La Tierrs del Amor Prem Rawat aka Maharaji: Selected Excerpts
La Tierra del Amor (Land of Love) in Argentina, January 23-27 1991

But most importantly there's something else that's really going on and that one thing that's really going on is what we have to understand and connect ourselves to. Because I know you know people come and they wanna socialise it's like the Hall Syndrome. You know that sometimes all people can relate to that this is an open hall but it's not, it really isn't and in the beginning of this year I was talking to some people and this whole idea germinated. The year before I had already bought this land because because it was so cheap. It was amazingly cheap so I said "Gotta buy it" and then some very important things were discussed and what I was feeling and what I was feeling is that and something that I've always always felt that this is a very unique thing. This is a very beautiful thing that we live in this world, we have this life, of course we don't have any understanding of what life is all about. We don't know what it means to be alive. All we can correlate living to, associate living with is all the things that we always do. Having our job or doing this or doing that or getting stuck here or getting stuck there. All those things and this is how far our vision goes out towards all the things that happen in our lives and then something amazing happens, really amazing because there's nothing out there in this world that's pointing back to you.

Everybody is very interested in giving you some kind of a source of some other nature. Something else. Everybody is interested in saying if you want happiness you know drink Coca-Cola. If you want to, if you want to have happiness try this. If you want happiness you know change, become this, talk like this, walk like this, dress like this and then by some amazing Grace a possibility manifests itself and the possibility that manifests itself is something is awakened inside of us. Awakened inside of us to point, not to all the other things, but to the source itself. But, how do we react to this? What is our understanding towards that this is kind of a miracle. You know it's like everybody is waiting for a miracle. Everybody wants to have a miracle but if there was really a miracle happen, would we be able to recognise the miracle? We think, we assume that we could recognise the miracle when it happens. But we're wrong because wishing for a miracle and being able to recognise when the miracle happens are two different things. They're not the same thing. We think we know. Somehow we were born with the ability to be able to recognise what the miracle is all about. And this is what happens again and again and again. The miracle happens right in front of our eyes but we don't know how to recognise the ability to be able to recognise what the miracle is all about and this is what happens again and again. The miracle happens right in front of our eyes but we don't know how to recognise it and the miracle passes by.

And the same thing happens with this beautiful gift. The ability to be able to understand, to learn, not learn about just anything but to learn what it means. See this is serious but it's beautiful to learn about this life. And there's people who talk about an other life, another life and another this. You don't know that. You know you don't know that. It's speculation, debate. This is what people want to engage in. Debate, but what is this? Experience is undebatable. You cannot debate an experience. You cannot debate thirst. Am I thirsty? If you are, you are. If you're not, you're not. You cannot debate it but people want to debate because they're so off, so off the road that they have lost the basic ability to understand. This is the most, the most important thing. Everything else is secondary, everything else will change, it changes whether you like it or not, it changes. Everything else, everything else whether you go on in your life believing that some of those things out of there don't change then you are in for a surprise. (Musical interlude)

And to me the basic the most fundamental change that has to happen is that you have to become the student. A real student and to understand what it means to be a student. To really become a student of this Knowledge because this possibility then really becomes to bloom and I said okay we get away from the halls. Let people come and not to chit chat, not to socialise. There's nothing to socialise here. No reason and I said let people come not because we are trying to impress anybody. Not we're trying to fill any halls but let people come and try to be themselves. You don't know what it's like. Try it, you'll like it. You don't know, you really don't know what it is like to be just with yourself. Here you have an opportunity. Nothing complicated here. There's no big hotels here. No. Nothing. There is some food, there's water. Not even that much shade ha ha ha. And it it'll get pretty beautiful, it gets really beautiful in the evening time but to let go, let go of everything else for a minute, for a day, for three days, for four days and say what's important. I want to feel this Knowledge working the magic in my life because how beautiful it is when this magic is worked. How incredible it is when this magic is worked. (Musical interlude)

This is the time for yourself, not for other people, not for your problems. I have got you know people have questions. I've got this problem. Let go, let go of that problem because even that problem doesn't exist. What exists is you. You're the only thing that exists. Problems they come and they go. They're like flies. There are not always going to be there but you are and you are not a problem. Begin to see that. Begin to see from the eyes of a student and all of a sudden the whole display changes. The whole perspective changes. In this world it only matters what you know. When you become a real student it also matters what you don't know and then you can begin to see that difference between empty and full. Then you can begin to appreciate that simple difference between being fulfilled and not be caught in that vicious cycle that things are not just a question of right and wrong. Things are not just a question of good and bad. Things are not a question of debate. Things are not a question of I read it in the book. Look if if you get thirsty write yourself on a piece of paper 'water 'and I'm sure being here you'll get thirsty. So write down on a piece of paper 'water 'and look at it and see what happens to you, your thirst. You can do a simple experiment. It won't do a thing but if you have water in your hand then you can drink it. Maybe no words need to be exchanged but that's when a transformation takes place and for me I don't want to play any games and I see too many games being played.

Being a student is not a game. It's a very genuine thing. I see people almost starting to play a game of being a student. No, it won't work. I don't want to play any games. I wanna teach. I wanna show people but I don't wanna play the game of a teacher. There is a difference and what is the difference? "Here Maharaji, you know here's your chair, here's your microphone, tell us something." But could people hear? "It's okay, it'll be out in a video." What if it isn't? What if you don't make it out of here? What if something happens to me, something happens to you? Why? Why be foolish? Why be foolish? Why not acknowledge instead of throwaway, instead of reject, why not acknowledge that which is so obvious that you know your heart knows to be extremely true? No games. No games of just pretending to be a teacher. No games of pretending to be a student but a reality of what it means to understand and to learn to be like that. Start to become real in your lives too. I can help. I can show you. I can show you something amazing. (Musical interlude)

Be still and listen. Listen to this breath come in because it is definitely new. It's not the same one before that. It is definitely new and it's been happening ever since, every moment it's transpiring for me, for you. Everything becoming today, becoming now and this possibility to look within, to feel within, to feel thankful, to feel thankful to someone that can make that path in this in this extreme wilderness. It's like the illusion of a desert. Even if you see a mountain it'll be gone because it's made out of sand and the wind will blow, it'll change, you won't have a mountain any more. It's hard to navigate in the desert and yet somebody who comes along and makes the way to feel that thankfulness in this life. To feel thankful. How many of you really, not just religiously, but really, really feel thankful for this life. Really, really, really feel because everything is gonna change in your life whether you like it or not. One day you won't look like this no more. You won't. Everything that you have feared when you were young about being old will come true. I look at people around me and you know and and it's like they're saying well the're old, they're old, they're old, they're old. I look at them and I don't see anything different. I don't see anything different because when you laugh and the laughter is from the heart it feels exactly the same as when you laugh the first time in your life. And as you breathe that breath coming in and out, same thing driving it, same exact thing driving it. I don't see the difference. People do, I don't and what am I doing? Standing in the middle of the ocean, trying to find a dry place in the middle of the ocean. Using tissues to wipe myself down in the middle of the ocean. Swimming, water till here and using a towel and the body all submerged. Under here using a towel. What am I doing? I'm drying myself. Oh really. Genius. You can't. But to look beyond that, all of that, all of that changeability, all the things that are changeable and you will find the unchangeable that can never be changed and once you find that you will rejoice as your heart will rejoice. You will in fact rejoice because your heart is rejoicing. (Musical interlude)

Just feel the joy. Learn and apply the learning because if you don't apply what you learn you haven't learnt anything. Great quote from me. Well finally I I understood this huh. I feel these people going "I'm learning, I'm learning, I'm learning and then you feel like going like hello, you know, anything in there?" (Laughter) little brain you move around in your head maybe you hear it go pop off to the side. No. You can move it as much as you want, not you'll hear nothing but sometimes you can swear you can hear the liquid, (laughter) it's like a coconut, move the coconut and nothing else inside. Like hello. So if you don't apply what you learned it's not learning at all and apply that learning. Apply what you have learned. Apply that thankful lesson in your life. Apply that feeling in your life and what comes out? You know, what comes out? A smile comes out because the heart feels content and in the heart's contentment a smile breaks out. Heart feels the joy and in the heart's joy, laughter breaks out. And let it be (musical interlude)

Side two

Look, look at, look around you. So many beautiful things that Christ said. So many beautiful things that Krishna said. So many beautiful things that so many people said. What have we done with it? Made it into a mess. Made it into a mess. Given our interpretations to it and its like a puddle after a puddle after a puddle after a puddle. People all everybody saying "No, this is the right one, this is the right interpretation, this is the right translation and this is the right way, this is the right way." And I see you know how distant it is.

When the Master walks this earth there is a purity and if there is nothing else the purity of the desire to say "I want to transform you too because I have been transformed. I want to transform you too and you have the capacity in you to be transformed." And afterwards the Master leaves, boy! Where is the purity? What purity? People are caught up in again debates and ideas and issues but the purity is gone. The capacity to transform is gone and for us to recognise our own potential that we need to be worked too and we have to allow ourselves to be worked. We have to allow ourselves to be transformed. We cannot sit there.

Sometimes you know people become very analytical. People are very proud of this. Let tell you something about this. This is all trained. This is completely all trained. It has to be trained again and again and again and again and again and again. It contains in it hardly any information that is not of training from something else. It takes all the information and there is like a little brain back here, the cerebral brain and it takes everything I mean if you are a restaurant cook you know and you take the potato and you put it in the frying pan and you put the salt and you take it out and put it on the plate, this is what you do all day long. Eventually what the brain does is it takes all that information and converts it into basic action, boomp boomp boomp boomp boomp boomp and puts it down here in the little part of the brain so that you don't have to think, so you don't have to do anything, it's just boomp boomp boomp. If you went for the salt and the salt didn't come out everything will go haywire. Everything will go completely absurd but so far there is salt in the shaker, fire under the pan, potatoes, knife is sharp, it's just boomp boomp boomp boomp boomp boomp boomp boomp.

Same thing with the professors who have to go out there and teach. They've got their lists and it's all down here. If you, if somebody, if a student got up and asked a question to a professor who is teaching about a car and said why is the tree 8 foot long he will be so confused, it like huh? If you because he is used to the question why is a car 8 feet long or 9 feet long or 10 feet long but the tree it is all down here. The thing that you call logic - all learnt. Somebody had to teach you that.

Your behaviour is so dependent upon that but within you you also hold something else that is incredible and that's right here. That's your heart. Nothing learnt. Heart didn't have to learn anything from anybody. It knew, always has known and always will know. It does not pass judgement, it doesn't never, it never breaks down anything into just a physical action, never. To it, it has to be real. It has to be breathing.

You see the difference is this. Now they make silk flowers er and they will look really real. They look really, really real and they they you know sometimes they put them in my office. Actually I like that better than putting real flowers because I don't think flowers should be cut. You know people will cut the flowers, that's it. Now their destiny is doomed for the garbage can but flowers are not made for garbage cans believe me. So there are the real flowers. Senses in terms of the sight fooled, completely fooled. Is that real? My God that looks real but you know this action sometimes you do of stopping and looking at a flower and feeling something inside like isn't this beautiful and then holding it and smelling it and saying it's so beautiful. You know this feeling inside, have you ever felt that feeling? So, so far the senses are concerned, up here they're completely foolable. You look at that flower and it's the same thing but if you did the same thing that flower, stopped for a minute, grabbed it, went like that and said that's beautiful you would get no feeling because the heart cannot be fooled. The infallibility that people believe is in their mind is really in their hearts.

The true learning, learning that which is worth it. The true Knowledge does not reside in the senses, it resides in this heart and yet I wrote a poem the other day - actually it was in California just before I was getting ready to come out here. I'll read it to you one of these days but um the poem basically says that you know you did yourself in the only place and it's talking about the that power that beauty that you created me, you you you blew the breath, you you splashed me with that water of life, you awakened me and then you hid yourself in the only place I do not know how to look. Have you ever, have you ever hidden yourself somewhere else? I could have found you but you hid yourself in the only place and that's my heart. I don't know how to see. I don't know how to look and then it has become the game of hide and seek but how do I find you? You I mean there is this one place I don't even know how to look. I can't even begin and if you hid yourself there I've got I don't have a chance. So then I go on to say in this poem okay you win, I lose. Let's call the game quits. Let's not play this game. I give up. You win, I lose and I'm glad you found me because I don't know where to begin and that's so much of what Knowledge is allowing me to see, allowing me to feel into that place that I have no weapons, technology, training, anything for. And when we practice, become just a feeling machine, let go, let go of these ideas that plague you. Think when you need to think and think about that which can benefit you somehow but most of the time what do we think about? The most frivolous things. It's like we have we our thoughts are like the most frivolous thoughts in the whole universe sometimes. Somehow we managed to locate them.

But give up. Allow it to go away. People, it's so funny because people ask questions in the Knowledge sessions sometimes about thought. You know you know my thoughts are there and I say to them you know I said "Don't you realise that all day long that you walk your thoughts hit you and you react." "I should get a glass of water" - gets a glass of water. You all think about your thought it's like huh go that way, go that way, do this, do that, and you're just a slave, constantly reacting and I said "Then you sit down and you practice this Knowledge and all of a sudden you can feel your thoughts coming and going, coming and going and it's almost like so sweetly you've been disconnected from the very thing you thought you were undisconnectable from and you have been moved to where you are somewhere else and you can just watch coming and going, coming and going and it's so sweet because it's not a push not like a bang and you're somewhere else but so sweetly."

Something responds and allows you to move away, move out of that role and all of a sudden the thoughts and sometimes you know we plunge right back. We plunge right back into but somehow feel that feel that distance that I am not my thoughts. I am not I don't have to be slave to that whole mechanism that people sometimes don't feel any of this stuff. You know it's like "No no I am here to do this and I I'm gonna feel this now and I'm gonna feel that now and I'm gonna do this now and I'm gonna do." No! Hey, stop for a minute. This is not painting by numbers. Let it be an empty canvas. Let it happen. Let it take place. Let it take shape. Back off. You are not doing anything and the less you do the better it's going to be. You think Knowledge is in your control. No. You're wrong, it's not. Things that you control are actually very few and not so good and how you control them is even worse. You know it's like driving under the influence of alcohol being a bad driver. Maybe alcohol is not our problem. Maybe the problem is driving, living this life under the influence of some weird thing and stop.

When somebody says to you Knowledge is a gift what does that mean to you? Do you really, do you, do you really, really think of Knowledge as a gift? Because if you don't, you're somewhere else where you shouldn't be. Preparing every day, preparing every day, you know the amazing thing is that even in this world so many times, so many times a Master has come and so many hurt him. A lot. And after so many that hurt him, so few, so few even felt their heart pledge towards him and of the very few that have felt their heart nudge towards it, very few of them actually took the step in their lives to say "I want to feel this" and of the very few who took that step only very few even approached it like the Master wanted them to approach it and of the very few who approached it like the Master wanted them to approach it, very few understood what it really, really meant. (Musical interlude)

And when the Master says to you open up because you can open up. When the Master says to you trust it's not because let's see if you can do this, you know, it's not a competition, it's not a comparison, it's not to put you on scales and judge you. It is because you can't trust and when it is said that yes you can grow in the experience of this Knowledge grow in the experience of Knowledge this is because of course you can grow in the experience of this Knowledge. And time and time again I found this. Time and time again. Yes I want to have my plan, I want to figure it out, I want to do it my way and then sometimes it takes that enormous amount of trust to say "Okay I will. I'll believe you" because I want to believe myself all the time and the thing is I can believe in myself and go astray 100 times in a second and that's okay and I know that when you know you look at the track record and you see that Master, you see that person in your life who has not told you to believe or trust so many times. Whenever you have, it has worked (unintelligible) even just the the track record, the report card but it's so hard, it's like no and why because ultimately what what do you think is gonna happen to me?

What's, what's gonna happen to me? What do you think what's gonna happen to you? What do you think it's at the end of all of this? You think you're gonna find the golden pot? Don't kid yourself. What do you think is that the end of this? Maybe you think one day you will become rich so you do. So maybe you become a billionaire. Then what do you think is at the end of that? What do you think is at the end of all of this? I'll tell you what is at the end of all of this. Without prejudice. Without anything and without failure, what will happen to you? You will become very quiet. Your eyes will close, your mouth will close and this most subtlest thing that causes the breath to go in and go out and go in and go out will be gone. Where it would go, I don't know. Nobody knows. Up, down, I don't know. There's a lot of debates, there's a lot of feelings about it but it'll go. It is bound to go.

It is the bird that is dead that never will be yours and you will try all your life to conquer this bird. Conquer it. You will try to do it favours. You will try to bring the food for it in a in a golden basket and you will go out and you will find the finest barley and you will find the finest corn and you will find the finest everything and you will try to somehow win this bird but let me tell you there has no been nobody on the face of this earth till human beings have been trying to win this bird. This bird one day flies away even when the cage is closed. Because that's what you tried to do, have you not? Put cage after cage after cage after cage after cage after cage and you think it is because of you the bird lives in this cage. Stupidity number one. Wrong conclusion. Bad Sherlock Holmes (laughter). Bad detective work. Wrong reason for pursuing that trail because that bird doesn't belong to you. It never did and it never will and it doesn't matter how many cages you put it in. One day it will fly away. Doesn't matter how many locks you put on it. What can you do? Why fight the fight you cannot fight? Why?

La Tierra del AmorBut that's when somebody can come along and say it's useless, remove the cages. Let the bird sit on your shoulder freely. Converse with it while you can. Don't try to stuff food down its throat but ask, ask it why it comes to you? Expressed to this bird not your desires. Express to this bird not what it can do for you but express what you can do for it. Tell this bird how thankful you are that it came. That's what you need to tell this bird, this bird called the soul. That feeling, that heart inside. Don't try to buy it gifts, it doesn't go for it. Don't buy it cages, it cannot be imprisoned but tell it maybe that you have never said before. You don't need four walls to go inside and tell that you are thankful. You need to turn inside and to this bird, to this existence, say thank you. And what does it take to even get to a place where you can say thank you. It's not easy because as soon as we say thank you, thank you for but not thank you for just thank you. I cannot begin to make a list of how many things I'm thankful for in my life. It would be futile. It would take me too long but I am thankful because I see and in my inner vision like you have you see clearly. You see no see there is no duality. There never has been duality. You think there is duality, there is no duality, it's all very clear. One day (makes throat slitting noise) kaput. You think there is a duality, you think life is confusing, it's very clear one day you were born you went Wang one day you will go. That's it. There is no duality. Absolutely none. And open, open these eyes and see the clarity of it. Open this heart and see the clarity of it and let that magic, the magic of life, the magic of existence, the magic of that beauty work for you. (Musical ending)