Prachar - Propagation - Proselytisation In Practice

Since the beginning of Prem Rawat's career one of his most important commandments to his followers has been to "do propagation" ('prachar' in Hindi) i.e. proselytise and spread this Knowledge and to attract new people to Rawat's cult. Actually he has said that it is the most important activity his followers should do and that

"it becomes our one and foremost duty to try to give that Knowledge to all the people in this world."

In the early days there were large scale marches and highly publicised meetings in major halls.

Satguru Has Gone
Satguru Has Gone
Satguru Has Gone

Millenium 73

After the fiasco of Millenium '73 this changed and propagation was handled mainly through small nightly meetings (Satsang) in major cities and towns.

In the 1990s there was a directive that no propagation should be done. People could be invited to "programs" at which Rawat would speak and a handful of authorised people could (instructors) were also allowed to proselytise.

By 2010 virtually all propagationwas done via the internet and large "events" for followers and invited people at which Rawat speaks. In India he can still pull a large crowd though he is only a minor Godman there.


In some areas people still get out to proselytise but with premies aged and ugly it does not provide much enthusiasm or success. The photos below were taken at my local Burleigh Heads Market Day.

Burleigh Heads Markets Burleigh Heads Markets

Millenium Note
Form the beginning the Divine Light Mission taught that telling people about Knowledge "the most important thing ever done."