Catch 22: Auto-Protection

If you become an "aspirant" ie you aspire to be revealed the techniques of Prem Rawat's "Knowledge" and endure the tedious process of becoming "ready for Knowledge" and finally have the Knowledge "revealed" and decide "you've got to be kidding." Really? Poking your fingers onto your eyeballs, squeezing your thumbs into your ears, thinking about your breathing and you're supposed to do what with your tongue? If you realise the so-called Knowledge is a crock and waste of time then Rawat has an explanation for that. It's your fault:

Knowledge does have auto-protection, it does. If you're not ready and you get it, nothing happens.

Catch 22You weren't ready. You somehow tried to discover the truth of life by cheating and skipping ahead in the queue or despite the fact that you followed all Rawat's instructions and manfully listened to all of his turgid, information-free speeches you're just not worthy and so you couldn't experience this ocean of dancing bliss in your heart that Rawat promised to reveal to you. It's your fault! But if you had been even a little impressed or felt you had been revealed something important then that was totally a gift from Prem Rawat to little old you. But this super auto-protection is even more impressive. Should you become disillusioned with Prem Rawat and his Knowledge, no matter if you practiced the meditation for 20 or 40 years, or if you had lived in the ashram for 10 years and stayed in touch going to all possible events and buying all the DVDs and calendars and Aspirare trinkets and even if you had made a 5 million dollar donation or had faithfully served Rawat as a chauffeur for decades then you never had real understanding, never really experienced Knowledge, never followed Maharaji's directions in your heart and therefore never gave either Knowledge nor Maharaji a chance and the auto-protection always knew and nothing happened, you never really experienced the Knowledge. Somehow you just didn't get it, you freak.

You may think I'm making this up. Well Click Here to see a list of comments made on YouTube in response to the video posted there showing Rawat's meditation techniques.

The 4 Techniques of Maharaji's meditation

Divine Light
Music of the Spheres
Holy name
Nectar of the Gods

This "Knowledge Session" video teaches, demonstrates and explains the Techniques of Prem Rawat's "Knowledge" in 2 minutes and 15 seconds:

This person was shown the techniques when a young man in 1972 and practised them for a while before becoming disillusioned and he can now teach them to you through the miracle of the internet. That's the same as Prem Rawat though this teacher won't dash off for a Marlborough between techniques. The techniques were altered slightly by Rawat in 1987 and for a full description click here.

Initiation via a computer program occurs in an auto Knowledge session. The computer system is, in his own words:

"incredibly secure, incredibly secure. It requires more passwords than you've ever imagined and you it only gives you three tries. If you don't make it within the three tries it just starts to wipe out the entire hard disk. I mean that's about it so hoo hoo hoo hoo ha hah."

Why have this super secure program? The "Knowledge techniques" are freely available though many sources, both sources debunking them and other's teaching them with a straight face. As Rawat explains: "If you're not ready and you get it, nothing happens."