Lyndon Baines Johnson

While LSD and marijuana and "rock" music must take some of the blame (or credit) its often forgotten that people went from LSD to Eastern religious practices not because they'd had mystical experiences but because they hadn't. The man who made the real difference and opened up the USA (and in so doing the rest of the West) to Eastern religious practices was Lyndon Baines Johnson.


President Lyndon Baines Johnson (1896 - 1977): 1965

The man who made the greatest contribution to the evolution of religion in the USA and the rise of Asian gurus and teachers was the President of the USA, Lyndon Baines Johnson. In 1965 he signed into law the Hart-Celler Act removing the restrictive immigration rules that had allowed only a handful of Asians to immigrate to the USA since the 1920s. There appears to be only one person of Asian ethnicity at the ceremony.

LBJ Sings the Hart-Celler Act

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