Another chapter in the Fakiranand story…

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I am sure most of you know the story about Mahatma Fakiranand bashing in Pat Halley's skull because Pat threw a pie in Maharaji's face at Detroit in 1973. You can read the details in the article Murder Attempt in Detroit and also on Ocker's site. The topic crops up regularly in this Forum and its predecessors. For a long time now Fakiranand has been a mahatma of Satpal.

For the past several months I have been in contact with an (ex-)premie from the Detroit ashram at the time, which was where Fakiranand was staying. This person has always been concerned about the statement in Pat Halley's second letter that Fakiranand told him that he 'was ordered to kill me by the President of the organization (not Maharaj Ji)…'.

Recently this person decided to try for closure by emailing Fakiranand on April 15 2012 to see what he says now about the incident. Here are a couple of email replies from May 10 & 11 2012, and below Fakiranand's letter of the same date.

I have done some light editing to preserve anonymity (as this person requests) but have otherwise not altered anything (misspellings and typos as in the original). It all seems genuine, as far as I can tell. Certainly the 'from' email addresses match up to those advertized on Satpal's website, so the the letter came from there, but obviously we cannot prove that Fakiranand himself wrote it.

A couple of points: You will note that Fakiranand in his email asks for his letter to be shared, so this post is accommodating his wishes.

Secondly, you will also see that he denies that he was even present when Pat Halley was assaulted.

-- Mike

Email from the 'Delhi Ashram' dated May 10 2012:

Please find attached letter from Mahatma Faqiranand Ji.

Follow up email from Fakiranand dated May 11 2012:

Im so glad to receive your heart felt message so quick please share this communication with all such pemies and ask them to pacify their inner fire erupting due to all mis understanding and cunfusion and be integrated again in the love and meditation of spirituality under the shade and shelter of true Master who will protect us for ever & ever. Please never entertain anything other wise to our objective. We are always one in spirit.

Yours Always
Shri Premnagar Ashram

Letter from Fakiranand dated May 10 2012:

Heartiest Jaishrisatchitanand, Love, Blessings & all of my best wishes to you and all of you for ever and ever.

Please refer to your email message dated 15 April, 2012 in my name sent through our delhiashram which I received some 3 days ago here at our world renowned "Shri Premnagar Ashram, Haridwar"

First or all I would like to suggest you that please do not criticize Shri Prem Rawat but always try to clear your path of truth and make a firm connectivity with it through unshakeable meditation & devotion under the protection & guidelines of our Supremely merciful True Master.

Please go through my message very carefully and try to keep in your heart and deeper consciousness something which can really help you and all of you in your spiritual growth and satiation of your entire life and throw off all such garbage and rubbish thoughts from your heart which otherwise are & will be like cancer of darkness, confusion and bewilderment shrouding your consciousness with no hope of your spiritual upliftment to higher horizons where in every moment the everlasting peace and enlightenment is erupting like anything under the supremely merciful shade and shelter of the spiritual master.

It has been spiritually established and proclaimed by our great ancient sages and saints that the base and source of meditation is the living master (Satguru). The base and source of worship is the lotus feet of the master; the base and source of stability and concentration of mind is the "Words" of the master what he speaks to his disciples, devotees, thus finally it is said that the base and source of salvation (Nirvana) and liberation from all opposites of life, all negativities of life arising out of attachments in the dual nature of this world due to ignorance about truth and spirit is the blessings and grace of the master.

So please always always establish this great thought in your heart that behind making the life of the devotees totally and eternally successful and self contented by elevating them from lower nature to highest horizon of consciousness, it is only the love and compassion of the supremely merciful master.

Now the master in whose name you had received knowledge in the early seventies of 20th century has knowingly detracted himself absolutely off from the main flow of spirituality. He does not like himself even to be called "Guru Maharaj Ji" and he has simply made himself and become "Prem Rawat".

Through the existing level of his consciousness he can never establish knowledge in the heart of aspirants and devotees and promote it to eternity. Thus he has made himself like a dry river with no water anytime in the year and with no connectivity with perennial source of water. But you should never forget that the eternal and infinite flow of spirituality always flows in this world for ever and ever in the infinite shade and shelter of the supremely compassionate master to protect and give all strength to the devotees to breakdown all of their sackles of miseries and suffering resulting simply due to ignorance of truth and spirit and make them perfect. So I would like to request you from the deepest core of my consciousness to make a planning sometime to come to India and see from your own eyes what an infinite ocean of love and light of spiritual knowledge is manifesting in the infinite merciful shade and shelter of the master "Satgurudev Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj". You will see one thousand saints like me (both ladies and gents) with millions of devotees from all across India and other countries of the world like UAE, U.K., Switzerland, Germany, Australia, South Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Mexico, USA, Canada, Holland, Denmark, Russia etc along with thousands of "Manav Dharam Centers. Spiritual centers to preach one truth to the world humanity. Whereas just opposite to that you are already knowing that practically no mahatma ( saints) no premies are with "Shri Prem Rawat". All of them have again been trapped in their world oriented life of pains and pleasures like an ordinary human with all the scattered and dark channels of mind where there is no trace of peace, love and light. That is why I am requesting you to think and make your way through for attaining the objective of this great human life.

Now please come to the crunch of your questions where you have sought to know how could Mahatma Fakiranand hit that pie throwing news reporter? Now if you have the slightest faith in me please have this confidence in your heart and head that I am not even the least concerned with it. I do not know him and have never seen him. It is all the fabricated, forged and baseless allegation labeled against me by some big premies who had their big mouth and big voice in the then organization of American Divine Light Mission. They were prevailing and dominating the premies and Mahatmas especially of America and preaching in America with arrogant and dark discipline of devotion and practically everything was running under their dark and selfish dominance. It is only me amongst all mahatmas living in USA at that time in early seventies who did not listen to them and did all according to the established principles of spirituality and devotion. They were all totally against me and were in search of some occasion when they could forge some baseless and fabricated allegation against me to make me defamed in the premies and make me ousted of Divine Light Mission activities in USA.

Now with their awesome fortune they got this opportunity to cook this allegation against me when someone in that duration hit the pie throwing reporter. Definitely every one of us was heavily shocked and stunned at this pie throwing incidence. But you also know that generally such type of pie throwing person creates so many enemies around him and, may be, someone, Due to certain grievous reasons under certain circumstances might have done this heinous act out of his repercussions of revenge due to some likewise hurting incidence caused by that hooligan type reporter. I do not know anything how, where and why this happened to that reporter. But it gave all those big dominating premies having big mouth and big voice a strong ground for shouting and informing the premies against me that Mahatma Fakiranand has done this with the help of some American premi. It is all baseless, forged and far from truth. But at the same time you know that if you speak lie hundred times it seems to be truth.

This is what happened with me. By their constantly rumoring this cooked up propaganda and informing all the premies in USA and other countries even India too; all mahatma even in India, all premies in USA started believing that Mahatma Ji has hit that pie throwing reporter and as a result of which those big premies became successful in their conspiracy against me. Now for pacifying the turbulence in the premies I was immediately called and sent first to Germany and thence onward to other European countries. But anyway I am not so interested to go on proving myself guiltless and innocent in this regard because I know that truth is truth. The almighty master, God , that omnipresent truth and spirit know who is Mahatma JI what he has been doing in his life and where is he standing now. But on the contrary, if you recapitulate all those unfortunate memories and sum up together; You will definitely come to make a conclusion as to what is prevailing with those premies, where are they standing now and what happened to them in USA, where they have gone to and in which direction their precious human life is being oriented to.

So anyway this problem is no problem. You already know that since that grievous allegation against me I went to USA dozens of times and in every visit of mine in USA some true aspirants asked me to look some ex-prmie website, where still they are vomiting poison against me. I do not know why they are so interested & bent upon to prove that Mahatma ji is a real criminal. I do not know what they will get out of it.

Now summing up everything I have come to this conclusion that let the devil do his worst and let us do our best. So no problem. Let us see for how long that darkness stands in front of the sun.

Now according to your statement that those ex evil minded premies have come out with a bigger bundle of lies that Mahatma Fakiranand has recently released a letter in which he has confessed his guilt not done by his own choice but being asked upon by some big premies of the time. It is such a wonderful bundle of lie that seems to let me think that they, may be , can go even up to that extent to make a letter on my behalf and release on their website. If you have the least sense of reasoning in your consciousness you can easily understand the fakeness and cooking up this forged allegation against me. In this regard. This reminds me of a mad man's story where he goes in front of a fighting bull and asks the bull to come, dash and kill him. So it is like that. Those ex-premies have gone absolutely mad and have completely lost everything which may help them even now to attain the fulfillment of the objectives of this human life. Thus due to their own foolishness they are making their life darker and darker and collecting all the thorns of miseries, darkness and confusion. So please try to suggest yourself and those trouble makers ex premies that what all of them and all of you will gain when you will prove me a culprit? Will it give a boost in attainment of infinite light, merging in that eternal spiritual primordial word, celestial music rapturing all of you in eternal nectar and the answer is never ever. But on the contrary you all are moving towards ocean of confusions, suffering and absolutely dark ditch of dark , directionless and unstable mind. If a man spits over sun, it does not go to the sun, rather it falls back over the man who spits.

So, concludingly, I would like to suggest all of my brothers and sisters that till we are having this precious human life, this great great supremely blissful life breath and on the top of everything; The almighty helping hand of the master and saints; it is never too late for us to come back to our real home and by some of our sincere efforts collect the flowers of meditation, satsang, service and darshan.

My all love and best wishes to all of you for ever and ever. Please try to come to India sometime according to your convenience and really enjoy he infinite bliss flowing with the master. You also can have Our English monthly magazine ( Manav Dharam Sandesh) through [USA contact info removed]

Thanking you with warmest love and regards.

Yours always truly,
Mahatma Fakiranand

Aunt Bea an ex-premie from LA was prompted to share these recollections on 19/5/2012

This thread has caused me to reconsider the situation I witnessed back in the late 70s. I was a new premie then and still very young - too young to drink in a bar in fact. I knew Fletcher when he lived in the NYC ashram and I think I even lived together with him there for a time. I have to say I quite liked him cause he was pretty wacky and had a great laugh. He personally knew all the cult bigshots of the day. Some of them obviously had a problem with him but I assumed it was because of his wackiness. He did clearly have an exhalted status though.

The Pat Halley incident was never openly spoken about. Rather it was something whispered about in the dark abbey halls when Fletcher wasn't around. Also I had some non or ex-ashram premie friends who told me about the incident. They certainly did have a problem with Fletcher because of what happened.

The thing is that from the tidbits of info that I heard, I pieced the story together in my head that someone threw a pie at Rawat at a big public event and Fletcher and Fakir chased after him and overdid it in roughing him up. Something akin to Sirhan Sirhan in the Robert Kennedy assasination. I even assumed that Fletcher was on security duty and Fakir was probably standing next to Rawat when it happened. In other words, that they were primarily protecting Rawat. I only found out what really happened from the ex-premie forums and epo decades later - that the crime was actually something much bigger: premeditated attempted murder.

This is interesting to me now for several reasons. First of all that I made all of these assumptions obviously because the truth was beyond anything I could have imagined or believed. It still is in a way.

Secondly that all of these bigshot premies who knew exactly what happened hobknobbed with Fletcher and ignored the whole thing. There were a few who did seem to have a problem with him but they were the minority. In retrospect I'm sure it was because of the incident. Fletcher also had high level security clearance and did that kind of "special" security service at programs, like guarding the godboy during darshan lines. I think that there was a basic respect for him because of his status but at the same time for some this was mixed with a certain fear of him because of what he had done and what the ramifications of that meant - that this is what our cute little peace movement was capable of. Maybe I am reading too much into it after all these decades. The real point I wanted to express though was how basically no one except the rare few seemed to give a shit about it.

I am trying to go into myself now and imagine what it would have done to me had I known the truth back then. Would it have been the queue for me to leave the cult or would I also have not cared? I didn't know the secret handshakes back then and I'm glad I never learned them.

As for Fletcher. He was the house mother. He would get up in the morning, fix breakfast and then meditate for a really excessive time - maybe 4 hours. Then he would show up sometime after noon and start preparing dinner. He was always in a good mood except one day I remember when he hadn't had the chance to meditate so long and a dark cloud had come over him. I can't help but wonder now if that was all part of him trying to grapple with his conscience about the incident. From what I could tell he was basically a nice guy who probably ended up playing the stooge for Fakir and suddenly found himself in deep over his head.