to talk about Knowledge. To talk about something that is real, about this life because we all live in our ideas we live in our dream worlds and in these dream worlds we have it all figured out. What we don't have figured out is a problem area but what we have figured out is good and this is the way it is, this is the rule, this is acceptable, this is how it all happens and yet what is life itself trying to address? What are the real things that are going on? What are the facts in this? I mean the hypotheses of everything is there. The hypothetical understanding of everything is there. You can sit there and you can hypothesize you know this is this way and this is this way and you can read about it and some people argue about it and some people have discussions about it and everything else. But what's real? And then that becomes debatable too. What is reality? Talking about reality and think what is real and you think about it, what is, what is it that you can put your finger on and you can say is real, not because of circumstances, not because of ideas, not because of ideals, not because of dramas, traumas, everything you know that happens in this world but something that's real to somebody.

In in in in Saudi Arabia when they were fighting because they know what is real so you know this war is real is but it's not because one day they call it off everybody goes home. It's over and then there is the aftermath and everybody is wondering should should it ever have happened? Did it not happen? Why did it happen and this is terrible and this is this way and some people are all "I'm glad it happened." How can that be a reality?

And so what is this? What is this conversation about Knowledge? What is this topic? What is this feeling and not too long ago I was talking with someone and I was saying "You know it's not like that you can present Knowledge as this is it." You cannot go out there and you can wave a flag and saying this is it because each individual has to in turn experience this thing for themselves and say this is it because it's their finger and they're the ones who have to put it on it and say "Yes this is it." You cannot take other people's hands and say put your finger here and so then how can it be for each one of us that we can understand, that that we can open ourselves, open ourselves and what is this opening like? I mean it's like if if you remember? I do.

In India mosquitoes are a real problem. I mean it seems like non-stop they're a problem. Summer, they're a problem. Winter, they're a problem and they don't seem to go away. So I remember when I was a young kid all around they used to have these mosquito nets and they would they have the frame around the bed and they would put the mosquito net and it was really neat because it was like your little house. It was your little tent and the mosquito nets in those days used to be really thick and you couldn't hardly see through them. The Indian mosquito nets you couldn't see through them even if you wanted (laughter) and you'd get in and it was like a really neat feeling. It was a really incredible feeling because you were in this protective little space or so you thought and you try before you you got in you tucked in the mosquito net under your bedding and use it to completely seal yourself as well as you could and then you kill each mosquito in there that you saw and then you would happily go to sleep at least thinking that there is no other mosquito and you'd sleep in there and you'd be like you be protected but at some point in time you have to get up and most people in India sleep outside because it's too hot inside and we used to do the same thing and so it was like here you are and maybe you're all so very happy because ah your protected in this neat little tent, neat little place but at some point in time you had to get out of there if you wanted to use the bathroom, if you were thirsty and of course in the morning you couldn't stay there all your life.

You have to get up and out of there sooner or later and when you did you got attacked (laughter) and that you tried it at night time you went for a glass of water or relieve yourself and got back in ,that place was full of mosquitoes (laughter) and that security that that mosquito net provided was so artificial that if these conditions were met and the conditions were impossible because one: you couldn't exist in this tent for the rest of your life, two: if you had to go you had to go and you wouldn't gonna you're not gonna go in bed so you gotta get out. If you go out you're going to get it and those mosquitoes know where the openings are (laughter) and as soon as they as soon as they figure this one out is an opening boom they're all in and sometimes this world is like that too, that it's like a setup and you can live inside of it, you can tuck yourself in for a few hours and it's like "I think everything is okay" but sooner or later you have to get out and when you do it's all there, all those mosquitoes, all those ideas, all those thoughts, all those bugaboos that are just waiting they're there and you haven't done anything. If you killed one mosquito and you got excited about killing one mosquito you haven't even made any difference because there is 9 million more. There's many, many more where they came from and they're probably going at it right now. As you kill one there's probably 200 being produced and it's not going to make any difference and yet that's not all a human being born in this planet Earth then they go through whatever they go through.

Some people call it you know all these experiences. We have good experiences, bad experiences, we have our childhood, we have our adult then we have our old age. We have a problems, things don't work the way they used to and we always look back. We're constantly looking back saying oh those good old days and what a setup it is . What a setup it is to that the legs want to go forward and the head wants to look backward and all the protection, all the necessity, all the necessary thing that you need. Your eyes, your nose, your ears are all pointed backwards and you want to go forwards and when can and how can a person even make that transition in their lives where they're now starting to look forwards, straight ahead, looking in that direction that they are going in, taking one step at a time, understanding that there is a beauty.

Not a beauty that is manufactured, not a beauty that has been created, not a beauty because seven people come together and say it is beautiful but a beauty that is inherently there in each human being. Unless we have understood that, we don't know what beauty is. Because what is beauty? I mean I see people, I mean you know my younger son he wanted he wanted his hair cut a certain way and he calls me up and he says you know "How should I have my hair cut?" and I said "Well how you want it because I want it this way." I said "Well I tell you what, it's your hair, you have it cut how you want it, you don't have to ask me. Why you're asking me when you don't have to ask me" and he comes home and I I look at him and I say "What do you think of it?" and he goes "Ah it's too short" and maybe to him this is beautiful.

We all know what is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to the other person. Then where is this beauty? What is this beauty? You look at some some artist who's probably spent you know three days taking a picture and we look at it and say which way is up? (Laughter). Then if this is beauty, then why isn't it universal? What is the universal beauty? What is the real beauty that is not subject to all the definitions? It is not subject. Whether you are in a good mood or a bad mood that is not subject. Whether you are in pain or in joy that is not subject to all the trivial things that we set ourselves with. What is the real beauty? What is the real understanding? What is the real affection? What is the real joy? Real joy because every joy and I know this to be very true, every joy carries right behind it a possibility of utter disaster. It's like the joy is like this thing of even even though it can be as innocent as you finally waited all your life to have a baby.

You have a baby and you're looking at this baby and this baby is the sweetest, most wonderful, most kind, most incredible thing you've ever seen and it's all ga ga goo goo and everything else. Wait till this beauty starts walking (laughter). Wait till it gets really old, wait till it gets to be a teenager, no ga ga goo goos any more. No I mean it's like almost like that never happened and all of a sudden it's like whoa (laughter). Some people, some parents think that their kids are like monsters (laughter). Well don't you remember this monster was a ga ga goo goo. You know it was your joy and pride and so it's like so many things in this world carry that carry that price tag. It doesn't have to be that way and I'm only saying it's only a possibility, it's only a possibility, it's not always like that but there is that distinct possibility.

Everything, you may be you may be preparing to go buy yourself new clothes and its like this is mine, this is gonna be mine, this is gonna be wonderful and yet you can set yourself for utter disaster. Something happens to those clothes, somebody takes those clothes and washes them with chlorine. The next thing you know there's no paint on them anymore, they're tattered, they're torn or they're everything. It's like a plus or minus and yet is there something that doesn't have that? I mean there's something that doesn't have that plus or minus or is it just an imagination, or is there something? And there has to be because that's my answer. I am and sometimes this is the tricky part I am looking for an answer that doesn't have a question but I want the answer even though I don't understand the question but I want the answer and so who do I ask? How can I ask for for an answer that I don't have, not yet even formulated the question for and sometimes it is just that way.

There is a saying, you know, how can God come to your house? How can God come to you if you are not there? And and when you read this one it's like huh but it's like how can, how can that creator, how can that satisfaction, how can that beauty come to you if you're not there. And what it's really saying that if you're there, it won't come. You have to be absent, then it can come and can we be absent enough, can we be open enough with our own selves? Not towards somebody, not towards something, not towards any of that but can we be open with our own selfs that "Hey I'm looking for something that I don't even know what it is?" And people are not honest enough with themselves when they come to this. I have seen so many people and you ask them "What are you looking for?" "I'm looking for truth." "Do you know what truth is?" "No."

So what do you? I mean how have you got this one figured out that you're going to be walking through a pasture or something there and there will be a cow and instead of having a bell around its neck is gone I have a little plaque saying "Truth" and then you will know this is it. And how? What are you looking for? People say I mean I've come across people who say "I'm looking for God." What are you gonna do? You're gonna be walking along and all of a sudden you'll read a little placard that says "This is it." But nobody is honest enough saying "Jeez, I don't know what I'm looking for. I just know I am. I want something because what I am responding to is not ideas." When a when a human being comes to a point in his or her life that they begin to search, however they do this, I don't know but when they begin to search they're not actually following any commands or any instructions. All they're doing is following an urge from within because it is from within that this feeling comes. "Fill me." "With what?" Nobody knows. But I want to be fulfilled, I want to feel good, I want to feel happy, I want something. I don't know what it is that I want but I want something and people approach it as though they have just received a bunch of instructions on a piece of paper. "Now I know what I have to do. Now I have finally reached 88 years of my age, now I know what the good book says I should be doing." No.

And it becomes very, very tricky but its there and you have to trust yourself to go through it and you know it doesn't make sense but yes you have to trust yourself, to say "I will find it." Not this not this whole thing of people getting into like "Oh my God this is strange, this is weird, what I must be feeling is really weird" Because how let let my logic take over for a minute. What logic? The logic of what? I mean we all wanna be very logical but we have to, we have to sometimes stop a minute, you know.

If if if you know there was that accident that happened, an incident not accident, incident. The Hawaiian air 737 when the top of the air plane came off and what if the, what if the captain instead of you know I mean he had a problem on his hands. He finally levels the air plane off and everything is okay and he is coming in for his approach he says "I wonder what happened." So he goes back just imagine this this is this is not what happened but just imagine this he goes back and he opens the door. I mean the top of the air plane is missing, there's passengers on the seats, the top of the air plane is missing and he closes the door and goes back up back on his seat and says "Uh well ladies and gentlemen welcome to ah Aloha airlines (laughter). Due to certain reasons today we're gonna be flying a little lower than we usually do (laughter) but welcome aboard make yourselves comfortable um and thank you for flying Aloha." What if he comes back and says this whole spiel and there it is everybody is panicking, flustered, how could he do that? I mean there he is, how could he do that? I mean at that point everything changed. It was him too in the same soup as everybody else and his priorities changed and he had to bring that plane down. He had to land it, land it in one piece, land it safely and walk away from it somehow. Not this whole thing of "Hey is is this incredible? I'm the first pilot to fly a convertible 737." (Laughter).

You you you can't, you can't do that but as weird as that sounds some people do exactly that. They look, they take a look at their lives. It's a total disaster. "Hey this is great. I am headed nowhere." Logic, logic comes in sometimes. What we don't begin to understand sometimes is that this logic of ours is not something inherent, it is taught. It is taught by the environment, it is taught by our parents, it is taught by everything and everybody around us. A little information here: you should do this. you should do this. you should do this. you should do this. you should do this.

There was a guy last year, I went to the Caribbean and I was on a boat and there was this native on this boat. He was also the captain of the boat, just a little just a little sailboat, a catamaran and we started talking about because this island that I was was on had really dangerous roads and I said "You know everybody should wear seat belts" and this guy said "Not me." I mean he was so adamant that he would never, ever wear seat belts in his life. He said "I want to be thrown away from the crash when the crash happens. I don't want to stay in the vehicle" and this guy had it nailed. I mean he had it all figured and at the moment it was just like a flash it was just like "Oh my God this guy doesn't know what he's talking about." I mean he should see you know the new videos, the safety videos. He should see the Mercedes videos, he should see the BMW videos, he should see the Volvo videos where they take and they smash it and all the dummies and all the ads that they have and everything else but the amazing thing was that this guy was sold on the idea that he wasn't gonna wear a seat belt even if you gave him one free. He probably didn't have a car so he didn't have to worry about it most of the time but even if you gave him a car with a seat belt he wasn't gonna wear it because somewhere in his logic which has a lot to do with our perception which composes so much of our logic.

What we have perceived and if our perception has been off well so will his logic be off because that's how we take in all the information and then the big soup called the logic. "Well I am logical." I think this is this way I think it's no different. Do you think for a moment anybody before Columbo sailed thought that the earth was round? To them, to mention the fact that the earth could be round was hilarious. How could it be round? Where is the round? Look it's flat for as far as you can see. It's a flat table, whereever you go it's flat. If it was a ball you would simply fall off and who has fallen off? You see this is what they perceive and this is what they thought and this was the right and what was wrong? The wrong was that the earth is round.

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Now take the same thing, take the same perception, take the same ideas and take the same theory and start applying it to your own life. You make decisions in your life whether to do something or not do something based upon your opinion, logic, your perceptions which constantly change, which you may have done or what you may do today, you may not have done that 16 years ago or what you would do 16 years ago you know which is to probably sit on the hood of the car when it's driving on the freeway, you won't do it today. (Laughter.) You just won't do it. Why not? At that point in your perception, in your world, in your ideas, in your logic, that was the best thing you could do. Sit on the hood. Why? You didn't know that but it was the coolest thing you could do. Today you know that if you did that you'll probably fall off and you will hurt yourself really badly so you better not do that.

In the ever-changing saga, the ever-changing ocean of all these perceptions, how do you latch on to the real vision. The real vision of something that has always been that way regardless and you know when you look at some of these words that some of these people wrote. I was reading a poem from Rumi and he he has taken that whole idea of the love and the feeling and converted it into wine. That's what he wanted to do, that what he did and he calls the messenger the wine bringer when he says wine bringer bring me that wine. And you know it's it's so open to interpretation but what kind of wine is he talking about? Then he is not talking about the kind of wine that that intoxicates you but intoxicates you in a very different way. That intoxicates you in a clear vision not blurring your vision but clearing your vision. Not blurring your senses, not dulling your senses but sharpening your senses. Not making you an idiot but a wise person and he says you know wine bringer, bring me that wine. His vision hundred of years ago was clear, was real and it's so beautiful to to read that, to hear that.

And then when I was in India I came across this one thing. I started thinking about. I think, I started thinking about it and I understood what was being said. This incredible thing called the transformation. Something that is in itself no good. In itself strange, in itself weird, if you will and then the same thing somehow taken and brought to a stage where it's not that any more. It's completely something different and I'll give you an example and maybe I dunno, I think you're watching the Brisbane video and I can't remember if I gave this, I think I did in it some of the talk that I gave was to the aspirants and I don't remember if I talked to them about it but clay in its form clay, the water hits the clay, what do you get? You get pure mud. Mud that's useless. Mud that will get on your shoes, it'll get on everything, it'll dirty up everything even dirty up the water that is pure, that falls from the sky. Mud. No good. Clay. No good. Just dirt and the water which in itself is pure, which in itself is beautiful but every time it comes in contact with this clay, what happens to it? It becomes mud. The transformation happens. Of course. Pure water becomes dirty but that's not a good transformation, that's not a pure transformation, that's not a real transformation but then what happens? Well that's something really incredible happens. Because when that clay, that dirt and that water gets in the hand of a potter, now, now something different takes place. Now it is taken to the stage of mud but from that stage it is change into a pot and then it's put into a kiln and fired up, brought out, remember the clay, remember the dirt, the water and the mud. That's all it ever equalled in the cycle after cycle after cycle, this is all it ever equalled. There was the clay, the rain would come, it would become dirt. Summer would come, it would dry out. Right? And then it would become dirt again and then the rainy season would come and it would become mud again. That's all it, that's all what happened to it. It was caught in the cycle.

Now, the same process in the hands of the potter, the heat, yes but to a different degree. The mud taken to the perfection. Not just mud but to the perfect composition and then when the pot emerges, now what happens, now something incredible happens because now that clay, now that dirt has been given the capacity to hold the water in its purest form. No more will it turn into mud. Now when that rain even if that pot is put outside and this time when it will rain, guess what? You'll be able to drink that water. Now, the water will be held in such a pure stage but even if you did get mud on yourself you can use that water that that the same clay holds I mean you see the that's transformation. That that clay that hasn't gone through the transformation is making everything dirty and that clay that has gone through the transformation is keeping everything pure. That's the difference. It's a big difference and it's the same way with us, that we are a bit of that clay too and every time the water falls it just makes things dirty. It's like we because we don't know you know it's it's every time something good happens, "I did it." Every time something bad happens, "he did it. "(Laughter). The general direction, he. You know every time something good happens, "Boy you know I did this and I did that and I accomplished this and I" and every time "Oh my God you know why are you punishing me?"

Hey, well first of all you think that you are in the business of getting rewarded then you'd better be open to punishment because that which has the power to reward has the power to punish but it's not the question, it's not the saga of reward and punishment but it is the understanding of gift. This life is a gift, this life is not a reward because you did something just right then you get one but it's a gift because I don't remember what I did in my last lifetime to have this life. Does anybody? You know some people say "Yes I do" (laughter). "I was the Pharaoh", "Well, go to Egypt." (Laughter) "Try to claim some of your property" (laughter). They'll lock you up in the Egyptian loony bin (laughter) and boy if it's anything like the pyramids, you're gonna suffer but you know some people it's like "Oh yes I I I I I've got a handle on this." No you don't and that's when you have to be open to yourself, not to me and not to anybody but that's when you have to be honest to yourself and you say here I am, I want that transformation. I don't know how to get it but I want it. I don't want to become mud every time it rains. I don't because I have a possibility in me that I don't have to become part every time it rains.

I want to be transformed and then then the whole process can begin for you and it can be a sweet, gentle experience. Because that's what Knowledge is, that's what our life is, that's what this gift is. It's a sweet, gentle experience. For me, I've just come back from a very long trip. I came back to California and then and on my way again and it's like just to go and visit the people and tell them, not force-feed them but to mention to them the possibility. To mention to them the difference between being mud and being a pot. Can the pot be turned into mud? Yes. Very easily. It doesn't take much. You just do a peeow. It's there. But can the mud be turned into the pot? Yes, go back but it's not as simple as that. It takes the whole process of the potter. Without the potter, can it do it? No, but with that help of that potter, step-by-step, allow me to go through each transformation, allowing it to go through each change until it's perfect. Until it's perfect because potter you see potter has a very different attitude to you do about pots and there's there is a reason for it but I'll tell you what the attitude potter has. If it ain't right, break it (some laughter) because he can make another one. You can't.

So to you it's like this precious thing, heugh, it's better not to do anything to this but to the potter he sees a little crack in it, it's over, go back, it's gonna be used to make an other one. Until he is satisfied, till it is perfect and then it will be. Will it be delicate? Yes. Of course it'll always be delicate but it'll be delicate and yet it will not be susceptible to the very laws that it used to be susceptible to. That's what a transformation is and what can you say? What can I say? What can anybody say in this life except I want that transformation in my life. You know and then just just to go mention this possibility whether people like it or don't like it I mean some people hate it. Some people hate the idea because they think they're perfect and so they you know because they're perfect transforming them might screw things up (laughter) ah and that's a possibility (laughter) if they're perfect (laughter). You know but it's very it's a debatable issue if they are perfect but that's what they mumble mumble there's a lot of people who think of themselves as that and if you know they're not ready and they're not ready.

If they're ready, they're ready and it's the whole process just unfolding because Knowledge is a a a it's an expression even though it's so true that the the Master will give you Knowledge but really the whole manifestation of Knowledge is an expression of yourself because what Knowledge is, Knowledge is that key that opens the door. Where is the door? The door is not in the Master, the door is inside of you and so even though you may get a key that open your door but it is your door and it takes you within yourself at and just to go to these places to talk to people though they have knowledge or they don't have knowledge and something to rejoice about.

Something to rejoice about because there is that possibility and I'm going off to Europe. It's a big tour there's a lot I just mailed the letter before I left three days ago but it should be getting probably Monday, Tuesday. It's coming, it's coming and there is one this thing that's going to the Europeans they have a different schedule attached and there's one kind of a hint of a schedule for the North Americas and of course I'm going you know there's a lot going on. There's a lot going on and it's it's wonderful, it's beautiful, it's exciting it's but it's a it's a different kind of excitement. It's not the kind of excitement like you know things are going my way. No, it's not that kind of excitement. In fact, things are happening how they're meant to happen. That's what's exciting. Without this incredible plan because there used to be always this grand plan and there were always two of them. One was the one that everybody wished to happen that way. The other one was always behind the scenes and that's how really it always happened but it was always a question of taking whatever the plan was that everybody else had made up and saying no no this is how it really happened and and you know I I left the United States to go home to India.

I had no idea that I was gonna go to Australia. I had no idea. If somebody would have said are you gonna go to Australia I would have said absolutely not and then somewhere halfway across okay I'll go to Australia. Then if somebody would have said oh yeah are you gonna buy some land there? And I would have said no. Nobody has even found one. So how am I going to buy it? And then somehow I ended up in Australia and I was ??? to one piece of land, another piece of land and another piece of land and and then I ended up on one and it was just right. I mean I can't I can't describe to you what it means. It was just right but it was, there it was perfect place, perfect land, even the geography of the land was like this was it you couldn't ask for mother nature to build a better piece of land. This is it. A place where you can stand and I did and in the evening just just right as the sun started to hit the horizon, the wind stopped, the bird stopped, the sunset started and you know what was incredible the silence was so big, silence, it was completely silent there was so silent you could hear yourself breathing. I mean that is very quiet and it was very quiet and I said this is it.

This is the one and it's just the right distance from the airport, it's the right distance from the city and everything and the price, unbelievable. I mean (laughter) it's just throwing it away. I mean virtually just throwing it away because that same piece of land in the United States would cost you a fortune. A fortune and this was like nothing I said this is it. It cost nothing and it's great (laughter). Let's get this one and about a week before I came we signed you know took possession and I signed the contract and everything and what's going to happen there? I don't know but it'll happen. First thing we gotta do is clean up the cow pies. It's full of cow pies. I mean that's what they were using the land for breeding and they have to go but after that it's something really wonderful and to me that's really exciting. That's much more exciting than to be on the phone and saying yes I'm going to Australia and I'm gonna buy a piece of land because I've done that too and it's frustrating because when you don't find it you set yourself up but here I am, I'm going, I don't know what's gonna happen but I'm over it and I know that if if in my life, in your life and everyone's life if we could really keep it that way it would be wonderful but then the logic comes in but you know you've gotta plan.

You gotta plan everything out. Go ahead. Plan it and get frustrated. Plan it all out and you won't be able to because you know what? Your plan will be flawed by one simple point as this will be a major flaw in your plan. You don't know when you're going bye-bye. (Regular laughter from here on). You don't and you can't plan for that and if that's the end you can't plan for anything except for right now. To be content. No matter how good a planner you are there will be a flaw in your plan because you don't know when you are going bye-bye. The trouble is you could pick a date and you say well that is the date. I'm just gonna open an apartment window and jump out. That'll that'll take care of that. But what if it happens sooner?

You know there's this one guy who tried to kill himself 16 times. He couldn't do it. I mean he shot himself and the bullet lodged in his head and the doctor said well we don't even need to take it out. It will do more damage trying to get it out then just leave it in. So there's this guy walking around with a bullet in his head. Then he jumps off a bridge and he lands the right way. I mean no damage and the next thing he's on the shelf and this guy tries tries and nothing happens to him and I don't know planning yes, we all need to plan but we need to plan for something else.

Montreal 1991We need to plan for contentment. We need to plan for being fulfilled in every moment of our lives because every moment lost is lost, period. You don't get it back, no reprieve, no rewind button on this life. Play only. This is the video you get. You just don't get the video, you get the machine and the TV. The TV is turned on. You can't open it. It doesn't need to be plugged into electricity. It's running and the video machine has no switch and you just know it in play. Sit and watch because you don't get to push it, put it on pause and say I'll come back later because there is no later.

So anyways it was fun coming here (thank you Maharaji) talking to you. I know that there are people here who had knowledge and I I hope that you know very soon there will be the North American tour beginning starting up. There's a lot of people here who are aspirants. Well there will be knowledge sessions happening along this tour when they when these tours happen. They're happening a little bit differently now because of you know once we dropped off the whole plan things have worked out a lot better and um and then for those people you know come, listen. To those people who are interested if you need some help, if you need some information then you know of course there is an instructor here I dunno he looks like he's been in the Bahamas lately but he is here in Montréal and um you know those people for those people who really need some help any questions that people have you know you can call him up and hopefully what he'll tell you if he doesn't have an answer to it which he really shouldn't but at least he can forward the question and get you some appropriate answer and ah I mean that's really being honest to him because there's no miracle pill that he took that he knows everything you know and there's nobody's got the miracle pill that you can take next thing you know you know everything unless you're really good at something else there are kids here I won't mention it but at least he can forward the request or he can do something. I mean he's here and uh I hope that you'll be able to come when I come again to Montréal and uh I'll see you then. (Applause) Take care. Good night. Thank you. (Applause)