The Lowell Sun Metro, Thursday, September 14, 1972  --  Page 13

Disciple of 14-year-old Guru to visit Concord

CONCORD - Mahatma Fakiranand, close disciple of 14-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji, will be in Concord Friday afternoon at the Divine Light Mission on Baker Avenue.

Mahatma Fakiranand will be in Boston for a week of speaking and television engagements, reportedly to reveal "Knowledge from his master, Guru Maharaj Ji." The young guru has a following of more than three million world-wide.

The Divine Light Mission has been established in Concord about a year. It is an international, non-profit organization "dedicated to uplifting mankind from the suffering of ignorance by spreading the knowledge of God as revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji." Locally, the suffering of ignorance was allayed by a public hearing before the mission was allowed to establish itself in a residential neighborhood.