"Maharaji Music" - Dedicated To Prem Rawat

This is an index of songs, of which I have copies, written, recorded and used in the Prem Rawat cult. The titles of many of these songs demonstrate the worship of Prem Rawat as a divine incarnation that is expressed and reinforced in the Prem Rawat cult and the lyrics are even more damning. See also the songbook of Devotional Songs and the song books of DLM/EV bhajans here and here. The sample music below is certainly not exhaustive and any further information and copies of media would be greatly appreciated.

1972 THINE TO THEE - 7" 45 RPM EP
- Shri Guru Maharaj Ji/Anand Band

1. Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj - Guru Puja Montrose, Colorado USA. 26th June, 1972
The young guru declares soon the world will know I am God
2. Lila - Anand Band

1. Sweet Bird of the Morning - Anand Band
2. Walking Satsang (We Are Your Voices) - Anand Band

Anand Band
1. Guru Brahma
2. I Come To My Lord
3. Oh Perfect Lord
4. People Come To See Your Creator
5. Double Song
6. Father, I'm A Comin' Home
7. Subtle Prayer
8. Symphony Of Love
9. Shining Grace
10. People, Listen to the Message of the Lord
11. Golden Star
12. Isn't It You? with Suzy Bai Whitten
13. Bacarolle
14. Mummy May I Have Some
15. Peeling The Mold (Mould)
16. Guru Maharaj Ji's Countdown
17. The Lord of the Universe
A collection of seventeen songs.

Philadelphia Bliss Band
1972 SATGURU HAS COME movie - Anand Band
The Lord of The Universe
… He will fill you up
Open up you heart to the universe of Love
And He will fill you up
The Lord of the Universe has come to us this day
The Lord of the Universe has come to us this day
Shri Hans Productions
1973 BLUE AQUARIUS - Blue Aquarius

God Is Love
Rock Me Maharaj Ji
Know Him While you Can
At The Feet Of The Master
How Many Lifetimes
Oh Maharaj Ji
Alive And Well
Satguru Has Come

The Lord of the Universe
Rock Me Maharaji
Walking Cane

Yes we're going down to Houston
Yes we're going down to Houston
Gonna see our Lord come flying in
There'll we think you'll wanna be there
Yes we think you'll wanna be where

Peace, Peace Now, Peace, Peace now
Peace, Peace now for evermore
Peace, Peace now, Peace, Peace now
Peace, Peace now for everyone
Peace can't wait
Too many years have been filled with hate    
We need Peace, peace now for everyone

TVTV Lord of the Universe

1973 Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?

God Is Love - Geoff Bridgford
At The Feet of the Master - Geoff Bridgford
Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? - Allan Thomas

Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?
Songs by such artists as Annie Bishop,
Kathy Sisler, Janet Thurston, Michael Nouri,
the Good Name Band, and others.

Holi Band

1974 Power Of Love

Power Of Love - Geoff Bridgford

Power Of Love
1974 BY HIS GRACE - Jiva

1. 'Til I Looked In Your Eyes 02:47
2. I Know What You Came For 04:08
3. Just For You 03:40
4. Silver Plated Cross 04:12
5. Devotion 03:25
6. He's Here 03:26
7. Ocean Of Mercy 04:29
8. Here You Are Again 02:55
9. All Is Well 02:48
Holi Band

1975 Family Of Love

Praising Hymn - Allan Thomas

Pacific Guru Puja 75
Pacific Guru Puja 75
Music from Orlando

What in the World - Inside - Cattletruck Driving Boogie
Milk and Honey - Oh Holy Light - Papa's Got a Brand New Tune
Time 27:00

Just Before the Storm - It's Got To Be You - Big Time (Crown of Creation)
My Companion - I Love My Life - Something's Going on Inside L.A. - Don't Be Sad
Time 26:55
Holi Band
1976 PRAISING HYMN - Allan Thomas

1. Teach Me 2:18
2. Your Love 4:09
3. And the Music 4:14
4. Comfort 2:43
5. Let's Rise in Love 2:49
6. Oh Love 5:02
7. Praising Hymn 6:47
9. I Thank You 3:15 - Carole Thomas née Cook
10. Another Chance 5:02
11. Surrender 3:48
12. Find That Love Inside 4:30
13. Family of Love 4:16
1977 MORE GRACE - Jiva

1. Best Of Life 04:48
2. Right Inside 03:54
3. Sing Me 02:41
4. Page In My Heart 05:37
5. Shine Together 03:06
6. Love is the Feeling 04:12
7. Thief In The Night 05:44
8. Prayer 05:36
9. Alone With You 02:32
10. Moon Song 03:29
Holi Band

Los Angeles, September 18, 1977

Sweet, Sweet Hansia

SHRINE Auditorium video

Los Angeles, September 18, 1977

Only One Love


1979 GURU PUJA FESTIVAL Lingfield England June 21 1979 Video

Maharaj Ji We Love You

Lingfield England June 21 1979 Video
1980 SLT 015 POWER OF LOVE - One Foundation

Power Of Love
Weeping In My Joy
I Only Want To Be With You
Malibu Rain
What You Know

You Saved me
How Can I Ever Stop
Brand New Love
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Lovin' Times

© Divine Light Mission, Inc
Power Of Love
Fire In My Heart

November 1981 Hans Jayanti, Rome 1981 video

Higher and Higher (the Jackie Wilson song, recorded by many others)
Teach Me Devotion
Meditating On Your Love
You Are My Saviour
Love Train (the O'Jays'song)

Hans Jayanti, Rome 1981 video
1982 SLT 018 COURT OF LOVE - Holy Jesters

Listen, Listen
I Have Seen Such A Great Wonder
Court Of Love
Please Fill Me With Your Devotion
Glory Of My Master

In Your Hands Is A Jewel
My Master Blessed Me (With Such An Eye)
Life Is Passing
I Am In Love With You My Lord
Don't Let Me Loose Hold

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Court Of Love

1983(?) SLT 020 paradise - One Foundation

Nothing To Hide (G. Bridgford)
Only You (J. Creighton)
Never Apart (K. Field)
Holding On (K. Field/L. Field)
Afterglow (F. Morse)

Can't Go On (K. Field/L. Field)
Within Your Love (G. Bridgford)
Keep On Dancing (K. Field)
Paradise (J. Creighton)

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GEOFF BRIDGFORD - Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
JOE CREIGHTON - Bass, Vocals, Guitar
KIM FIELD - Vocals
LINDSAY FIELD - Guitar, Vocals
FUZZBEE MORSE - Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Winds

Just You And Me (Buchanan/Handley) 5.40
You Showed The Way (Fithgerald/McRae/Webb/Green) 2.18
Between The Lines (Handley) 5.05
I Belong To You (Field) 4.08
Get It Straight (Handley/Burling/McCutcheon) 4.07
Namaste (Brigham/Pyman) 4.06
You Are The Only One (Handley) 4.57
Only The Love (Field) 3.02
Over And Over (Pyman) 2.40
Free Me Up (Handley/McCutcheon) 3.44
A Love Like Yours (Handley/Burling) 7.45
Heart and Soul
1994 YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION - One Foundation

Caught in the Magic
Find the Endless Love
You are my Heaven
You are my inspiration
Love Unspoken
True Love
Thank You

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You Are My Inspiration
open up your heart This is an instrumental version of "Lord of the Universe"
lover to me
he's here
magic of love
golden way
like the rain
like you always do
where would i go - An instrumental version of "Leaving Your Lotus Feet."
close your eyes
thank you
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Holi Band

1997 Live Long Beach

1. Feel Like a King - Tim Hain
2. You Are the One - Daya Rawat
3. From Inside" - Atsushi Morikawa
4. Understanding - Chris & Fred MacVittie
5. Essence of My Soul - Jim Gallagher
6. In My Heart I Know - Daya Rawat & Fuzzbee Morse
7. Thirst and Water - Klaus Hastermann
8. If Not For You - Bob Dylan
9. Power of Love - Geoff Bridgford
10. You Touch My Heart - Dava Rawat & Fuzzbee Morse
11. Rhythm of Life - Wadi Rawat

Holi Band
 1999 LOVIN' TIMES - One Foundation

1  Weeping in My Joy 4:15
2  Brand New Love 4:33
3  How Can I Ever Stop 4:39
4  Lovin' Times 4:54
5  Within Your Love 5:54
6  Paradise 5:04
7  Fire in My Heart 3:45
8  The Need for Love 3:31
9  You Saved Me 4:44
10 Message of the Heart 4:25
11 Loving is Where We Start 6: 07

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Lovin' Times
This recording of a live version of Spread This Knowledge (.mp3) reveals her vocal deficiencies. Her voice is thin, her range is limited, she strains for some of the slightly higher notes, her emotional expression is narrow and she needs another singer for the last section of the song as her voice lacks the power and range to manage it. Despite the lyrics having been altered from the divine 1970's version an audience of her father's devotees revisits the old chant of "Bolie Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai" at the finish.

Holi Band Most of the new music being performed and available by followers of Rawat since the year 2000 seems mediocre "New Age" trivia though Tim Hain, Cara Tower and the Ingui brothers stand out from the crowd (IMHO). A range is available at Eversound Music.

Songs From a Mezzanine is a double CD of songs by followers of Prem Rawat which shows that many of his followers have enough musical talent to write and record songs but not enough to make you want to listen to them.