Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

´╗┐Guru is a Hindi word, and you may be surprised to know that "gu" means darkness, and "ru" means light. Guru is one who dispels the darkness and reveals the light. In English you can translate this "guru" into "master" or "guide"- a guide who can take you away from the darkness of this materialistic world into the bright light, the holy light.

I tell you that a master who converts your religion is not a true Master, because the true Master is not concerned with your religion. When people ask if I am a Hindu, I say no. Or Muslim? I say no. Or Christian, or Sikh? I say no. I am none of them. I am a body, which is perishable. And my soul has got no religion. We must realize our souls for ourselves, and we can realize that through the supreme technique given by the supreme Guru. And it is a yoga technique but not external yoga--it is internal. Raj Yoga means royal yoga, the superb yoga, the supreme yoga. It means changing the direction of those ideas and thoughts that are constantly flowing out of you, so that they are directed inwards, towards yourself.

While our thinking powers, our feeling powers, our desiring powers are going out into the world, we will always feel sorry. When we see something very beautiful, we are very sorry when we stop seeing it. But when you see God, you will see Him forever and ever and ever.

If you are seeing a beautiful sunset, you are just seeing red coming out of the clouds. You are enjoying it, but after two, three, or four hours the sun goes down, and the beautiful sunset is finished. But once you have seen God, you will see Him forever and ever. When you have that spiritual technique, you can see God face to face.

If someone wants that technique, I can give it to him.

There was a farmer in the desert who saw a piece of glass shinning, so he picked it up. He said,"Oh, this is not precious," and threw it away and went on. After some time a jeweler came, picked it up, and said, "Oh, it is a diamond, how lucky I am!" So he put it in his pocket. They both came; they both picked up that diamond, but one was clever enough to know its value, and the other was ignorant and left it. This is confusion.

The Knowledge I will show you is supreme, just supreme, and you cannot take it with your mind, which is what you are wanting to do. I'm very sorry, but you cannot have it like that. You cannot imagine this Knowledge. People try, try to search for it outside. How can they get it? God is inside.

Today people want love. I can truly and sincerely tell you, this Knowledge is overbrimming with love. This Knowledge is, you know, I cannot explain how full of love it is. There is so much love that if you take the water of the sea, the sea will be short and the love will still be more. This is it. This is the love, a thief cannot take it from you. This Holy Word of God, you can meditate upon this Holy Word of God and your whole life will be full of peace, full of bliss.

I am always ready to give you this Knowledge. I am always happy to give you this Knowledge. My Knowledge is like a river: lame man comes, same water; rich man comes, same water; poor man comes, same water; king comes, same water; beggar comes, same water; friend comes or enemy comes, same water is flowing for everybody.

Every Master has said people should know the Holy Name. They advised everybody to become wise and recognize how precious life is. And that's what I'm trying to make this world understand. Know how precious life is, and then know that which gives us life. Know that Divine Language which men did not create but which the soul always speaks. Know the language of love which dwells within the human temple. It is the Holy Word, the Name of God.

I will show you who you really are and what is the purpose of your coming into the world. Just come to me with pure devotion and I will show you.

Satguru Maharaj Ji