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Selected excerpts from speeches given by Maharaji in 1990 in various Pacific and Asian cities.

Before July 2019 I hadn't listened to anything Prem Rawat aka Maharaji had said for 3 or 4 years. Someone sent me some tapes of him speechifying from the early 1990s of which I had very few examples. So I decided I'd transcribe some to give a better idea of the evolution of his public teaching during that period. I'd forgotten just how chaotic his speeches were. His poor command of English syntax, his wild swings in volume, abrupt changes in speed of talking, digressions, non sequiturs and his many interpolations of "I mean" and "it's like" and his repetitious stumbling over words makes it impossible to transcribe his speeches with software. To make the text of his transcribed speeches intelligible requires some creative punctuation. This speech was basically one long rambling diatribe against normality compared to Rawat's idealised concepts of the "experience" of his "Knowledge." During the time when his speeches were printed by authorised publications (see …) there was very heavy editing done not only to make his meaning clearer but also to remove these problems and to improve their "logic." I try for a more exact transcription.

But what is life? Something you live or because life is there that allows you to be alive? What is life like? is something life is life something you do or because you have life you can do things? Which one is life? Something that just happens, you have no control over it, you're here, you have been put here. I mean there so many ideas. Each one of them is fascinating. You've been here, you are on the face of this earth and you better be good and if you're bad you're gonna be punished. You're gonna go to the no-no place and you don't want to go to the no-no place cause you end up in the no-no place you're not gonna like it but there is a yes-yes place/ Everything is really nice. You would like that and you know this is so amazing that we have the concept of heaven and all our lives the civilizations that have come have a concept of heaven and have tried to somehow take that concept and implement it on this earth. Air-conditioners you know so you don't feel the heat. Vent thermostat so you don't feel you know the temperature stays just perfect. You know the way its described in the Gita there is no night and day lights night come and you can turn into day no problem and yet what is actually besides the air-conditioning, besides the thermostat, besides the ideas, besides the ideals, besides the good-looking things, bad looking things, all of the other things ? What's really going on inside of us? I mean just taking a look at it on face value is their thirst? Yes there's a thirst otherwise the world would be going crazy. There is something that is pushing, moving.

One time I witnessed this accident. It was an incredible accident. Actually it happened in a driveway and ah we were renting this house in Italy and it had a private drive, very long private drive and this one person was driving his Mercedes. It wasn't me. He was driving his Mercedes and it was his Mercedes really fast. I mean because it was a private driveway and there was no speed limit ,there's no speed limit in driveways I guess ???? and in those days there was no speed limit in Italy and he was just zooming. I mean as fast as he could and there was another car coming. There was a couple of people in a Fiat and this person, I don't know what happened if he tried to play chicken or whatever it was, but he ended up on the wrong side of the road trying to you know play chicken with this car and and I think I think he thought that he pulled it off but he didn't and both cars smashed and just like ah in a, in a second everybody was out of the cars. Everybody was fine but when the impact happened somehow the accelerator on the Mercedes got stuck full force and there is this Mercedes just roaring and all the wheels were turning and it was smoking and there was this little Fiat and it was holding his own against this Mercedes. And the Mercedes was trying to push the Fiat and the Fiat wouldn't budge. I mean it was actually, after a few seconds, I guess after everybody was everybody realized everybody was okay, was really hilarious to watch.

There was this Mercedes going at it. I mean just pushing and shoving this little Fiat and this little Fiat wouldn't budge. It was like little Fiat knew it was in Italy and it was an Italian car and the Germans had their say once and they weren't going to have it again and this went on for so long and nobody had the courage because this Mercedes was so violently shaking and going at it with the accelerator fully stuck to actually reach in and turn the key off. I mean it was like if you could have pushed the car just a little but it could've just taken off and flown and things would have happened and so there was nothing to be done so we just on left it there this this big battle between a Mercedes that was a big Mercedes it was a Mercedes 300 with a little Fiat 124 going at it and then we all went in the house and we looked out the window and we could see the little thing happening and we all just sat there and watched this and I said to somebody I said you know I bet that car will catch on fire and the guy looked at me and he said "No way" and he looked again and there was this big plume of smoke coming out then this big big explosion and sure enough it caught fire and then I guess the Mercedes finally you know all the hoses burnt or whatever and finally stopped and there was no rubber left on the rims and was chaotic little accident but and this guy who owned the Mercedes really loved his Mercedes and he had just gotten it completely replenished completely new paint job new interior I mean just the most incredible job of restoring the car and there it was and finally the guy had it taken to a junkyard and had it squashed so he could keep it in his living room which I thought was a crazy crazy idea. If you're wondering who this guy was it was my brother um and that was his car and I was just sitting there wondering what's going on but sometimes life is very much like that. You're driving along and something happens and nobody's hurt it's like you don't even know what happened but something happened next thing you know you're watching your witnessing this this this dilemma take place is it supposed to be painful.

I mean sometimes people themselves don't even know whether what was happening to them is painful. Should they be should they be concerned or is this okay and they need other people to tell them it's all right I mean this is how lost we are sometime so inherently removed we become from our very own selves that we require other people other things to work as catalysts to accomplish what already is taking place inside us and when we can be in touch with this most incredible thing called life and when was the last time you were really excited about it? When we can get in touch with this life, there's a incredible excitement, not the kind of excitement because things are going your way. That that that's a different kind of excitement. What is so certain in your life itself? I mean except for one thing, that you're all gonna go away one day, that we're all gonna go away one day. What is so certain? Nothing! What's gonna happen tomorrow? I know that I want to control my tomorrow. I really do. I want everything to be planned. I want everything to be worked out and yet tomorrow will unfold however it will unfold and when it won't unfold the way I want it to unfold, what's gonna happen to me? I'm gonna get frustrated and I'm going to get mad and I'm going to get angry and then will anything change? No, except me. I'll be that much more down. I'll be that much more confused about my life and then that's gonna set me off in this process and the cycle which is really absurd which is gonna be that I'm gonna want more control. So that doesn't happen and the more control I'm gonna want the less it's gonna go my way and the less it's gonna go my way the more frustrated I'm gonna become.

Because all I don't want to deal with uncertainty yet my life is so uncertain and so perhaps being placed in this ridiculous predicament of saying "Well there's this Knowledge and it's great and it's wonderful" and then "Well, can I have it right now?" and it's like "No, you can't have it right now" and it's like "What what? When am I gonna have it?" "No. I don't know when you gonna have it" and that sounds ridiculous then you have to begin to understand each step. Each step that it involves not just a whole bunch of if I gave you a whole bunch of certainties where would your growth be? How would you grow if I told you that tomorrow you will come at 7 o'clock in the evening and we will have another meeting and then the day after that - this is not gonna happen don't worry about it - but if I told you and then ah you know Wednesday morning at 830 you can have Knowledge what are you gonna do? I know what you're going to do. You're not gonna think, you're gonna look at your clock, you're gonna look at the calendar and you're going to wait because something inside of you is a great trickster great trickster and this great trickster has managed to trick you many times. Has taken the fun out of so many things and maybe this great trickster is even after taking the fun out of being, a life. The things that it's saying to you. "Someday" the great trickster says "Everything will be okay, someday" "Which day?" "Someday" the great con artist that says, "You don't have to worry. Someday you'll be rich, someday you won't have to work anymore, someday it'll be all the way you've just wanted it" and there you are waiting for that day, every day and I know I know. I've seen so many dreamers in the dream every day like "Some day my book will come and everything will be okay" and I know better. I know that the great trickster, the great con artist is at work.

Life is nothing to the con, life is very real and every day is very real, very substantial, very true, every moment. And to me you know this is what Knowledge has done, has allowed me to appreciate so many more moments of my life than I could ever imagine and that's why I am so thankful, so thankful that now when the day comes along it's not the same and when I wake up in the morning it's not I'm dreading my day "Oh my God not today" that I can enjoy something so valuable, so precious that's inside of me. That somehow Knowledge has shown me that I don't need to be tricked. When you look at a sunset I know there was a time I used see a beautiful sunset, grab my camera and one day one day there was this incredible sunset and I went looking for my camera and I couldn't find it and when I found it, it had no batteries in it. So I put new batteries in it and I had no film in it so I had to find film and then the lens was dirty and by the time I got the camera together, got out there to take the picture, guess what? It was over. Since that day I learned a very valuable lesson. Now when I see a sunset I don't go chase the camera. I don't care because there is no way I can preserve that beauty, there is no way. I just want to enjoy. I just want to be right there and I want to enjoy. I want that hard to awaken and I want that hard to say "Thank you" and I want to appreciate and I want to feel good and each one of you has that capacity to feel good. So whatever it may be, however it may be, whatever the ideas may be in, enjoy, enjoy this life. One shot, one shot. Feel, feel the trueness of it, feel the loveliness of it, feel the joy of it and then delight in it. For yourself, not for somebody else. Don't throw a party. People throw parties, people like to throw parties for everything. Hurricane parties and I don't know how how you can possibly have a hurricane party but people do. They get drunk I guess and then they don't care. People like that party for everything but I'm not saying yeah you see a beautiful sunset so you guys throw a party. No but just delight in it for yourself, for your very own self ,not for somebody else and trust and believe in this life because this is the most incredible asset you have and feel its vibrance.

It has nothing to do with age, it has nothing to do with philosophies, it has nothing to do with ideas, it has nothing to do with ideals but it is something that plays. It is an instrument that plays itself. You don't have to play it. All you have to do is listen, listen to its sound and let yourself go with that sound. To me that's the way the life is. Yes, there is ups and downs and so I'm here and for every down I realize that I set myself up. Like when I'm on the top but everything is wonderful what do I do I do something that causes me to end up at the bottom and when I'm at the bottom I do something that causes me end up on the top and I know what it is when I'm at the top "Hey, I did this, I did that and I'm good da da da da da da." Everything is "I I I I I I" like a crow and then the next thing you know boom! "Help help help!" You know all people have these wonderful things ":Oh God help me!" You could have said that before. No, but all it takes is that one incredible moment when you're down and out ungracefully on the floor looking up and even then it's hard to really turn. You know there's so much pride so people slip. They're on the floor, face flat and they spend some time there and it's like "Umm, are you okay" "Oh oh of course I'm okay. I just wanted to see this thing really close up" and it's hard to admit I blew it. It may even - though we have been walking for so many years - doesn't mean we don't fall down. We do and we still have to learn to be careful and it is not in the up and down but what I do in these ups and downs and that if I can remember, if I can continue to have that thankfulness then something can continue to unfold for me. If I do take the challenge and yes it is a challenge, is life. It takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of courage to say "I want everything there is this life has to offer and I want my dreamer to awaken and show me the dreams coming true and share with me the joy of those dreams coming true" and to take that step it takes a lot of courage. For so long it takes a lot of courage to say "Okay heart, I'm ready for you. You've been ready for me for so long and I am now ready for you to do your magic." It takes a lot of courage. Not everybody can do it and people say "What will other people think?" (laughter)

I've seen a lot of people say "Well when I die, I would like to you know have something people will remember me by" and people want their statues erected. I've seen statutes. Pigeons love ‘em. Few people remember "Yeah, this guy was a big shot" few generation later "What an obstacle, get rid of it, get going." Who will remember some will someone and you won't be there to say "Oh my God these people remember me." You only have that right now so take that, take that consciousness and plough it now. As a saying goes "Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, the only hard cash you have is today, use it wisely." To live your life with a whole bunch of ideas "This is the sweetest, is this way, this is pretty, this is bad, this is good, this is nice" and you become a meter, gauge that goes around. Trying to look at things and constantly "Wow that's nice, that's terrible, that's horrible. How can they do this? How can they do that?" because all I am is full of ideas. Are they my ideas? No. Lot of them are borrowed, begged, stolen. Whatever other people told me.

I have listened to it and then something very beautiful unfolded in my life. It was a very young age. Somebody showed me something. In fact, it was my father. He gave me something. Rather than a whole bunch of ideas and concepts he gave me something and metaphorically I will speak of it. It was like a mirror and at first the question was "Why do any, why do I need a mirror? I can see ,I can see everybody and I don't need a mirror to see everybody. I don't need a mirror to see the moon. I don't need a mirror to see the sun. Why do need a mirror? And then it was like "Well the mirror isn't to help you see other things. The mirror is to help you see you" and at first it was like "Why do I need to see myself? I am myself " and that it was like when you need to see myself not because you're going to correct something, not because you gonna alter something, not because you're going to change something but you're gonna see yourself. To see how beautiful you really are and then of course the next question is "Why do I need to realize that I'm beautiful?" It was like okay we eat food and we always give food the credit for tasting good and I remember very distinctly my father, my teacher, told me the taste is not in the food. I's in me and that I couldn't understand for the longest time. It was like "What's up? Garlic is in garlic you know but then I realized a very fine thing: that the reason why I was looking for the good taste in food is because I enjoyed that and that enjoyment was certainly within me, not in the food. Because I realized you know that we all have our favorite dishes and I realized that when I would get a bad cold and I wasn't feeling good but even though my favorite dish was in front of me I didn't want to eat it and that surprised me because it tastes so good "Yeah you're not hungry but the taste is there, isn't it? and this is the combination that you like the best" "But I don't want to eat it" and that enjoyment for that enjoyment to take place everything had to be right and I know that I as a human being I am naturally attracted to beauty, naturally. I see a beautiful sunset and I'll look at it. I'll see a beautiful scenery and I'll look at it and yet here somebody was handing me a mirror just to show me where it was the most beautiful but it wasn't the sunset that in the sunset I was only seeing a very vague reflection of the beauty that existed inside of me. That in that mountain peak with blue skies in the background and you know sometimes the wind blows and the snow starts to spray and it just looks like fog but that that awesomeness that I was admiring was really inside of me and that these things were merely catalysts and that if I wanted to really see that beauty in its entirety that I would have to look within and to look within I would need this mirror.

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That there is in fact something within me that wants to be satisfied, that wants to feel good, wants to feel this one certain way. Until it feels that one certain way it will constantly keep banging on the door inside, wanting again and again for it to be (unintelligible). So the next step is, the next question is "When do I start listening to this knock? When do I actually acknowledge that there is something and I want it. Rather than just waiting in my life for that one perfect day when the knight in the shining armour will come, when everything will be just perfect. Everybody will understand even the cop who gave you the ticket will come back, apologize and give you the ticket back and saying "I'm sorry. I know you really weren't speeding." I mean that one perfect day when the whole world will turn to you and say "Yes you were right, we were all wrong" and "Yes we all apologize. We have been very cruel to you." Some people wait for that day to come on earth and some people wait for that day come up there. You know God, God'll fix everything. There will be the great Judgement Day and they'll go through my books and they'll see I wasn't speeding and God'll fix that policeman and he'll call 'em and he'll tell 'em "Why did you give that person that ticket?" Yet the consciousness that we live in of right and wrong and being opposite (unintelligible) is so amazingly different.

This one police officer was telling me that he actually pulled over by mistake a person who had gone through a green light and of course after he you know turned on his lights pulled the person over and he realized he'd made a mistake. So he walks over to the lady and he says "Umm lady," the lady says "What have I done wrong" and he said "You went through a green light" and she said "No, I didn't. I went through a red light" (laughter) because it's just the contrast isn't it? Whatever you say I'll say something else and this is this is a true story. Think of it. What chance does this person have in their life? To go around the "No. I ran through a red light" "You ran through a green light." "No I didn't. I ran through it." Waiting for that ultimate day to come when everything will be all fixed up. Everything will be just right, everything will be perfect and yet inside each human being there is the most wonderful, wonderful feeling. A feeling that cannot be duplicated by anything on the outside. A feeling wanting to be free. Something inside of us wanting to be free. People want freedom and who is free? Americans say "We are free." No they're not, no they're not but I know there's this thing called the stop sign that doesn't turn green it just says stop. It doesn't say you can go now. No it just stays and glares red. It never turns any other colour, it just says stop. Look at the regulations they all begin with the famous statement "No person shall." You know it is the convict who was taken from his cell and brought into the courtyard of the prison, the courtyard and the prisoner starts to jump up and down and says "I'm free I'm free I'm free." No you're not. No you're not. You're not free.

I have this huge area. the place where I stay in India. Full of birds, beautiful birds and it always haunted me that birds should be free. Birds shouldn't be if you even have a golden cage for a bird what good is the cage for the bird? It's still a cage. If it's made out of gold it can't go around saying "And I was locked in a golden cage." What difference does it make and so one day I said "Okay this is it." I called the kids and I said "I'm gonna let them go" and so I opened up the door and most of the birds flew out except this one bird wouldn't go. It wanted to stay because it had been a prisoner for so long that the understanding of this feeling, the concept of freedom and what it meant had completely disappeared. And maybe there was a day when this bird was put into this huge cage and it banged against every little space to get out and yet today there was the biggest opening and you know what had happened. Something really incredible had happened. This bird had given up.This bird had lost the most incredible thing - the desire. Because after banging itself for a few days and I mean I wasn't there watching it bang away at every little piece of the door but it must have and it tried one day and it got tired and it sat down. And I know when you capture a wild bird or an animal they won't even eat and then slowly to succumb to the hunger, to the tiredness, to the thirst. And they don't fly around anymore. They just sit there and when the water is given they drink it and when the food is provided they eat it and when the door is opened they don't fly out. The same bird that flew, really knew how to fly to unfold its wings, to go to dart to. I mean birds. I know birds really like to fly.

There's this hawk where I live. In front of my house you know there's a little hill and so the wind just rises and this thing just sits there for hours sometimes. Just hovering in one place and it knows of this thing called freedom but not in the word of freedom because it has never been captured. It just knows of freedom in a very different way. No contrast. This little hawk does not know that it's free but it's free. All it does just delight it. Whatever it does. But that little bird had lost something and after the door stayed open for a few hours and it still didn't fly away somebody had to go in and persuade it. The little bird finally glide away. Is it a big thing? Yet on the outside. no. Because there is it okay? There it is on (unintelligible), on a key and yet when the door is open and that the bird forgot what it is like to be free, that is truly a tragedy and so I say to you that inside of you there is also a little bird. The little bird that is captured in the golden cage and every day you tell the little bird how fortunate it is because it had a golden cage. A wonderful place to live and every day you tell the little bird that one day it will get better. One day you will have a big house, one day you will have many cars, one day you will have a good job and you say "Oh little bird, don't try to fly away. One day everything will be fine" but the little bird inside doesn't know about this, actually doesn't really care.

You see happiness is the same for a person who is a billionaire, who is a beggar. Laughter is the same, a smile. You know it's not like rich people smile this way and poor people smile this way. Happiness, the joy of existence, contentment, harmony is the same for everybody. Something is the same no matter what food you eat and how you eat it. Indians eat with their hand. Chinese have the sticks. Italian well they use fork and knife. It this is the same thing. It's exactly the same thing and to start to listen, to start to listen and care about the heart.

In many many cultures there is heaven. Hinduism, they have this thing about heaven as there is this thing about hell and Christianity, there is heaven. Many, many cultures. Many, many religions but I tell you what from my own experience "Yes there is a heaven and yes there is a hell" and I'll tell you where the heaven, right here the greatest heaven, right here and hell the greatest hell right here. No hell can be greater than the hell here and no heaven can conceivably be greater than the one here and inside, inside of us not, on the outside but on the inside is the door and it's a peculiar door. It's a strange door. It opens one room and closes the other. Its a strange door. It's not just like one door but it is one door that is between the two rooms and when you open one, it closes one room off and open the other and when you close the other way it opens the other and closes the other one and when that door is opened inside then we can experience the heaven on earth, now. The greatest heaven and when that door is closed there is no greater hell. To be in disharmony, to be removed from ourselves. There is nothing worse than that and yet to be connected, to feel what we all have been given, what we all have been gifted with. There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more simple and when we can begin "Yes I want it, I want that feeling, I want that harmony in my life" then that becomes the very first step. You know you've got people, you ask "Are you happy?" "Oh yeah!" What can you say" It's like asking the bird "Do you like the cage?" "Oh yeah!" But do you know? What do you really know what it is like to be happy? Bbecause you see to all of us happiness equal something. Happiness equals a big smile, happiness equals big laughter, happiness equals big house, happiness equals all of that. Happiness doesn't equal anything. Happiness equals happiness. That's it! Nothing more, nothing less. Happiness can be where there is nothing and happiness can be where there is everything and happiness can be the freedom inside. Can be felt wherever you are, however you are and that is true happiness. Not the symptomatic happiness, the contentment, the harmony. How many of us really wake up in the morning, sit up and say "Thank you" inside. Not outside, outside people want to say thank you because again there is a formula how to say thank you. You get up, you like this, you give a flower here. You do this, you do that and if you do that, that means you're thanking. No.

But to without words, without words, just a feeling. To wake up and say "I feel thankful" but you see you cannot say that, you cannot think you feel thankful. Thinking that you feel thankful and actually being thankful are two different things, completely two different things. The beggar you see can pretend for a minute that he has a lot of money but so far he pretends, only pretends it's okay. That all he does if he pretends, that's okay but if he tries to go buy the big house it's not okay because he doesn't have the money. So far people think they can keep thinking they're feeling thankful is okay.No no not thinking, actually feeling. That actually feeling that harmony, actually feeling that joy then and only then does it really count and what a beautiful possibility that would be. How beautiful that would be. Like a an example is like the Lotus. The Lotus blooms in dirty water, filthy water but it never touches the water and the roots of the Lotus are in that muddy, mucky water but the Lotus itself is free and when the water rises so does the Lotus and when the water falls so does the Lotus but it doesn't actually touch the water. It rises above it. Same way to have that opportunity to have that possibility (unintelligible). To feel that feeling inside. To be above. To feel what this is all about.

Because you are another human being like billions and do you know, doing the same thing like the billions. It's amazing 9 o'clock in the morning Taiwan traffic jam, 9 o'clock in the morning Tokyo traffic jam, 9 o'clock in the morning New York traffic jam, 9 o'clock in Los Angeles traffic jam, 9 o'clock in New Delhi traffic jam. Think in New Delhi they speak a completely different language than in Tokyo. They speak a completely different language in Taiwan, they have a completely different culture in New York. The cities are laid out differently. In Los Angeles people do different things - they think they do different things but guess what? They're all doing exactly the same thing. What is a sheep? There is a famous example about sheep. Where one sheep goes the others follow. They don't care. One goes in the ditch other one goes in the ditch.

In The Pacific 1991After so much grace,so much thought, so much love ,you have been given an individual body and nobody in the world looks like you. Nobody in the world thinks like you. You are unique but you see I can understand why the wolf would want to wear the sheep's clothing but I cannot understand why the sheep would want to wear the wolf's clothing. I can understand that we are different, that we have been made different, that we are unique but I cannot understand why we all want to be the same. Exactly the same when there is a difference. Bbecause it is our path. You cannot walk my path and I cannot walk your path. Each one of us has to walk every day. You have to eat your own food. You know these are simple things. People say "Don't even think about that. Who thinks about that? If they started thinking about that you'll think they're crazy. I mean its just so simple that I cannot eat for you and you cannot eat for me. You cannot call me up and say "I don't have time, would you have extra lunch for me?" You know it's it's too simple but if that's the way it is it mean we all have to eat separately, we have to sleep separately, we have to think separately, we have to breathe separately. I cannot breathe for you, you cannot breathe for me and what about striving out. Without perfection we have to also do that for each one of us. Nobody can do it for you and anybody who makes that claim that I can strive for perfection on your behalf is wrong. Each river takes its own course, each wave has its own place and you are the same. So thank, open, feel, grow, enjoy and feel that desire in your heart of wanting to be content. Feel that desire because its a burning desire and unless and until that desire has not been grown. Until it really won't make any difference what you do feel. That place and you will feel something that you have never felt before. Joy will have another meaning for you. Happiness will be a whole new word. I guarantee it because that is the way it is for me. Open, see and that possibility called Knowledge that can open that lock. How beautiful, how wonderful that that possibility exists today and it really does for everyone.

So you know if you're interested in that possibility for yourself, you can contact, there is a card available. You can contact us. If you're not that's okay. Nobody is selling anything here. If you're not, try to enjoy this life anyways because you've got it and its yours. Will you have another one? I don't know. People say there will be another one but people don't guarantee there will be another one. You cannot go to a bank and say I will pay you in my next lifetime. Remember the Pharaohs, the Egyptian kings, you know they never came back (laughter). There was a great American escape artist, he used to escape. His name was Houdini. He used to escape from amazing things. You know they would put him in a box, put water inside and chains on the outside, then locks, then put him in a jacket and he would escape and he had told his wife that if he ever died he'd come back. He will escape so his wife looks for him but he doesn't come back. So I don't know if there is another one or not but you got this one. This one is guaranteed. You got it and what do you do? You then live it to its fullest, in its realism or the ultimate monster, time,will eat it for you and you you cannot fight this monster. The only way to fight time, that which is immortality is to enjoy, squeeze everything there is out of a moment. Everything. Nothing left otherwise this time will swallow everything that's left over and you should just see how big and fat this monster called time is. It has swallowed so much and it continues to swallow every minute so ultimately it's up to you enjoy this gift that you have. Thank you very much and good night (applause)