SRFLive Long Beach 1997

In 1997 my wife and I went to California for a month. We travelled in a rented motor-home from Sequoia grove to Sequoia grove to Yosemite to the world's tallest tree, a Redwood, and then back to Long Beach where I left my wife for a long weekend while I went surfing and ended up near the remnants of another failed guru religion, the Self Realization Temple at Swami's Beach at Encinitas. I had 3 days of good surf though by Sunday some of the locals felt I had well and truly outlived my welcome and had caught far too many of "their waves." That's real life unlike the phony bullshit preached by Prem Rawat. Anyway my wife bought this CD. I really like Tim Hain's song and am happy to have a version of "Power of Love" which isn't marred by tape failure.

"Listen to this music, that goes with the play. Listen to this life. Listen to this rhythm. Listen to this existence." - Maharaji

Long Beach 1997
Long Beach 1997

1. "Feel Like a King" music and lyrics: Tim Hain lead vocal/guitar: Tim Hain backing vocal: Chris Mac Vittie keyboard: Fuzzbee Morse guitar: bass: Eduardo Del Signore drums: Geoff Bridgford
2. "You Are the One" music and lyrics: Daya Rawat vocal: Daya Rawat piano: Fuzzbee Morse bass: Eduardo Del Signor
3. "From Inside" composed by Atsushi Morikawa bamboo flute: Atsushi Morikawa piano: Kazuhiko Ikegami
4. "Understanding" music and lyrics: Chris MacVitti lyrics: Fred MacVittie lead vocal/guitar: Chris backing vocal: Daya Rawa guitars: Fuzzbee Morse, Manuel Imam bass: Eduardo Del Signo drums: Geoff Bridgford
5. "Essence of My Soul" music and lyrics: Jim Gallagher vocals/guitar: Jim Gallagher keyboards: Nigel Holton
6. "In My Heart I Know" lyrics: Daya Rawat music: Fuzzbee Morse vocal: Daya Rawat piano: Fuzzbee Morse bass: Eduardo Del Signore
7. "Thirst and Water" composed by Klaus Hastermann violin: Mitzuko Date-Botsch violin: Anne Schmutzler viola: Klaus Hastermann cello: Gero Botsch
8. "If Not For You written by Bob Dylan, published by Big Sky Music lead vocal: Daya Rawat guitar/harmonica: Fuzzbee Morse guitar: Manuel ImAn bass: Eduardo Del Signore drums: Geoff Bridgford
9. "Power of Love" music and lead vocal Geoff Bridgford lead guitar: Fuzzbee Morse bass/guitar: Kenny Edwards keyboards: Nigel Holton backing vocals: la Chanteuse Inconnue, Rosemary Butler,
10. "You Touch My Heart" lyrics: Dava Rawat music: Fuzzbee Morse vocal: Daya Rawat piano: Fuzzbee Morse guitar: Manuel Iman bass: Eduardo Del Signore drums: Geoff Bridgford
11. "Rhythm of Life" music and lyrics: Wadi Rawat lead vocal: Wadi Rawat vocal/percussion: Daya Rawat vocal/guitar: David Andersen keyboard: Manuel Iman bass: Eduardo Del Signore drums: Geoff Bridgford vocal/guitar/flute & percussion: Fuzzbee Morse

Long Beach 1997

For Songs 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11:
recording engineer: Kris Tholke
front of house engineers: Ben Allen & George McKechnie
monitor engineers: Lee Ferguson & TJM Tutty
re-recording engineer: Kris Tholke
post production: Geoff Bridgford, Fuzzbee Morse & Kris Tholke
mixed by Roger Nichols
"Essence of My Soul": produced and mixed by Nigel Holton
"Power of Love": produced and mixed by Geoff Bridgford & Fuzzbee Morse
all songs mastered by Roger Nichols executive producer Michael Wood

all cover and insert designs: Wadi & Daya Rawat

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