Prem Rawat (Maharaji) - 1972 Press Articles

There are 47 newspaper articles about Prem Rawat posted here from 1972 when Rawat was 15 years old. As a tiny new cult / spiritual group Divine Light Mission was struggling to get any newspaper publicity. News stories began once chartered jumbo jets of Western devotees began flying to India for festivals. Publicity increased once Prem Rawat began to stoke controversy.

At first there was no thought of being restrained in advertising - it was "tell it like it is!"

The beginnings of publicity came with the "jumbo jet" flights to India of devotees.

The first controversial story was about the smuggling of watches, jewellery and money into India.

Cuttings from British newspapers

Prem Rawat's "Knowledge" has three parts: regularly listening to his speeches, doing voluntary work for organisations serving him or donating money and daily meditation correctly practicing the four techniques he recommends. The techniques are so simple it's hard to see how they could be practiced incorrectly. First technique ("Divine Light") involves sticking your thumb and middle finger on your eyeballs (NB: with eyes closed) and your index finger between your eyebrows. Second technique: ("Heavenly Music") poking your thumbs into your ears and listening. Third technique: ("Holy Name") thinking about your breathing (NB: continue to breathe). Fourth technique: ("Nectar") curling your tongue backwards and tasting. Rawat's father taught slightly different techniques but either way it's difficult to see how these could produce the benefits claimed for them especially as Rawat claims His Knowledge is the only method of attaining real happiness and love in this life.